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WHAT'S YOUR DOSHA? 30 Sep 2008

Here in oil-phobic America, we have a hard time putting oil on our faces; oil is equated with greasy fast food and Jiffy Lube, not flawless complexions.  You just gotta trust me on this one...I've been waxing poetic about Pratima for a while now and slathering myself nightly in love oil and eye ghee (Indian butter).  The Ayurvedic product line is cruelty free, organic and my Pitta complexion loves it!  find it here.  

MY HUMPS. 29 Sep 2008


Many of you comment on my (ahem), very uplifted rear end.  Yes, I have been genetically blessed with a lot of junk in my trunk, but I really have to work at it or it tends to fall south rather quickly.  Our Lithe Method workouts are so glute effective that the term "Lithe bootie" seems to be entering the local dialect. In 10 workouts you will see a moderate reduction in cellulite and your caboose will become higher, rounder and tighter. Now that's something to celebrate!



Possibly the world's first to give you an accurate heart rate measurement without that awful chest strap AND it lets you set your daily calorie limit and enter the ones you consume, then politely beeps if you go overboard.  Oh, and it's a perfect fit for slender wrists. find it here.



Not only do they make you look slimmer via shading and strategically shaped back pockets, they come in 31", 34", and 37" inseams! find it here.

LITHE & LULULEMON! 28 Sep 2008

Picture 6 

Wowzers, I'm so excited (and honored) to be named a Lululemon ambassador for Philadelphia. Everyone should check out the clothing and the amazing manifesto.  True rules to live by.  
find it here.



Stretching is so very important.  It makes us stronger, work faster, relieves nasty metabolic waste from the muscles and prevents injuries and muscle imbalances.  I hear a lot of you poo-poo'ing Rare Form because "it's not a workout",  but lemme tell you that you will walk away sweaty AND sore!  

We must balance strength and stretch to truly get lithe.  We can't challenge you and change things up if you're overworking those legs... Take a mid-week break and stretch it out on hump day. It's on the schedule for a reason.  



Here ye, Here ye!  The 2008 Lychee fruit season is formally over...Longans, Jak Fruit and Dragon Fruit are available! Head down to Chinatown and get em' while you can.  Can I just tell you how good these things are?  I'm officially in love with Longans.  They have this great, not too sweet, nutty almond milk flavor and super cool texture and they look like eyeballs.  I prefer them fresh out of the fridge.  Buy a bunch and make a Longan martini or pair them with a little bit (not too much) of prosciutto and brie.

ODE TO THE BAR ... 26 Sep 2008

       Small-cinraispack   Small-orcranpack  

So you all ask me what I think of energy bars pre/post workout.  I see so many of you eating the more less than healthy options out there and I just wanna say that you mind as well eat a Snickers!  I have found a healthy bar that I can honestly endorse.  I love GNU and my personal favorite is the Cinnamon Raisin. These pups are high in fiber, low cal, sweetened with fruit juice and are both Vegan and Kosher OU-D.  How bout it! find it here.

LETS TAMBO. 26 Sep 2008


Yes, they work!  This could possibly be MBT's chic-est style to date.  Not only will this super boot give you fabu-legs and a few extra inches, it will take your fall wardrobe to new heights.  It effortlessly works with skirts, jeans, and everything in-between so you can workout on the fly and no one will know it. find it here.

STELLA BELLA. 25 Sep 2008


Stella McCartney is one of my favorite designers; her clothes are both unique and humane.  Her workout line for Adidas is awesome and you can wear these looks from studio to street.  The Dance Performance Long Sleeve Tee has graceful sleeves, a super comfortable internal sports bra for a cool layered look and the hot fuscia color plays beautifully off of flushed cheeks! find it here.

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