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FEEL THE BURN. 31 Oct 2008


Need a last minute Halloween costume and you want to show some skin but don't want to be the 'sexy kitty' again? How about American Academy Award-winning actress, political Activist, former fashion model and fitness guru Jane fonda? Break out the leg warmers and channel Jane from her workout video heyday.

All you'll need is big hair, shiny Lycra tights, high cut leotard and leg warmers!

EAT THE FROG! 30 Oct 2008


With daylight savings time approaching this weekend, our mornings wont be so dreadfully dark.  Some of you prefer the mornings and some of you like to sweat it out in the PM.
We're bringing back the 7 AM's and offering you a sweet deal to sweat it out at seven!  $100 for unlimited classes for 30 days (applies to the 7 AM's only).  We'll keep you motived--Please reserve so that we know to expect you and remember that if you reserve and then no show, we will remove a day from your unlimited package : (

I've carefully planned the morning schedule so that you can sweat it out on Monday, sculpt on Tuesday, slay cellulite on hump day, work your lower half on Thursday and stretch on Friday.  We have showers over here so don't stress about having to rush to work! 

Personally, I feel that the best time of day to work out is the time when you're most likely to do it. Period. That said, there are reasons that many people suggest morning workouts, but it doesn't have to do with physiology. It has to do with habit and consistency and mental attitude. When you start the day by doing something really good for yourself, it sets the tone for the day and has a positive effect on your life. It's the "eat the frog" concept--if you get the big things out of the way first, everything else is smooth sailing.

A MINUTE ON THE LIPS... 30 Oct 2008

Candy Corn

A month on the hips!  Halloween is right around the corner and I'm a sucker for chocolate.  A few pieces can't hurt, right?  Wrong!  All that candy sure adds up.  Here is a nutritional breakdown for some "fun size" treats:

1 treat size (fun size)         Calories         Fat         Sugar
Snickers                              71            3.6          7.6
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup       88            5.2          8.0
Reese's Caramel Cup             100           5.0          11
Reese's Nutrageous                95            5.5          7.5

WATERSHED! 29 Oct 2008


I must admit that the Lithe Method is the only workout that has ever reduced my cellulite (I'm patting myself on the back).  Every class comes armed with the same circulation-stimulating, posture perfecting, muscle maximizing, balance bettering and head to toe toning BUT this one is all about getting those damn dimples to disappear! 

For the past two months I've been working hard on developing a workout that pummels cellulite with the quickness.  I'm proud to introduce the Watershed to you!  Lithe's trademarked cellulite slaying workout with our special rubber cellulite-prop wakes up surface circulation by moving fat-trapping fluids out of the bod.  Check it out on the November schedule!

WARM UP... 29 Oct 2008


With my sunset pictures from Costa Rica.  I've been all around the world and the sunsets in Nosara, Costa Rica just can't be beat.  

CANT TOUCH THIS. 29 Oct 2008


I know that this isn't fit, hip or healthy but I have to share.  MC Hammer 'lives on'--on Columbus Blvd--right around the corner from my house in Fishtown.  I love this homage to the Hammer...it makes me laugh and although I'm not going to pull out the parachute pants in tribute, I think it proves that Stanley Burrell (Hammer) is "Too Legit to Quit."  A big thanks to whoever did this...well done!  You brighten up my drive home.


Starbucks Oatmeal

So I think that Starbucks has hit the jackpot with their Perfect Oatmeal.  This is the best cold weather breakfast! The decadently thick, high in fiber and protien, whole-grain oatmeal is freshly prepared and served hot in a cardboard to-go bowl. Starbucks perfect oatmeal comes with three "mix-ins"-- dried fruit, nuts, or brown sugar.

Cost: $2.45

Calories: 140 with no toppings, 390 with all three toppings (100 calories per topping). 
I love the dried fruit. 

JUST JORDAN. 27 Oct 2008

Jordan & Lauren Jordan & Randy Couture

Oh, modern love.  So many of you out there want to know if I have a boyfriend and if I do, who is the man in my life. Just WHO is this guy that I always speak of?  Meet Jordan Goldenberg.  Stunning, giving, unique, hysterically funny and probably one of the most intelligent, successful and creative people that I've ever met.  He owns this business.  

Jordan keeps me grounded, he keeps me laughing and he keeps my shoe collection updated (he has a shoe fetish). NO, he does not do the Lithe Method. In fact, he has taken two classes and refuses to ever come back because he says it's pure torture (it can be) and it makes his triceps ache for days.  




Happy 1st birthday Lithe Rittenhouse...and many more!!  Thanks to everyone who has made it possible!



When desperate times call for desperate measures, I bypass the Brown Betty and reach for a bag of Glenny's multi-grain chocolate crisps. They are not too bad for you (A little high in saturated fat and sodium but good fiber and soy protein) and taste Keebler Elf-ish.  find it here.

Serving Size:  1 bag
Calories:  150
Total Fat:  4g
Saturated Fat: 3g
Carbs: 26g
Protein:  5g
Sodium:  210mg
Fiber:  4g
Sugar:  8g

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