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popcorn carrots pretzels

Sometimes you just need something crunchy.  Here are some great crunchy snacks that are under 250 calories:

  • Two cups of air popped popcorn 62 calories 
  • Four Kashi Party Crackers  120 calories 
  • Ten pretzels  228 calories
  • Ten mini carrots  35 calories 
  • 15 Garden of Eatin' blue corn chips  140 calories

FIT ART. 28 Nov 2008


Better to look good than to feel good?  Just in case your looking for a nice pair of stainless steel, ergonomically shaped weights, these from Vita double as art AND they won't cause calluses!

IT'S OFFICIAL! 28 Nov 2008

the ring.

Jordan surprised me on Thanksgiving morning with a fairytale proposal.  I heart you, J!


May all of your wishes come true...
Gold Wishbone stud earrings by Jennifer Meyer


WhiteLight Blue

I love these simple, italian-made, inexpensive and vibrantly colored waterproof watches from Too Late. They're packaged in these great little bottles and they make a fantastic, practical gift.

WRAP IT UP. 26 Nov 2008

leg warmers

Typically and historically worn by ballet dancers to keep the muscles in the legs warm after stretching, leg warmers serve two purposes for us at Lithe.

They keep the muscles of the legs toasty and protected when it's cold outside and they hold in our body heat so that we sweat even more, allowing us to shed some extra water. A few of you are bold enough to wear your leg warmers to class.  I think it's a super smart idea if you can stand the heat!

SPOT TREAT? 26 Nov 2008

russian arm reacheswide second  

You better believe that you CAN!  The gym/fitness world says that you can't spot treat certain areas of the body and yes, I'm biased, but they are just not working correctly! 

I don't know about you but I see it happen everyday at Lithe Method. Our special propiertery workouts are always TOTAL body workouts, but every trademarked class has a certain body area or "parts" emphasis so that you can spot treat all the right areas and muscle groups of your beautiful bod!


I tend to go a little lighter on the apps on Thanksgiving and really enjoy my turkey.  Here is your need to know info for Turkey day from nutrition data.  Keep in mind this is only for breast meat.

MINI ME. 25 Nov 2008


These super delicious mini vanilla (the coconut are my fav) sandwiches by Turtle Mountain have 100 calories, 3.5 grams of fat (omega 3 from the coconut milk), 2 grams of fiber, and 1 gram of protein (2 weight watchers points). They are fluffy, light, dairy free and they are sweetened with agave syrup instead of regular sugar. They are better for you and just as tasty as Tofutti Cuties!


Flutter Sleeve Wrap Urban Gather

Oh, Susana!  I think that I could possibly be one of Susana Monaco's biggest fans. I've collected about 20-30 of her ultra flattering (and figure forgiving) dresses over the years. 

Her simple designs always make jaws drop and they flatter every BODY. The travel well, last forever and you can wash and dry them which saves you big time on your dry cleaning bill.  If you're in Philly you can find Susana at Kimberley Boutique or on the web. find it here.

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