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WHERE MY BOYS AT?! 31 Dec 2008


I think that all of you have asked me at one time or another if your boyfriend/hubby/brother/friend can come to class. We all know that the guys should be coming to Lithe, but it can be a little intimidating for some. Well, bring him in because we now have a HOMME class on Saturdays at 11 AM just for them! Remember to tell him to reserve. We're super excited!



Lithe's January schedules will take effect on Monday, January 5th!

Download Schedule_lwjan

Download Schedule_ritjan

HAIRY CHEST! 30 Dec 2008


As overrated as it may be, tomorrow is a pretty big partying night for most. If you're trying to undo the damage that you've done in the past few weeks, I suggest that you put some hair on your chest and learn how to drink hard alcohol with as few mixers as possible tomorrow evening.

Now I'm not telling you to slam down shots, but sipping whiskey on the rocks or vodka straight will do you justice.  If you just can't go there, add soda water, flavored soda water or diet tonic to make most drinks drinkable.  Not only will you save yourself a ton of calories, you'll avoid the unknown sugars in the mixers and whatever else is in there!
If I'm taking a Champagne break I switch to:

Bluecoat Mint Gin & Tonic (90 calories)
2 oz. Bluecoat American Dry Gin
1 oz. Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice
Fresh Mint Leaves (un-muddled)
Diet Club Soda or Tonic

WANNA BAIL? 29 Dec 2008


Anyone who says quitting is tough hasn’t struggled with a demanding workout schedule.
Keep yourself on track by enrolling in our Lithe 5-step program:

1. Tell yourself that despite holiday temptations, it’s possible to meet your goals again.
2. Realize that setting small milestones will keep you from feeling overwhelmed.
3. Schedule your “classes” on your calendar alongside other appointments. --This is one of the reasons we are a reservations only studio!! Reserving keeps you committed and teaches you how to make "YOU" time.
4. Try new classes to find the regimen that suits you best.
5. Remember that the mental battle really is the hardest part!


Thermo Bubbles Factsheet_thermobubbles 

I received this super fab, healthy gift for Christmas and I have to say that I'm in love with David Kirsch's Thermo Bubbles berry flavored drink. 

I've been drinking mine 30 minutes before breakfast and 30 minutes before lunch and with just 10 calories, it naturally energizes me and curbs my appetite without caffeine, dairy and Splenda.  What gives you all the energy you ask?  Antioxidant-rich green tea, white tea, guarana and ginseng get your motor running without  the jitters or "crash" effect of too much coffee or sugary energy drinks.


too tight!

If you're a newbie or a regular "lith-er" and have just been "away" for some time,
the best way to start or jump back into the game is to take the immersion or just some of the immersion and then jump back in to regular classes!

The Lithe Method IS NOT PILATES and IT IS NOT YOGA so we always recommend that new students take the 3 week (6 class) Immersion course regardless of strength or fitness level so that you learn how to work properly while building strength and stamina for regular level classes. You wouldn't take Advanced Chemistry before Chemistry 101, right?

"We do have people that skip the immersion and jump right into regular classes. I find that it takes most of them about 4-6 weeks to have that "AH-HA" moment and finally "get" the basics of the method. It is unfortunate because they are cheating themselves out of some really important information and the opportunity to work correctly so that they see rapid results in 10 classes. Even if you can only attend the first two classes of the immersion, it is so beneficial!"

NEW YEAR, NEW YOU! 26 Dec 2008


I know that 2009 will be a great (or at least better than 08')!  Lets start the new year off right.  We are expanding our class schedules at both our Northern Liberties and Rittenhouse studios to help you conquer your New Year's Resolutions.

Here are some of our new offerings:


* Lunch time Quickies and Lithe Homme are back!                        
* Higher Power and Our band system.  We've been doing our band work band-less...we'll have them really soon!

*Extended Weekend Hours
* New Classes & Props

 Northern Liberties
* More Classes
* Watershed!
* Lithe Method 101 classes

Ardmore, PA:
...Coming soon!!!

RE: A-LIST ABS. 26 Dec 2008


So many of you want more ab work in the beginning of class, and the truth is that after about 75 crunches the abs are exhausted and they punk out on us.  Once we get to #75, we do our compression work and then incorporate the rest of the body.  We are ALWAYS working our core!  

News flash: Countless crunches won't get you the sexy middle that you really desire.  Such a single minded approach only firms mainly the front of your mid-section.  Moves that also incorporate the back and sides of your torso (your core) do a better job of pulling in the belly, giving you the waist-shrinking benefits of a girdle (this is why we work from abs, to back to barre).  

Anatomy lesson:  Your core includes 29 muscles from your upper back to the top of your hips.  The primary core muscles (spinal stabilizers) are: the rectus abdominus, external and internal obliques, and transverse abdominis (collectively called your abs), and erector spinae to support your torso.  Every move that we do starts from our core and we always incorporate other body parts in our trademarked ordered sequences. 


With Love.

Wishing everyone love, peace and happiness.

LAST MINUTE!? 23 Dec 2008


Give the gift of Lithe in any dollar amount!

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