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ARM-ISTICE! 28 Feb 2009


By definition, an armistice is a situation in a war where warring parties agree to stop fighting.  It is not necessarily the end of a war, but may be a cessation of hostilities while an attempt is made to negotiate a lasting peace. 

We seem to be FOREVER at war with our arms.  They can always be stronger, leaner and more defined.  We may just find our lasting peace with our special "wrist to shoulder burner" arm series' and our fabulous "bullet" prop!  This special combo really tones and pulls the skin right back to the muscle!

SPLIT. 28 Feb 2009


Love the band system AND the barre?  You need a split!  Get the best of both worlds with our new Lithe Split...it's the perfect blend of our proprietary band system and the barre!

Image of Gale Tomlinson via Life Magazine, June 16, 1952.

HERE COMES THE... 28 Feb 2009


...HOTSTEPPER!  One of my favorite classes begins again on March 17th!  Lithe Method Hotstepper is our 3.5 mile, outdoor "weighted" cardio run/walk. 

The emphasis is on the cardio, but like all of our classes, this is a total body workout--Carrying weights while you walk, run and skip is not easy!  You'll still do your barre work on the bridge (at NoLibs) and on the quiet side of Kelly Drive or the Art Museum steps at Rittenhouse. 

This is the best way to change up your routine, get some fresh air, get your strength and stamina up, burn some serious calories and start a running regime.  More Hotstepper classes will be added to all locations in April!



Download Rittenhouse March Schedule

Download Northern Liberties March Schedule

Download Ardmore March Schedule

ICE, ICE, BABY! 28 Feb 2009


Lithe Method master instructors, Tiffany Young AND Carrie Gero both received fairytale proposals yesterday.  Congrats, Ladies!

EYE CANDY. 26 Feb 2009


I've always had lush, long lashes.  Recently, a combination of stress and turning the big 3-0 has made my lashes a little sparser than I'd like.  My aesthetician, Joanna and the fabulous skin care team over at Dr. Bucky's have introduced me to Latisse (from the makers of Botox).

FDA approved Latisse was discovered when glaucoma patients found that their prescription eye-drops were giving them Bambi-esqe lashes.  I start tonight and hopefully in 8-10 weeks I'll be batting a thousand again. I'll apply the solution to the base of my lashes nightly. Thrilling!  Stay tuned...

REALLY? 26 Feb 2009

Higher Power

Awesome Abs Olivia writes:

Hey Lauren!  As I said yesterday, I am a HUGE fan of Higher Power!!  I'm very excited about the new classes and switching the routine up.  Keep up the good work!  I definitely felt it in my back this morning--shoulder blade area and downwards.  And then this morning in class my abs were dying-I wasn't expecting that---I guess I figured since I was new to using the band system, I was really more concerned with the bands not slipping out of my hands!  I didn't think I was really focusing on my form and what I was doing--I didn't think that I was getting much out of it. I can't wait for the next class! 

Great, I'm so happy that you're enjoying it and FEELING it! HIGHER POWER  is a total body cardiovascular workout that emphasizes the upper body, specifically the triceps, the back and the abs. What most people don't realize is just how AB intensive this class is.  You really should feel it in your abs the next day (especially if you're working correctly!).

Olivia, your form is perfect, so you will get a lot out of our classes.  Most people (and many beginners) will just power through with their arms and grip the band so darn hard that they can't focus on form and doing it correctly. Good job!

AIR SUPPLY. 24 Feb 2009


Breathing is simple, right?  Not so much.  All of you who have taken the Immersion know how to breathe correctly (Remember, we spent the entire first class working on it)!   You all seem to get a little confused when we get into our cardio work. 

You have to alter your method breathing a bit when you're higher-power'ing, high-mini'ing and Step-Rally'ing. You have to slow that method breathing down--In through the nose, out through the mouth without the forced exhalation.  Nice deep and consistent breaths.  Do not use shallow, quick breaths.  Shallow and quick breathing increases heart rate, which decreases endurance!


lithe ardmore

Download LITHE ARDMORE POSTER.  Classes begin March 15th!  Please call 215-545-5144 to inquire/reserve!

CALM YOUR FEARS! 23 Feb 2009


We all know it's getting really busy around here and I hear your concerns.  Yes, we WILL be adding more classes to the MARCH schedule!  You will be able to get into all your favorite Lithe Method classes and Lithe until your hearts are content! 

In the meantime, we are trying to accommodate everyone...Our Homme class on Saturdays at 11am at Rittenhouse is a now a regular A-list/Sculpt class and Carla will be teaching A-list/Sculpt at 9:45 am on Saturdays at Northern Liberties. There is plenty of room for everyone!

Image of Lauren via Dominic Episcopo for Everlast test.  

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