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ZIPPY! 31 Mar 2009


Allergies got you down?  Seems like everyone's a little under the weather right now. Try this chunky, raw soup that I like to make in my blender.  It's great for the immune system (anti-bacterial & anti-fungal) and it packs a punch with direct to the bloodstream-blended-goodness!

1 cup purified water
1 cup organic spinach or kale
1/4 clove of garlic (chopped tiny)
1 cup organic cherry tomatoes (if you're not a tomato person use 1/2 cup)
1/2 cup organic chopped cucumber
1/2 cup of sprouts
1/2 ripe organic avocado (pitted and peeled)
1/4 cup of basil/cilantro mix
1-3 pinches of Himalayan sea salt
Fresh lemon or lime juice to taste
Dash of Sriracha sauce

Image via CDRyan.com


North Fork Collection

I'm loving Essie's lovely new spring North Fork Collection. Greenport is a beauty!



April showers bring May flowers and Lithe's strategically planned April schedules will bring you a lith-er, bikini-ready body by May! 

April schedules effective Wednesday, April 1. 

Download Schedule_RittenhouseApril

Download Schedule_NoLibsApril

Download Schedule ArdmoreApril

Image via Kat Macleod (love her)!

WORDS OF WISDOM. 29 Mar 2009


Spring is here!  Become more mindful of getting your food from the farmers' market instead of the vending machine.

SWEET CHEEKS! 26 Mar 2009

Sweet Cheeks!

Turn your rear into your best asset!  We at Lithe Method work our butts off, but we also work our butts on, if you know what I mean.  You'll never see a pair of flat or flabby glutes in the house here!  You Lithers work your booties more than you know. 

I know that you want it, but I'll never, ever devise a rear-end focused class at the barre (you'll bulk a little in the higher areas of the glutes), so I've created the perfect workout (with our special stick) to really get your bum perfectly pert and pulled tight. 

Check out the new Lithe Method Sweet Cheeks in April (Perfect in conjunction with our Watershed for Cellulite reduction)!

8 WEEKS & COUNTING... 26 Mar 2009


Can you believe we only have 8 weeks until Memorial Day & the official start of Summer, 2009?!  Everyone has really kept up the motivation, but if you need that extra push to reach your goals or to take the plunge and start Lithing, you need to up your classes per week and change your diet or start that Immersion in April (LIKE NOW).  

Remember that the body doesn't respond well to "Boot-camp" extremes...You can't change your bod overnight! You'll need at least 8 weeks to get to your goal and at least 8 weeks of Lithe in conjunction with a re-vamped, cleaned-up diet to safely and effectively change your body long-term.  

I'm going to suggest something kinda radical...Go out this weekend and buy a pair of shorts or a bikini 1 or 2 sizes smaller than you are right now. Eight weeks from now, those shorts will either fit or they won't. It's really up to you! The time has never been better, so get started!  

Image of Lauren via Dominic Episcopo for Everlast test.  

GOT BODY ROCKS? 25 Mar 2009

Get those knots out!

While I was in Treasure Beach, JA, I met a super-cool-witching-American-woman named Chrissy who was living in Liz's little community of ultra-cool women.  She persuaded me to allow her to "heal" me with her hands and I quickly obliged.  To be honest, I always wait entirely too long between bodywork sessions (I don't do simple rub-downs, I like attention to my connective tissue and deep, internal core muscles).  Chrissy was really talented and very good at what she does. What she did was a very tailored for me mix of Shiatsu, deep tissue, Reiki and craino-sacral therapy.  

On Monday, she spent about an hour and a half working on me (she said that she could have spent all day due to my degree of muscle tightness (which is not due to inflexibility) and muscle imbalances due to my high activity level and over-use. We instructors tend to have a lot of imbalances b/c we tend to only "do" half the work (maybe one leg here and there). I didn't have knots, I had rocks!!  

Chrissy used her hands, heart and she even whipped out a special tuning fork to target my tightest parts (even my deep transverses abdominus and internal obliques). I have been having a lot of issues with the right side of my waist and she quickly said it was my intercostals around my floater ribs and my internal obliques. I have to tell you that when I stepped onto the mat today, I could feel that I was working so much deeper into my abdominals and my shoulders were so much looser.  

So, my point is...you all should take some time and baby those muscles with bodywork...Our Tiffany is amazing! Tif tailors each session to you and her myofascial work (Melt) and deep tissue is to die for. If you cannot afford an hour by appointment session, drop into a Melt class.  It makes a world of difference!  Tif, I learned my lesson...You will be seeing me weekly!!

MORE BOLT. 24 Mar 2009

books coffee with a view hallway to suite

Just a few more...

INSIDE BOLT! 24 Mar 2009

View from couch Liz & Lauren in pool
living room art
bathroom gym
room with a view suite

I'm posting live from Treasure Beach , Jamaica--which is literally one of the coolest places that I've ever visited (it's no Negril or Ocho Rios)!  I've gone two days with super spotty Internet service and no cell phone service. 

It's actually been a much needed and very welcomed break from society.  Best part of this trip has been living in Liz's open air cottage, sleeping under a mosquito net and waking up to the sounds of goats and roosters.  Liz and I have planned a great Lithe Escape for October 09 at Bolt and I can't wait to share the details! 

In the meantime, check out some images of the interior of Bolt House in Oracabessa, JA as I pack my bags and head back to Philly.

BURNIN' UP! 23 Mar 2009

Epulse armband

We've been tracking our new classes! Our results are taken from two women of average weight/height.  Remember that the better your form is, breathing (oxygen to muscle/cardiac output) and knowledge of the Lithe Method basic principals...The better your results will be!

Step Rally: 520 calories burned

Higher Power: 604 calories burned

Hot-stepper: 675 calories burned

Split: 425 calories burned

Image of Epulse armband via 7gadgets.com

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