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YAY, MAY! 30 Apr 2009


Check out Lithe Method's May schedules.  I'm feeling that warm summer vibe!  Nice.  

As of tomorrow, (Friday May 1st) you will be able to register and reserve on-line via our website.  Please try it before you email us to reserve and help us become more efficient!  

Rik Lee image via jackywinter.com

WASPIE. 29 Apr 2009


A waspie is a slimming belt made out of fabric that is worn around the waist that physically makes your waist smaller. 

With Lithe Method's new waspie workout (debuting in May), you'll shimmy the ribs to the hips! Define your curves and regain that 23" waist with our waist-shaping, belly-flattening and hip-narrowing band workout. 

Image of Sophia Loren via vintage-swimsuits.com



Learn how to lithe correctly so that you really get results! 

Our highly recommended (and mostly mandatory), progressive beginners program (meets twice weekly for 3 weeks) that introduces the Lithe lingo, equipment, methodology and builds your commitment, strength and stamina for our regular level classes. 

You wouldn't take advanced chemistry, before chemistry 101, right? Lithe is NOT Pilates or Yoga, so no newbie really "knows" how to Lithe. The Immersion IS the best way (and the only way) to really learn. 

Our award-winning, 3 week (6 class) Immersion program for newbies begins next week!  Why should you do it?

Lithe Immersion Start Dates:

Rittenhouse: Mondays & Wednesdays at 8:00 PM.  Begins on Monday, 5.4

Northern Liberties: Tuesdays & Thursdays at 8:00 PM.  Begins on Tuesday, 5.5  

Ardmore (Daytime): Tuesday & Friday 11 AM.  Begins on Tuesday, 5.5

Ardmore (Evening):  Monday & Wednesday 7PM.  Begins on Monday, 5.4



Hannah asks a great question:  

Hi Lauren,  I wasn't shocked that I could hardly get out of bed this morning after taking Sweet Cheeks yesterday--but I was kind of shocked that the pain made it all the way up to my obliques!  It was the first time that I took that class so I was probably doing it wrong (during the part of the class I could actually get through)...Is oblique pain normal?  Am I doing something wrong or do I need to get stronger in certain places?   

Hey Hannah! Yes, you should feel that oblique pain!  Remember, we're ALWAYS working the abdominals in every Lithe Method class--it's just always a different way (angle and approach) of firing into them. In Sweet Cheeks, we're firing into the lower gluteal-hamstring connection and down the leg laterally (skipping the upper part of the glutes so that you 

don't develop a "shelf butt") up into the waist and hips so you will feel it there!

A-LIST. 28 Apr 2009


Remember that you need to challenge your Abs in different ways to really change them! That's why I created Split and Higher Power.  Lithe's band system allows you to get into the core with resistance from above.  Get off the mat a little and challenge your Abs in a different way.  

A-List is only on the schedule twice a week for a reason--You're all working your abs on the mat ALL THE TIME in most every class--You can only get so strong that way.  Switch it up! 

BE AWARE! 28 Apr 2009


Just a heads up ladies:  Elizabeth was assaulted on Sunday night in Center City.  She is okay, but she wants me to blog about it and tell everyone to please be aware (don't walk and text) and don't walk alone!  If she weren't so Lithe-strong, she may not have been able to fight the 3 men off of her.  If it happens to you, use your strength and YELL.

A GOOD EGG. 26 Apr 2009


What's my secret to long-lasting energy?  Organic, cage-free/hormone-free, Hard-boiled eggs (sprinkled with a little Himalayan sea salt)!  I'll hard-boil a dozen on Sunday, peel them and divide them into zip lock bags for the week. 

When I Lithe-ify clients diets, I always include hard-boiled eggs--Eggs contain all eight of the essential amino acids your body needs--for just 72 calories a piece!


One Piece

Just an update...We had a little bit of a glitch (kinda like this mod dress!) on Friday so just to be safe and not re-call again, starting May 1, we will be able to reserve online on Lithe's website.  For reservations prior to May 1, please email or call Lithe.

Image via Vogue magazine of The Bernardo "Sandal Dress" Made to order one-piece that reaches from shoulders to toes.  May 1st, 1968

OH, PHILEO! 26 Apr 2009

fro yo Phileo

I'm a huge Pinkberry fan and I was thrilled when I walked by Phileo Yogurt today! I was very unaware that we had our own East coast version of Pinkberry--Tart & tangy (not sweet) frozen yogurt made with real non-fat milk and non-fat yogurt with live active cultures. Yummy, healthy, refreshing and good for you!

I like Phileo's sef-service bank of flavors and DIY fruit (and other good & bad for you) toppings bar. I really enjoyed my regular original tangy flavor with mangos and kiwi.  No need for ice cream!



Did you know that a recent study from Texas A&M University, involving 73 healthy women between 18 and 31, found that women not taking birth control pills gained 60 percent more muscle mass than women on the pill during a 10-week time period?  If you're on the pill and trying to build lean muscle mass, that darn pill may be interfering with all of your hard work by decreasing testosterone, which is needed to build lean muscle

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