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Ugh, here I go again.  Let me preface this by saying that I'm not posting about anyone in particular and I'm not writing about Lithe beginners who have taken our Immersion course.

We're officially installing a new policy as of today and all of you regular Lithers will be oh so happy, every "green," rookie Lither will thank me in the end and our oh so "patient" instructors will all be walking on air. 

Our previously "mostly mandatory" Immersion is now absolutely 100% mandatory and a pre-requisite for all of Lithe Method regular level classes at EVERY LOCATION. 

We don't care how fit, friendly, fun and fabulous that you may be and we don't want to hear the but, "I've taken yoga, Pilates and/or another fitness method that uses a ballet bar"--It's not Lithe Method and it's always a  hot mess when beginners with no Immersion are in our regular level classes. 

Ya know, I'm not sure if people think that we're blowing smoke up their bums when we tell them that Lithe is best learned, taught and programmed the way that we've created it.  We are not a drop in studio! 

Bottom line is, if you want to Lithe, you're going to come through the program correctly, commit to taking the Immersion (or at least most of it) or two private cram courses so that our regular classes are not anything but what they should be and you get the results and attention that you want and deserve. 

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I can't say enough positive about Lithe Immersion. It might seem like a long time before you are in regular classes but three weeks fly by. And, Lithe, unlike a one time boot camp, is a new relationship with fitness. The three weeks gives your body prep time for major changes! Think of immersion as an investment with the highest possible returns!

Ditto. I thought I was going to die my first week of Immersion, but Tif was incredibly patient and gave all of us a solid foundation. I STILL need to use modifications for some of the leg and butt series especially and refer back to Immersion for tips on correcting form and sliding my shoulders down. Also, Immersion got me hooked on Lithe-ing! After the three weeks was up (which did fly by), I couldn't wait for more!

I'm just about finished with Immersion (only 1 class to go!) and I honestly can't imagine jumping into Lithe without it. I've been doing ballet my whole life and have a solid pilates background, as well...and I can vouch that Lithe is a totally different experience! Immersion should absolutely be mandatory, no question.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone! We really appreciate Lither posts!

The immersion is key, look at it as investment. It will give you all of the knowledge to get your Lithe on properly. This prep time is key. And for those of you looking to "jump right in", the immersion is not easy, not even close.
So, to get the best and most rapid results, do your self a fave, take the immersion.

The Immersion has NOTHING to do with being fit! It's about technique and learning the terminology. Without immersion there is NO way to know how and when you can modify (drop to table, come down out of stiletto, etc) if the position is too hard for you, which usually means you have to ask questions during a REGULAR class which is inconvenient for others.
PLUS Liz and Krista are great! It's not all "easy", the first immersion class with Krista is like being hazed!! you feel it afterward, in a good way :)

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