BUT, WHY? 22 Jul 2009


Why everybody must take the Immersion:

You need to take the Immersion for yourself--Let go of that ego people...Lithe is not Bar Method, Physique 57, or Pilates and it's even further from Yoga. We give you six classes to get your strength and stamina up, build your core strength and knowledge so that your neck, low back and knees don't take the workload.

More importantly, the Immersion also teaches you how to Lithe, our modifications, our cryptic-like-cueing (it's really a language that non-Immersion people never "get" unless it is explained) and how to use our band system.

The Immersion is not easy! Good Form & Lithe Immersion knowledge=RESULTS.  If you're doing things incorrectly, you will not see results. Period. You will never get the Immersion info in regular level classes.  I've seen clients go months without knowing the correct way to do things.  They stick out like a sore thumb forever.  We never get to know their strengths and weaknesses, either.

People who do not take the immersion are quite a distraction in regular level classes and they often have bad experiences at Lithe because they leave confused, overworked, out of the loop and frustrated.

Thanks to all of you who come through the program correctly, you make our day and we love you!  Please remember that we also love your friends and referrals but PLEASE refer your newbie friends to our Immersion program. 

We are currently updating our policies on our website and Mindbody system.  All beginners who show up or "drop in" to regular level classes with no Immersion experience will be turned away and we really don't like to do that!

Illustration by barbara McGregor


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Can I take a band immersion class?

Of course! Great question for those of you who have been Lithing for years, took our Immersion but took a break and have come back to the band system.

We usually introduce the bands (proper way to hold them, where to "pull" from and how to modify) in Immersion classes 5 & 6/week 3.

Krista or Elizabeth will then teach a regular-level Split class after about 10 minutes of explanation/visual cues.

We also show you what not to do and what to do and how to recover if your band breaks during a regular level class. Just shoot us an email so that we can check if there is room for you in the class!

Your the best. Thanks!

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