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Rik Lee

My favorite season is finally here.  Lets welcome crisp, cooler weather and fantastic new Lithe Method classes that will get your body ready and into those jeans (skinny, flared, pencil, legging or boyfriend) and cute cardi's, tunic's & sweaters!

Please note that our MindBody on-line reservation system is the most accurate and up to date way to see class and instructor changes, class cancellations and schedule updates. Our system will be updated and current as of tomorrow, September 1st at 12 NOON.

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Image via Rik Lee

FULL CIRCLE. 31 Aug 2009


There is a lot of ballet in Lithe and I love when Lither's are inspired to take an adult ballet class because of Lithe Method. There's just something about our barre work that not only changes your entire body but makes you want to get to the root of it and learn more. Read Melissa's Post. 

What I love even more is when a dancer starts Lithing and gets better and stronger at her craft.  Read Lauren's post here.

Image of Two Girls in Repose (Balenchine pupils) via Christian Witkin

THE MODEL LITHE. 30 Aug 2009


The fit, fabulous and part-time model, Dawn just did a shoot for Iron Works (but she doesn't go to Iron Works).  I love that a local gym used a Lither rather than one of their own members for their advertisement/shoot. It speaks volumes about our program and the results that people achieve. 

Dawn sent this image over to me and said, "I wouldn't have looked like this without Lithe, and it's all because of the 10." 

Dawn just lost an additional 4 inches this month in our 10 program.  Dawn, it's our pleasure...You look AMAZING!

S-H-A-M-E ON U-CONN!! 27 Aug 2009


I'll add 2 claps (xx) in there and a round off, back handspring, back tuck!  Unbelievable. Check this out. I guess I should be able to make the Division IA Basketball team now?  Wow, I have to breathe through this one. 

I cheered my entire life. I was squad captain in High School. In college, I was a Div IA, SEC USC Gamecock Cheerleader (not an easy feat for a girl coming from the Northeast). I actually cheered for ex-Philadelphia Eagle and now Steeler, Duce Staley when he played for USC. We competed against Peyton Manning when we played Tennessee (Ahh, memories).  Currently, I teach kids how to cheer On Comcast.

Div. IA college Cheerleading was BY FAR the toughest, most grueling, time-consuming, thrilling, dangerous, exhausting and physically demanding (think: working out until you puke while yelling your lungs out) thing that I have ever done. My cheerleading background is why Lithe is so intense. We do a lot of the same training. All you Lithers have such great endurance b/c you're Cheerleading....If I can only get you to yell while you Lithe (Just kidding!). 

We worked out 3 times a day in the same stadium next to the biggest, strongest football players (practice at 5am, stadium weights/cardio conditioning at 3pm, practice again at 6-8pm) every day of the week. Oh, and lets not forget running the steps of the Williams Brice Stadium in the hot and steamy August, Columbia, South Carolina sun (Seriously, the hottest place on earth). 

To even think about making the squad you needed to be fit, petite, coordinated, super athletic, you had to be able to dance really well, you had to be spirited, had to have good jumps, run a 6 minute mile, you had to have a round off, back handspring back tuck and you had to at least be able to do a toss up liberty onto hands. Period. If you didn't have that as a baseline, you didn't even make the cut.  Got Asthma?  Forget it.  You need major endurance.

Our Cheerleading squad consisted of 12 men and 12 women. We had two Physical Therapists, Two conditioning trainers, A sports med MD, and 3 tutors to help us with what we were actually there for:  College!?! : ) 

Cheerleading is what inspired me to start Lithe (I missed it and my Cheerleading physique that much) and it's what inspires me still when I  programme and create classes for Lithe Method.  Am I  inspired by Pilates??  Um, with all due respect...It's in me but been there, done that.  Nah, it's Cheerleading and dance.  This article burns me up big time.  I have major love and respect for Cheerleaders--I'm not talking about Eagles/Cowboy Cheerleaders or girls who dance around and shake their pom-poms and flip their hair.  I'm talking about the real thing. 

At UCONN, A super-athletic, NCAA female team was fired and replaced with a "Spirit Squad," or Marketing team, that has no athletic or cheerleading ability. Cheerleaders are athletes. Every cheerleader knows what it takes to cheer at college level: Cheerleading, gymnastics, stunting and dance.  And, we can throw a few T-shirts while we do it.

It's tough to explain if you've never cheered...Cheerleading is a team sport where you are your own captain, coach and cheer squad (much like Lithe), yet you work together as ONE to create amazing visual stunts and flips, rouse the crowd with dance and cheers and give people chills.

Yes, Cheerleading has become quite dangerous.  I can remember the fear of being tossed about 50-60 (or more) ft. up into the air for aerials and praying that my guys were going to follow and catch me.  I remember taking some tough falls, too.  I ended up tearing my rotator cuff.  We got hurt just as much as any other contact sport. Rugby? Football?

Bottom line is...UCONN, don't fire your female athletes!  What is that?  These women spent a lot of time and energy on their sport and maybe even chose UCONN because they wanted to cheer for UCONN and represent the University. I know that was why I chose USC.  Aren't you supposed to be empowering women?  Let them be real cheerleaders, ban certain stunts and hire student ambassadors with no athletic ability to hand out buttons, "assist" and SPOT them at the games!  D-E-F-E-N-S-E!

2007 University of Kentucky (the best) images via KentuckyCheerleading.org

COWGIRL. 27 Aug 2009


Spin, flow, twirl and whirl with Lithe's new firming workout, Cowgirl! 

Cowgirl is a fun, sexy and soothing new way to tone your entire body and release toxins with the help of our special "lasso" firming hoop.  Look for it on the schedule mid-September!

Hula Hoop Image via flickr.com

LOVE. 27 Aug 2009


Finally!  The 2nd issue of the bi-annual Brit mag, LOVE just hit the stands! 

This isn't just any mag.  LOVE is for anyone who adores fashion and design and wants to get into the heads of their heroes or just needs creative, visual inspiration.  Sting's daughter, Coco Sumner (Who, just signed a 6 album deal and get this--Her biggest fear is fame) is gracing the cover. Go pick up an issue and get some UK flavor.

WEIGHING IN. 26 Aug 2009


Seems like everyone is talking about model, Lizzie Miller in Glamour Magazine (pg. 194). Again, I don't think that this is news but it IS blog worthy (Thanks for sending, Tif!). There she is again on the right showing off her thighs back in March. This article, her un-touched images and women's reactions has stirred me a little.  

I work with bodies all day and she actually looks pretty darn normal to me. So she has a little belly and some thighs...Don't we all?  I mean, you can visably see her clavicle!  She's NOT fat. We are women and we have curves and no BODY is perfect. So many people (and press) ask me why I rarely talk about weight loss and the scale and why I don't have clients "weigh in."  

Here is my answer:

We woman have enough to worry about.  I for one do not weigh myself because I know that I am so much more than a number and the number game is never good for ME or most of my clients. I'm way too type A and I'll become obsessed. 

Personally, It's about working hard at my figure, being fit and healthy, eating properly and well, looking great in my clothes and feeling confident. Oh yea, my butt is big. I fought it and tried to diet it away through most of my twenties. I like it now and I accept it and I'm confident about it. I hope to pass that kind of acceptance and confidence off to all of you whether you choose to weigh in or not. It's worth much more than perfect thighs!

Long story short, what I do notice about Lizzie is that she looks confident and healthy and that is sexy as hell. 

Very cool, Glamour...Very, very cool.   Thank you!

Image via Glamour.com

LITHE MAKI. 26 Aug 2009


Wrap it up and sweat it out!  Cinch is the second class in our Lithe Method Wrap Star Series. We'll be toning in on the tummy, hips and just a touch on the tush while keeping in the heat with the help of our Lithe Haramaki!  

Loosely translated, Haramaki comes from the Japanese words hara, meaning the center of the body, and maki, meaning 'to wrap up," much the same way a maki sushi roll is wrapped up.  

The word Haramaki refers to what was historically a Samurai armor which gradually evolved into a special tubular garment that is worn around the midsection of the body as a belly warmer!  Once worn mainly as an undergarment in Japan, the Haramaki has seen a resurgence in recent years in Japanese fashion, acting as both a fashion and health aide.  

Why wear our Haramaki's while we Lithe?  They help to increase the circulation in the internal organs, which generates warmth throughout the entire body (think Hot Legs) and allows you to get deeper into theose abs and sweat it out while the extra layer of fabric adds slight compression and support during our hot new floor and barre sequences!

RED, RED WINE. 26 Aug 2009


I know that I said that I wouldn't sell water, but I'm backsliding!  Why, you ask?  Well, because this isn't just any old water and I hate to say it but I'm addicted and cannot find it anywhere in center city, so I decided that we're carrying it! 

I started to really think a lot about Resveritrol a couple of months ago after my father lost about 20 lbs and started to talk non-stop about fish-oil and this special water that he was drinking. 

What is Preventiv?  Preventive is Resveratrol enhanced water.  

What is Resveratrol?  Resveratrol is a super powerful antioxidant and polyphenol found in the skin of red wine grapes that has been shown to reduce/slow certain aspects of aging--specifically cardiovascular aging. This stuff is currently being heralded as a "fountain of youth, " and Harvard Medical School has even that Resveratrol "could arguably be the biggest medical discovery since antibiotics."

Why do I love it?:  Zero calories, Zero Sugar (it's sweetened with Stevia and colored with fruit and veggie juice), Zero Carbs, No artificial sweeteners, No preservatives, 25 mg of Pure Resveratrol (as much in a case of red wine) and No alcohol. 

What else does Resveratrol do that gets me super jazzed?  Drinking this stuff helps promote sustained muscle function, reduces muscle fatigue AND Mimics the effect of calorie restricted diets on promoting longevity.  You can read about the effect of calorie restricted diets and resveritrol in the New York Times.

Preventiv Water will be available in all three flavors (I think the Berry Bordeaux is my fav) for purchase ($4.) at Lithe Rittenhouse starting tonight!

SHE'S BACK... 25 Aug 2009


...For the weekend!  Elizabeth is back this Thursday through Saturday!  Catch a class with her if you can (I will update Mindbody this evening). 

We're having a Lithe photo shoot this Saturday with my very good friend and favorite photographer, Dominic Episcopo. Can't wait to show everyone the images!

Illustration via garancedore

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