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WINGS. 30 Sep 2009


'Bingo arms,' 'thigh arms,' 'fly away's'—Whatever you want to call it, arm jiggle is no joke. Get armed and dangerous with our newest arm workout, which slims the entire arm by up to 2” so you can wave with no worries.

Lithe Method's weighted "wings" prop is cardio, barre and mat friendly, so you can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee in this seasons bold shouldered looks. 

Out-take image of Lauren Boggi via Dominic Episcopo.


Rik's October

Ahh, October is my most favorite month.  Everyone is back in town!  Lets welcome a new "cooler" season, a new closet and fantastic new and old Lithe Method workouts. 

As always, we're still all about getting you into your skinny jeans, but be sure to check out the new Lithe Method Wings and Melt--Tif is excited to work out your kinks, kill your abs and incorporate some awesome, new "Double Melt" partner moves, while I'm thrilled to take your arms to the next level with the help of our "wing" prop. 

Although nothing has changed workout-wise, you'll see that our classes are now appropriately leveled and we have something to offer everyone. 

In order to accommodate everyone we have changed our class times so please check the schedules!  Everything will be updated on-line by 11pm this evening.

P.S. Due to our October Lithe Escape and my upcoming nuptials, we will be somewhat short-staffed and had to cut back and combine some lower attended classes in the hood (Northern Liberties). 

Download RittenhouseOctober

Download LibertiesWalkOctober

Download ArdmoreOctober

Image via Rik Lee.  



Hey Lauren, 

I just completed the Immersion and I really want to take advantage of the monthly unlimited.  I feel like I'm on the weaker side right now.  Will I hurt myself if I Lithe 5-6 times a week?  

Great question, T.  Remember that you'll be doubling your Lithing time, so you should absolutely ease into it. 

Our monthly unlimited programs are good for 30 days from date of purchase, so I would advise taking three classes the first week, four classes during week two/three and then build up to 5 or 6 classes during week three and four. 

Try to take advantage of Rare Form and Melt if you can.  Also, our Lithe 101 is on the schedule to help clarify things. Some people stop in just to ask us if their form is on point or if they are doing a particular series correctly.  

If your form is pretty good and you have no injuries or issues, you should be just fine. The best way to avoid injuries is to perfect your form, listen to your body and go slow in the beginning...You don't want to Boot-camp yourself!  

Image via Garance Dore.

TIME AFTER TIME. 28 Sep 2009

Hot legs

How long till a Lithe hiatus nixes your hot body progress? 

Well, after about a month off, you'll surely be huffing an puffing through classes and feeling really weak.  "Your VO2 max--the highest amount of oxygen your body can use during exercise--decreases a bit after two to four weeks, but it takes two or three months for the drop to be substantial," says Ben Hurley, Ph.D., professor of kinesiology at the Univ. of Maryland School of Public Health. 

Meanwhile, your muscle efficiency and muscle mass in your arms, abs and legs really starts to shrink.  So, after a month of couch sitting or not Lithing, your endurance will dip to its pre-Lithe-regimen wimpi-ness.  To keep your body humming, take at least 2 classes a week! 

Out-Take Hot Legs image of Lithe Method Instructors, Elizabeth Sturgis & Nicole Sewall  via Dominic Episcopo.

LITHE NYC? 28 Sep 2009


Hi Lauren,

Is there anything like Lithe in NYC?  My friends in Philly take the classes and love it.  Please let me know if you open locations here! 


Hi Christina! 

Well, unfortunately, there is nothing like Lithe Method in NYC, but we are growing and although we have no "Big Apple" plans at the moment, you never know--NYC is one of our favorite cities and would be a perfect next step...We love to spread the Lithe! 

Image via Rik Lee.



Have a question (about anything Lithe)?  Email me and We'll answer it in our new, tri-weekly column!  I'll  answer the first one...

B asks: 

Lauren, I'm
I know I have already sent you a little “love note” about how much I have enjoyed the Hot Stepper class so I was definitely saddened to read your blog post announcing that the class will no longer be on the schedule.

I remember reading that you do your share of running and that you are a fall weather fan… so I am sure you love running at this time of year as much as I do! I just wondered if there is any way to persuade you to keep at least one Hot Stepper class on the schedule at such a nice time of year? 

In addition to enjoying the weather, I also have to admit that having that class has been such a help to me as I try to squeeze in as many Lithe classes as possible while still getting sufficient cardio. It has been great to be able to combine both needs in one class. 

Hi B! 

I feel your pain!  I know, it's such a great class for us cardio queens and a great way to change up our regular Lithe indoor routine.  We absolutely may be able to keep it until the time change or add it on the weekend so that it's not so dark in the am.  We like to make Lithers' happy.  Lets see what Tif says : ) 

In the meantime, check out High Mini, Fat Free, Higher Power and the new Lithe 500 (debuting in October) to get that Hotstepper High! 

Illustration via Garance Dore.

HIP. 22 Sep 2009

I'm so excited to announce that starting in October, you'll be able to expand your fitness wardrobe with two of my favorite, hard-to-find active-wear lines featured at Lithe Rittenhouse!  Who can it be now!?  Stay tuned...

Illustration via Deanne Cheuk.

TOP BANANA. 22 Sep 2009


Chances are good that most of you can hum a few bars of the Chiquita jingle.

The "Chiquita Banana" song first hit the air waves way back in 1944 when Miss Chiquita made her fabulous debut. The jingle was actually written to help teach Americans how to ripen and use bananas, which, believe it or not, were at the time an exotic tropical fruit! 

I love the organic mini's.  They are the most perfect size healthy snack!  Eat them plain or with a little bit of Almond or Peanut Butter.  Yumm!

Mixed media illustration via Pietari Posti & oh joy.

STEPPIN' OUT! 22 Sep 2009

Tiffany Hotstepper

It's steppin' off the schedule once again this fall.  Catch the last few Lithe Method Hotstepper classes of September!  Until Spring 2010...

Out-Take Image of Lithe Method Instructor, Tiffany Young via Dom.

RAW BLISS. 21 Sep 2009

Chocolate mousse

Check out this totally raw (no meat, dairy or heat) recipe for chocolate mousse: 

3/4 cup dates soaked until very soft with pits removed. 

2 avocados. 

1 cup almond milk.

1/2 cup almond butter.

3/4 cup cacao powder.

1/2 cup agave. 

In a food processor or blender, combine all ingredients and blend or process until smooth.  Refrigerate and enjoy...It's delicious! 

Image and recipe via Rawmazing.

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