Everyone is always in a rush these days and unfortunately our bodies pay the price.  As much as you want to prepare and cook wonderful, healthy meals, sometime you need a good meal "in a pinch." 

I get a lot of emails and questions about frozen/prepared meals, and Kashi frozen meals in particular.  Are they good/bad for you?  Hate to break it to you but they are so NOT good for you.  Ladies, stay away from frozen meals if possible and stick to the outside edges of your supermarket. In fact, if you talk to Liz about frozen meals, you won't ever buy one again!  

I decided to pick up the Kashi Mayan Harvest Bake on Sunday because I wanted to give it a review and it was coldly seducing me with the words, "Vegan, amaranth polenta, sweet potatoes, kale and plantains" on the packaging. Sounds like a yummy winter meal. I have to be honest, it was decent, but not good enough to try again. Why?  

Besides the fact that it's not healthy or good for you, Sodium and preservatives add major bloat to the female fat zones.  I mean Big Time. If you cut sodium from your diet, you will be amazed at how different you feel and look around the hips, thighs, butt and belly.  It's just incredible.  

Want more info about good, locally prepared foods that you can grab in a pinch?   

Via Liz:  "I relegate myself to one high-sodium, "in a pinch" thing a week. My high-sodium vice is a Maple Nut Clif Bar (side-note: mine is a good deli pickle).  If my clients want in a pinch prepared food, I always recommend Metropolitan BakeryPicnic, and Me (Sweet Pea Nourishment )!  Metro carries amazing, healthful soups and dips and Picnic makes great, healthy prepared foods that they sell at Metro and their own store on the Walnut St. Bridge." 

Image via Mats Gustafson


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Uh oh. If Kashi isn't good for you then that must mean that Lean Cuisine is truly evil. Still better than a frozen pizza though, right? ;)

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