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34 posts from October 2009

FLOORED. 30 Oct 2009


Lengthen, lean out and sculpt sexy curves with Lithe Method's Floored. 

Just in time for our new mat arrival, we're debuting Lithe's new all floor workout for those of you who like to keep it grounded (Yes, you'll still work your back-side and your legs).

When a form fitting frock calls you to the rack, you'll no longer have to sigh and put it back.  With this total body toner of a workout, you can give in to the lure of fall's curvy couture without stepping up to the barre.  The workout is seamless, smoothing and slimming from the shoulders all the way down to the knees!

Out-take image of Lauren Boggi  via Dominic Episcopo.

DIMPLE DASH! 30 Oct 2009

Neo Bikini

Classes are packed (with long wait-lists) this weekend in center city.  I'm bringing watershed back this Saturday at 8:30am for the month of November, but we'll start this Saturday, October 31 to make room on the schedule.  It's the right time to roll out the cellulite for that cute Halloween costume.  Yes, it works! 

Neoprene bikini Image via Alexandra Cassaniti.

< $1! 29 Oct 2009


I just saw Preventiv being sold in a local store downtown for less!  Yes, Preventiv is still in our fridge but now it's $3 a bottle and $30 a case to keep up with the competition!

DRESS FOR LESS! 29 Oct 2009


Here's another reason to eat more green salads:  Vinegar may keep extra pounds at bay.  The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry revealed that Aectic acid in vinegar activates a gene that breaks down fat before it can settle around your belly and hips!  Pour 1 tablespoon each of vinegar and olive or grape seed oil to flavor salad with the fat burner. 

Image via Garance Dore.


Hot Legs

Hollow out that side curve from rear to thigh and you'll look divine from behind.  What's the secret?  Lithe's proprietary sequence of Lunges right into Sumos! 

Out-take Hot Legs image of Lithe instructor, Elizabeth Sturgis via Dom.

LITHE BRIDE. 28 Oct 2009


Here is the beautiful, Parisian (Can't you just tell by her fabulous style?), Isabelle on her wedding day.  She sent me these pictures and wrote a sweet little love note which made me smile from ear to ear:

Dear Lauren & Lithe Team,

I believe it has been a year since I took my first Lithe class. I've known for a long time that fitness is a key ingredient of my personal formula for happiness and balance - The others being family and friends and fresh-from-the-oven baguette ! - But sometimes a busy lifestyle, a stressful job and maybe too much baguette made me forget my basic rules. The year before my move to Philadelphia was spent mostly in planes, business diners and endless meetings: A deadly combination for your health if you don't pay attention. The moment I made the decision to move to Philly, I committed to get back to the Isabelle I like - mentally and physically. Lithe helped me on both levels.

What I like the most about Lithe:

-Diversity and complementary teaching styles: each instructor manages to keep its personal teaching style while being representative of the method.

- The right challenge/reward balance. It is still challenging after one year and I know it will keep being rewarding.

- The creativity that makes Lithe sexy and the no-routine philosophy, never seen before at that level. 

And because no one is perfect, what I don't like as much: The music not always in tune with the type of exercise! 

In a nutshell: Thank you Lithe, you help me feel happy.

VIP! 27 Oct 2009


SWEET! 26 Oct 2009

Tif Sweet Cheeks

I know that I blog about Lither Lauren Hall's blog, lithe life whenever she blogs about Lithe (I'm sorry Lauren!).  Lauren, I apologize in advance for sweating and stalking your blog spot : ) 

Anyway, I love Lauren's recent post about Sweet Cheeks and the sweetness of success.  Good work and congrats on sticking to it-So many people fall off the health wagon right about now! 

Out-take Sweet Cheeks image of Lithe Instructor, Tiffany Young via Dominic Episcopo.

TRIPPIN' 26 Oct 2009

Sue Stemp Textile Swirly Girl

I'm a I-can-do-it-all kind of gal and my work/lithe/social calendar really gets the best of me.  Although I was working last week, I can honestly say that our Lithe Escape was one of the most special getaways that I've ever taken-Fun, fresh food, fab fitness and just a all-round fantastic experience. 

I'm so glad that the Lithers' who joined us agreed to get out of dodge!  I've been getting a lot of requests about our special detox island menu from escapees and from those of you who drooled from afar.  Unfortunately, we cannot post our menu on-line for all to see, but we are putting a little something together for your at home cooking pleasure.  

Thanks to everyone who made our Escape fabulous.  We're looking forward to 2010! 

Image via Deanne Cheuk for Sue Stemp.

FEELIN' FRESH. 23 Oct 2009

day 4

Our week is coming to a close-tomorrow is our last day here in sunny Jamaica.  What an amazing time-I cannot wait to schedule another Escape!  

We did Lithe's Skinny Jeans in the am and the all new Lithe Aqua Woman upper body half land/half water workout in the pm.  We ate curried shrimp, avocado, papaya and greens for dinner and a decadent flowerless Pone cake for dessert. ate A late-night sauna, hot-tub soak and lots of laughs completed the night.  

I have to admit that everyone looks rested, revived and better than ever!

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