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BARLESQUE! 30 Nov 2009



It's the 3rd Lithe Method workout in our 'Wrap Star' series! 

We don’t usually say “Lithe Method” and “sexy” in the same sentence—But for this flaunt-worthy little number, we’ll make an exception.  Lithe's newest vibrant and provocative, ultra-femme barre and band workout brings out your inner goddess at the right time (after the most soiree-heavy season of the year).

Workout and wear our special under-layer (coming soon!) over your gear that offers instant slimming to four different ‘zones’ for ultra chest, back, midriff and bum minimizing.  As for whether it offers the usual figure-fabbing benefits…Do you even have to ask?    

"Bonnie" Illustration via Sarah Singh


Rik Lee December

Feeling stuffed?  Here are your December schedules.  We're so excited...Lets keep movin' and shakin' this holiday season!  Time to get ready for 2010-New goals, Lithe workouts and an even better you : )

Download Rittenhouse December

Download LibertiesWalk December

Download Ardmore December

Illustration via Rik Lee

RE: LITHE NORTH. 27 Nov 2009


Could this be the best Thanksgiving ever? 

Yes, stranger things have happened but I'm thrilled to announce that our Lithe Method Northern Liberties WILL NOT close on November 30th! 

In a last minute surprise, our landlord is now allowing us to keep our month-to-month lease until we're in our new digs.  In the meantime, we're staying, sprucing up the place a little and even adding some awesome workout gear to purchase. We're sorry for the inconvenience, the upset and the heartache and we hope to see all of you in the studio very soon!

Spread the word...Yippie!! 

Image of Lauren Boggi via Dominic Episcopo



Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 

If you're coming to class on Thanksgiving, remember that the parade makes it tough to cross town.  Always better to take the train or plan accordingly! 

image via David Eustace via theanthropologist.com

GET STARTED! 25 Nov 2009

Nicole Sewall

Our December Immersion is right around the corner!  Beat the crowds and get started before January!  

Center City:  Monday & Wednesday starting December 7th at 8PM  

Ardmore:  Monday & Wednesday starting December 7th at 7pm 

Thigh High image of  Lithe Instructor Nicole Sewall via Dom.

GIVE IN. 25 Nov 2009


Here are some smart cocktail picks to indulge in without blowing your diet this holiday season:  

olives (5 large)  25 calories, 3 grams fat  

shrimp cocktail (4 shrimp & 1 tablespoon cocktail sauce) 72 calories, 0 grams fat  

bruschetta (1 slice) 130 calories, 8 grams fat 

chicken satay (1 skewer) 135 calories, 5 grams fat  

sushi (4 small california rolls) 140 calories, 4 grams fat  

Illustration via Neryl Walker

OBSESSED! 24 Nov 2009


A little Lithe love from Philly Mag's Style Squad member, Kayce Cashman.  

Astrolips Illustration via Sarah Singh

DIET & LITHE? 23 Nov 2009


Hi everyone, 

I've been doing Lithe for about 6 months and am addicted! I love the variety, the instructors and the classes are super fun. I'm definitely sore most days and feel like I'm getting an all-around body toner with the classes, although  I don't seem to be dropping much weight. 

I know that diet is a large part of the process. I'm wondering if I'm over-eating because I'm ravenous due to all of the Lithing. Do you recommend increasing cardio outside of Lithe (jogging) or do you have any diet recommendations to keep me fuller and satisfied longer? I already eat fairly healthy foods- steel-cut oats, Greek yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, quinoa, fish, etc., but I'm probably eating too much of it.  

Do you have any thoughts or recommendations? Not sure if other members have expressed the same experience. Thanks so much!  

We're so happy that you're loving Lithe!  Oh yea, we hear this all the time and there are two words that will help everyone lose weight: Portion Control. Remember that losing weight is a simple input/output formula.  You're at that crucial 6 month mark...You'll be seeing huge changes any time now.  

If your goal is to lose fat, you'll need to burn more calories than you're taking in.  I always say that diet is 85%. You're building a beautiful body and your muscles are long and lean but if they are lying under a layer of fat, you'll never "see" the fruits of your labor.  It's important to know how many calories you need a day and how much you're burning (buy that heart rate monitor, it works wonders to keep you working correctly and burning what you should be!).  

It sounds like you're on the right track with your food choices so I would recommend cutting back on your portion sizes and start measuring/weighing your food and just watch the weight melt off!  As far as adding more cardio goes, I don't think that you need it unless you crave it.  Some people add it on the days that they are Lithe-free.  

Lithe Method is cardio & strength interval training.  Most all classes are designed to burn at least 450-550 calories and hit every muscle group in the body within one hour.  I'll post tomorrow about good snack choices to keep you fuller, longer!  Good Luck!  

Illustration via garancedore.fr


Bad Habit

Hi Lauren! 

Let me first just "gush" over you. I am so inspired by you, both personally and professionally. I know that you have a huge fan base and have heard it all, but I am in the "puppy love" phase, as I am a new lither. In any case, keep up the FABULOUS work.

 I was a gym junkie burnout and you have given me new motivation and excitement around fitness! Thank, you thank you!!!!  I have so many questions for you around well being (many of which are addressed on your blog, thank you again)! Let me just choose one that I'm conflicted with everyday (we can address my "wino" tendencies next time).

 Can you help me make better (or the best) choices with my ever so favorite addictive little beans? I love latte's, coffee, cappuccinos (all things caffeinated)! I read a lot about nutrition and I will go on a vegan kick, so I will think soy is the better choice (but it has more sugar and an impact on estrogen levels). I will then go back to my old faithful skim, but then Alicia says how cruel they are to the animals and how they are pumped with hormones (If you get her book, go right to the recipes, don't read the first few chapters).

Also, do i choose raw sugar, Stevia (is this safe?) or Splenda?!  Help!!!  Thanks SO much in advance!  Again, you are a true inspiration and genius!  I "heart" you ; ) 

 Thanks, Jen 

Jen, you made my morning with this email!  So sweet. Thank you for your kind words.  I'm glad Lithe has re-invented and recaptured that fitness spark in you!  I get the coffee and wine question a lot.  Let me preface this by saying that I don't judge anyone's food choices, but I do think that moderation is important with all things.  I love coffee.  I don't wan't to ever live without it. With that said, too much of anything isn't a good thing and I have cut back recently.

Caffeine, just like refined foods and sugar, for example, temporarily stimulate the adrenal glands only to zap your energy. Try to only have a cup in the am and a cup around 2-3 PM and see how you feel.  For many reasons, I hardly ever eat/drink dairy.  Personally, dairy drains me, makes me mucusy, gives me acne, slows me down and yep, I am an animal lover and I prefer to be hormone-free. 

I believe that there are far better ways to get your Calcium and vitamin D. In my opinion, the dairy industry is a business and, well...I digress.  Experiment and try soy, hemp, almond or rice milk in your coffee (the better the bean, the less milk and or sugar you need).  If you're a milk person this will take some getting used to, but if you eliminate dairy, you'll be amazed at how great you feel. 

Liz Solms, vegetarian and owner of Sweet Pea Nourishment here in Philly always says not to be afraid of soy-It's part of a woman's healthy diet!  Liz is a green tea drinker and recommends it as a replacement. You can't overdo it with green tea, so if you want the caffeine buzz, it's a much healthier option. 

When it comes to the sweet stuff, stay away from Splenda and Equal, they are Neurotoxins and are not good for you.  Stevia is okay and raw sugar is the best a coffee house can offer.  When at home, use agave to keep your blood sugar levels steady. 

I agree, Alicia's book is great!  Make sure you pick up The China Study and The Thrive Diet Vegan Nutrition Guide   -They will both change your life and your outlook! 

Illustration via Sara Singh.

EMPIRE. 20 Nov 2009


We get at least one email a day from our Philadelphia transplants. 

Hey Lauren,

I discovered Lithe a couple months ago and LOVED it, but sadly, I just moved to New York (job).  I know nothing will compare to Lithe, but do you have any suggestions for classes to take in New York?  I really miss Lithe but I'm willing to try an approximation instead of going back to the regular gym.  Anything will help! 

Thanks, Anya

Hey Anya!  You're right, you won't find Lithe, but you'll find a few similar workouts-Most of our transplants find that Core Fusion classes at Exhale Spa or Physique 57 classes kinda-sorta fill the void.  Best of luck to you! 

Illustration via GaranceDore.fr

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