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SWEET SAAVY. 30 Dec 2009


During this sweet time of year, everyone moves around like a slug.  Lithe instructors often have to take classes down a notch or two to match everyones low energy level and output. 

It's all due to refined sugar.  Refined sugar is one of the most harmful "nonfoods" on the market.  It contributes nothing to the body except calories and has been linked in some way to every major disease out there.  In addition it rots your pearly whites.  Refined sugar is found in white sugar, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, dextrose, fructose, processed honey and ALL artificial sweeteners.  

Get in the habit of reading labels and use natural sweeteners, including agave, coconut sugar, rice syrup, pure maple syrup, molasses, stevia, Rapadura (dehydrated cane sugar juice) or raw, unfiltered honey. Remember that Sugar is certainly not your enemy-Refined and processed sugars are!  Throw those cookies out and clean house! 

Image via itlooksgoodtome.com

GO TO PIECES. 28 Dec 2009


Here are a few of my newest Om Girl wardrobe staples (on and off the mat):  

Om Girl organic cotton bra tops {$29} layered underneath tee's tanks (shown here in denim and Kate's wearing it in pink). The Ahimsa denim capri (shown in denim at the top of the post) {$62} is a perfect staple any time of the year. The Teacher Tank (down at the bottom of the post) {$51}, which is literally the most comfortable top that I have ever practiced in (a few of you have said the same!).  It's sexy, supportive and doesn't crush your rib-cage...You can breathe!  

Wanna try or buy?  You can currently try on and purchase Om Girl at Lithe's Rittenhouse location and it's coming soon to Lithe Northern Liberties!

CHEER. 25 Dec 2009


Happy Holidays to all Lithers' and fithiphealthy.com readers! 

Thank you for all of your hard work in the studios, your lovely emails and support throughout 2009-I appreciate you checking in, following me and allowing me to write everyday...It makes my life so enjoyable and inspired. 

It has been a little over a year and I've had so many rewarding experiences.  I simply love it. xo 

Image via Michi Girl.

MATE'S & LATTE'S... 24 Dec 2009


...At home!  Ever since our beloved 
Remedy Tea closed, everyone who had a Remedy Tea latte habit has been going through withdraw from the Vanilla Chai latte, Toasted Coconut latte or Green tea Latte.

You can now get your fix! Remedy is finally selling their latte powder online, so your at home latte will taste even better - closer to the Remedy bought version.  Here are some at home latte tips:

1. Pick a tea and steep accordingly. You need to use a filter or other Teaware.   

2. Mix in the latte powder. If you don't like your lattes very sweet, only use a little bit of this powder (about a teaspoon to teaspoon and a half). 

3. Heat a little less (or more) than a 1/4 cup organic milk/soy 

4. Pour the milk in a separate large mug/cup and froth the milk with a milk frother.

5. Pour the mixed tea/latte powder over the frothed milk and enjoy. It may take a few tries before perfecting this process but it is worth it!

LITHE WISE. 24 Dec 2009


In order to stick to your workout schedule, learn how to say no to extra hours at work or to another happy hour you don't really want to attend anyway.  Making your health a priority from here on out is mandatory.

WANNA LITHE? 23 Dec 2009

Dagger in Extension

Get Lithe!  We have FOUR Immersion courses starting at our Philadelphia locations in January:

Monday & Wednesday beginning on Monday, 1.4.10 at 8PM 
Tuesday & Thursday beginning on Tuesday, 1.12.10 at 8:15PM 

Northern Liberties:
Tuesday and Thursday series beginning on Tuesday, January 5th at 8:15pm  

Monday & Wednesday beginning on Monday, 1.4.10 at 7PM. 

If the Immersion classes don't work for you, you can opt to take our Lithe 101 class or a private session at your convenience. You can sign up and purchase online or call 215-545-5144 to register.

Image of Lauren Boggi on Lithe's Higher Power® Band System doing Goddess Abs in daggers via Dominic Episcopo.

CINCH IT! 21 Dec 2009


It's back on the schedule at all three studios in January!  Melt away bloat and whittle your middle with our Lithe Method Cinch®

Cinch images of Lithe Instructors, Bari Rosenthal  & Lauren Boggi wearing Lithe Method Haramaki's via Dom

GOTHAM SWEET. 21 Dec 2009


Hey New Yorkers, go get yourself some local winter sweetness and support your local honey bee!  Massachusetts beekeeper, farmer and the man behind Berkshire Berries Roof-top Magic® honey, David Graves, keeps seven of his beehives on rooftops in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx. 

So how does New York honey taste? Sooty? Fortunately, no: The bees sip from deep inside the blossom, beyond any grime, feeding on linden and locust trees, cover, and a range of flowers. Graves says that because of the diversity of flora in NYC, his rooftop honey actually tastes better than his Berkshire brand.

Graves takes great pride in his truly local honey, noting that some say it helps build immunity to indigenous pollen.  His metropolitan bees seem remarkably happy, he says:  "I don't see tattered wings here, like I do in the Berkshires." 

I'm itching to meet David, the bees and taste the honey asap, but in the meantime I ordered their Berries Switchel (Switchel is made of fruity vinegars, ginger and well water and isn't too sweet).   Want to go?  His stall/tent is at the Union Square Green Market each week (including Saturdays).  Can't make it? Call 800-5-BERRYS.

images via AmalaBeauty.com & Berkshire Berries.

THE WHITE STUFF. 18 Dec 2009

Rainy Day


Oh, everyone is calling about the impending snow.  Are we canceling Saturday classes at all locations??  Well, to be honest, we really don't know yet. If it's snowing and freezing, I bet that most of you will cancel and then we will cancel if class numbers dwindle too low.  

Our instructors drive as far as South Jersey, Chestnut Hill and Manayunk so we will have to wait and see. Some of you Lithers' travel even farther than that, so with that said, stay tuned to the blog and check Mind-body before you head out in the am so that there are no surprises.  Time will tell...

Illustration via It Looks Good To Me.

TOO LEGIT TO QUIT. 18 Dec 2009


She's back!  Melissa, we've missed your musings, your inspirational attitude and watching you grow (and shrink!).

Image via garance dore.

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