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Image via Laura Laine

GET LITHE! 29 Jan 2010


Wanna learn how to Lithe?  We have FOUR Immersion courses starting at our Philadelphia locations in February:

Monday & Wednesday beginning on Monday, 2.1.10 at 8PM 
Tuesday & Thursday beginning on Tuesday, 2.16.10 at 8:15PM 

Northern Liberties:
Tuesday and Thursday series beginning on Tuesday, February 2nd at 8:15pm  

Monday & Wednesday beginning on Monday, 2.1.10 at 7PM. 

If the Immersion classes don't work for you, you can opt to take our Lithe 101 class or a private session at your convenience. You can sign up and purchase online or call 215-545-5144 to register.

Image of Lithe Instructors Elizabeth Sturgis & Nicole Sewall in Hot Legs via Dominic Episcopo.

POLISH CHANGE? 28 Jan 2010


Check out Toast!  Driving through the desert on her way cross-country, entrepreneur Gina Carney of the new RGB Cosmetics (they make 17 chemical-free, chic nail colors) needed a polish change.

Toast, a cool, urban mushroom shade, won out. She's quoted in Lucky mag, "When I made it, the shade seemed arty and downtown-ish, but suddenly it had a dusky, road-trip feel-like when you get off the highway in the middle of nowhere, very dirt-road-in-the-desert."  I agree, it's the perfect, nouveau neutral!

Images via RGB Cosmetics



I am loving Lithe's Barlesque!  What's it all about? Think a half hour of high energy barre work and then we take it to the floor with our Thinny's around our wrists to up the ante...Pop, melt, shimmy and shake!

Image via (love her!) Lajla Toullec.

CUTTING EDGE. 27 Jan 2010

Picture 16
Picture 13
Picture 14
   Picture 17
Picture 18

Images of Stella MacCartney for Adidas Gym Dance, Gym Yoga, Gym Studio, Running & Swim Spring collections-The ultimate in style and performance for your sport.

BACK IT UP. 27 Jan 2010


When you Lithe, your back and your abs work together as a team.  You'll always hear us talk about working or being in neutral (keeping your natural spinal alignment) and in imprint (contracting abdominals/tipping martini).  These two positions are the key to properly engaging all the right muscles.  

It's really important that you never press or push your back down into the mat when you're doing abdominal work or squeeze your bum to cheat that martini tip (in the case of Method Abs, you're not pressing your back down into the mat, you're engaging your abs in imprint and then really going further in that pelvic tllt 'in tuck' and therefore, the back will rest against the floor during your compression work). 

Being neutral and imprinted recruits your back muscles while keeping your spine in proper alignment, which keeps your abs in the proper position to engage, and you'll be a lot less prone to injury and low back pain/tension.

Image of Lauren Boggi via Dominic Episcopo.

AB-RACADABRA! 26 Jan 2010


Just about every new Lither starts out in our Immersion course.  There is no better way to learn how to Lithe, get to know the workout, our instructors and build your strength and stamina for regular level classes. 

So many seasoned Lithers get super strong and want to work harder, faster and stronger and in the process, forget our basic bio-mechanical principals that make Lithe, Lithe Method and give you that Lithe body. 

Here's a little rundown of reminders that will get you back to basics and purify your practice.  Remember, that if you don't know (and do) the basics (hello, correct breathing), you will miss out on Lithe's middle-minimizing benefits! 

Take a Breath: 

The key to the method is the breathing. The breath fuels and paces the workout. When done correctly, our classes activate more muscles in your core then anything else out there and our exercises are over 200 percent effective!  The key with our breathing is engaging that deepest abdominal layer (transverse abdominis). 

When you chew gum during class, not breathe at all or breathe normally or shallowly into your belly, shoulders or chest, you create slack in your middle and those deep, inner muscles just won't activate. As much as we cue breathing, there are so many of you who don't do it and to be honest, you're cheating yourself out of an amazing workout and real results. 

Visualize This:

Remember to keep your abs taut as you inhale through your nose, feel your ribs expand out out to the sides like an accordion and then on that exhale, blow out through the mouth with pursed lips and pull the belly in while you simultaneously knit those ribs right back to together.  it's a forced exhalation.

I'll be back this evening with some back and pelvis tips and reminders!

Images of Lithe Instructors, Nicole Sewall, Lauren Boggi and Krista DeNofa via Dominic Episcopo.

GRAY MATTER. 22 Jan 2010


I'm seeing a lot of gray right now.  Like black, gray is usually a somewhat formal color. Dark charcoal gray carries with it some of the strength and mystery of black and light grays can be similar to white. While I don't love the gray uniform of the corporate world, I like these pretty, easy gray pieces. 

Images via: Gray Tye-Dyed shirt unknown, Marc by Marc Jacobs Slouched Boot & Mabel glazed canvas bag and Trove Tkees flip flops (wearable cosmetics for your feet!). 

UNPACKAGED. 22 Jan 2010


Check out Unpackaged in London.  Unpackaged is a boutique grocery shop that works like the bulk food section of Whole Foods, relying on the customer to bring in your own packaging as a way to eliminate waste. They sell everything under the sun-even wine! With strict eco-policies on where their source their food, Unpackaged is one of the most environmentally friendly stores that I've ever seen on the international green scene.

LOUD N' PROUD! 21 Jan 2010

St. Tropez Girl

Our January "10" is doing great and many have gained strength, lost weight, inches and feel better already! Here's a few little notes from two super successful Lithers: 

Hey Lithe Team, 

I am sooooo excited! I have already lost 7lbs and in addition to that I feel GREAT! I'm starting to "get it". 

I have seen the biggest difference in my body after 1 week of "10" than I have in the past 2 years. I know its early in the program but I just wanted to say that I think this is going to be a great experience and I feel I will get a lot out of it.  I have been trying for over 2 years after having my daughter to get back in shape but despite all my efforts I saw little or no improvement.  Thank you!  JP


i just had to write you a quick note to tell you how amazing the "10" has been for me.  I had been, as you know, out of Lithe for a while, and knew that this was exactly the class I needed to get going in the new year and get motivated.  It has been incredible.  I still have 4 classes to go, and my body is already completely different.  It's SHOCKING.  I get undressed and look down at my legs, and I don't recognize myself.  My pants are already so much looser, and my belly isn't pooching through my tops as it used to-a fact that made me change clothes five times every morning. 

The combination of the meal plan and the workout has truly been a success.  Like you said, once I started eating the way you prescribed, I just got it.  Now, I'm making great decisions, even on the weekend.  The impact on my waistline, and my bank account has been significant.  I used to be obsessed with eating out, and now all I want to do is cook great food at home. 

I can't believe I'm seeing results like this, and I'm essentially only halfway through the series.  I'm feeling stronger and have more endurance already, so I can't wait to see what I look/feel like when it's over.  I will definitely not stay away from Lithe for so long again.  Thanks for helping start my new year off right!  xoxo, SH

Illustration via itlooksgoodtome.com

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