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Images via Rik Lee, Anna Wolf via Oh Joy & Jeffrey Campbell Shoes.

NAUGHTY KNOTS! 25 Feb 2010


Knot for nothing but this has to stop, ya'll. I really hate blogging about this kind of thing but we've spread the word and it continues to happen.  Please, please stop knotting our Thinny bands!  We understand that they are sometimes hanging in your face but please work in front, behind or to the side of them until we correct the situation (we're working on it). 

When knots happen, we have to cut everything down.  We lose precious equipment and a spot in our always full-with-a-wait-list Thinny and Barlesque classes which means lost revenue for us and annoyed fellow Lithers.  We are often in-between band shipments, so it's not like we can hop up on the ladder and replace them at any time.

We find our bands double, triple and quadruple knotted and it burns your instructors and fellow Lither's up. Poor Hannah worked her fingers to the bone for at least a half hour trying to get the knots out of the one shown above and it is still triple knotted.  The next time that we see it happen, we'll have to charge the knaughty knotter the cost of the spot lost in our classes and the cost to replace the ruined equipment. Sorry!

Illustration via garancedore.fr

BOOM, BOOM, POW. 24 Feb 2010


This snow isn't getting me down one bit-Spring is right around the corner (25 days, to be exact!)!  I can feel it!  I've been dreaming of fresh, colorful digs and accessories to brighten my days. 

Here are some pretty things that I've had my eye on: Can't get enough of breezy button-down tops from James Perse,  Retrosun Vintage Carrera Sunglasses, Bracelets from Scosha Nyc, J Brand military style skinny jeans, Paris street artist, Fafi's   S/S 2010 collection for Adidas (check out the Honey Mid) & a bright, white Time Teller P from Nixon.

B WELL. 24 Feb 2010


It's Wendy On Wednesday!

Who is most susceptible?   Vegans and vegetarians.  B-12 is found exclusively in animal products, including animal meat, liver, eggs, and mollusks such as clams and oysters.  While everyone should get a blood test and check their levels (I'm not a vegan or a vegetarian and I’ve had it for about 8 years), it is especially important for these groups to be aware of the symptoms and to eat fortified soy products, enriched yeast, and fortified breakfast cereals.

Symptoms?  Dizziness, paleness, shortness of breath without chest pain, migraine-like headaches (often accompanied by loss of vision, nausea, vomiting, and fainting), itchy or tingling tongue, nerve pain in hands, feet, face, hips, and ribs (feels like an electric shock, often travels from its place of origin), eye twitching, mouth sores, extreme fatigue, disorientation, memory loss, and listlessness.  If left untreated a B-12 deficiency can result in dementia, loss of vision, depression, muscle and nervous system decay, etc.

Where to go from here?  Even if you aren’t having these symptoms, you should demand that your doctor check your B-12 levels and tell you the exact number.  Anything below 400 is considered a borderline deficiency, and suggests that either you aren’t eating enough B-12 foods or that you are having a problem absorbing it.  In my experience, many doctors tend to dismiss symptoms such as nausea, nerve pain, shortness of breath, and fainting if a neurologist or a cardiologist clears them, and it’s important to take the initiative if something doesn’t feel right to you.  So go check those levels! 

images via Peta.org, Panix.com & thedailygreen.com

B AWARE. 24 Feb 2010



Although vitamin B-12 is considered to be one of the most important vitamins in your body, few people realize the dangers of a B-12 deficiency.

Why is it important?  The vitamin facilitates the creation of red blood cells and provides the nerve cells with a protective fatty coating.  Because our bodies do not naturally produce B-12, it can only be obtained through our diets. 

How do I know if I'm deficient? The blood test range for a normal B-12 level is 200-1000, but someone with a level below 400 is considered borderline B-12 deficient and may begin to exhibit symptoms.  However, many doctors overlook results that demonstrate this borderline deficiency because the patient does not usually realize that he or she is symptomatic. 

What causes the deficiency? B-12 is typically stored in the liver, and most people have a 3-5 month supply available in their bodies.  However, some people (like me) have trouble absorbing B-12 in the stomach and do not have any stored in the liver, thus creating the need for supplements and injections.  In more serious cases, the body lacks a protein called intrinsic factor, which is necessary for proper B-12 absorption, leading to the potentially fatal pernicious anemia.  This is more common in people over the age of 50.  Also, it should be noted that certain medications (like birth control) interfere with the absorption of B-12, be it through injections or through diet. 

Images via NYTimes.com, Fitsugar.com & FDA.gov

GET LITHE! 23 Feb 2010

Hot Legs

Wanna learn how to Lithe?  We have three Immersion courses starting in March:


Monday & Wednesday beginning on Monday, 3.8.10 at 8:00PM  

Tuesday & Thursday beginning on Tuesday, 3.16.10 at 8:15PM  

Northern Liberties:

Tuesday & Thursday beginning on Tuesday, 3.2.10 at 8:15PM  

If the Immersion classes don't work for you, you can opt to take our Lithe 101 class or a private session at your convenience. You can sign up and purchase online or call 215-545-5144 to register. 

Image of Lithe Instructors, Elizabeth Sturgis and Nicole Sewall via Dominic Episcopo.

SKINNY, SKINNY. 22 Feb 2010


You have to love a good Lithe Method Skinny Jeans class.  It's been a favorite and a Lithe Classic (and Best of Philly winner 06') since we opened back in 2006.  This morning, Kelly, Paula and Alyson allowed me to take some shots of them working their buns off at the barre.  Can you see them sweating?

TWO! 22 Feb 2010


Wow, does Lithe work or what?  Look at these ladies!  We have two spots left on our spring Lithe Escape to sunny Jamaica-The room is gorgeous and perfect for two girlfriends, two single lithers or one person who wants a room all to herself.  Liz and I are getting so excited!

GO ABEEGO! 19 Feb 2010


Now there's no excuse for not packing that lunch!  Not only are the cute, they are correct!  It's time to ditch the Ziplocs, lose the Saran, and make room for Abeego, an all-natural line of food storage products. The cheerful, reusable packaging is made of a hemp/cotton fabric infused with beeswax and plant extracts.  

Choose from wraps (versatile thirteen-by-fifteen inchers for sandwiches), snacks (cones that hold three-quarters of a cup of treats), and flats (six-, nine-, and twelve-inch squares to cover bowls). Each style has cute red, green, blue, or purple stitching and corresponding colored buttons and string for closing up.  The fluid-resistant coating keeps food fresh and is easy to clean with soap and cold water.  If only other messes were so easy to clean up. 

Available online at Abeego.ca 


Lauren in Scorpion

Hi Lauren, I've been taking classes at Lithe Rittenhouse since September (my usual line-up is Sculpt, Armistice, Skinny Jeans, and Waist Not 2-3 classes/wk).  I've definitely developed a more muscular physique and stronger core. The only downside I've noticed is that my new lower body muscles are making my pants a bit snug. Are there certain classes that I should take or avoid to combat the Kim Kardashian booty I'm growing? 

GOOD QUESTION!  Good news is, there is no one Lithe Method class, or combination of classes that will make your bum bigger.  About the muscle development: Its totally normal for lithers to get a little "bigger" at first when they do not modify their eating habits. You're building these beautiful, lean muscles, but there is still that layer of fat sitting on top of them.  I am super active and love to eat.  Even when I take the last 5 lbs off, I shrink a full dress size, and you can see every muscle in my body.

During the first 6 months of moderate lithing (2-3 classes a wk), your bod is going through a lot of changes.  Once you hit 4-6 months (without changing your diet), that layer of fat will start to burn off the muscle as your metabolism increases. 

Wanna speed things up?  Diet and frequency...And use those bands! We'd love to see you 4-6 times a week.  Regardless, there are big changes ahead : )

In the meantime, try to watch your diet and change your classes if you can.  It looks like you need some more cardio (our cardio comes in the form of dance and cheer) based classes if possible (think: High Mini, Higher Power, Fat Free, Waspie, Barlesque, Hot Legs & Split).  Now don't get me wrong, if you're working properly, you'll sweat your head off in a good Skinny Jeans or Sculpt, but they are our more sculpting-based workouts (and very necessary!). So, if you're doing you're doing a lot of our more sculpting-based classes every week, you need to switch it up! 

Image of Lauren Boggi  via Dominic Episcopo

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