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Hi Lauren,

I wanted to drop you note and say I felt great after todays class (Skinny Jeans) but I must admit I still feel like a weakling :-) This was my first class out of Immersion and was wondering if you could aide in some advice on the below:

- Push Ups- I am having a hard time doing regular push ups and making it through all the reps. In order to keep my wrists from hurting, I have been using weights and that helps. But do you recommend any "out of class" exercises I can do to get stronger and further make it through my reps? 

- Barre- This is the hardest for me. I am 100% committed to my classes and getting stronger.  But again, I am having problems getting through all the reps. I am pretty sure the obvious answer is to stick with it and I will get better over time. But was still wondering if there is anything extra I can do. I really want to get the most out of every workout.

My plan is to try to take a mix of 3 classes a week. This week I am scheduled for Skinny Jeans (Mon.), Thinny (Thurs.) and Cinch (Sat.) Do you think this is a good plan & line-up? Thanks, C. 

Hey C, 

Yep, you have to stick with it!  Commitment is number one-that's all it takes, really!  Sounds like you have that in the bag. First and foremost, your form looks great and that is what's most important.  The fact that you are feeling it and finding the workout really tough to get through means that you are doing things correctly.  Strength and stamina will come with a little time.  Give it two-three weeks and you'll feel your cardiovascular strength really increase...It's like magic : ) 

Doing regular push ups also takes time.  Try two or three on the toes and then drop to your knees.  Do the same for that second and third set.  Every week, add another two on the toes.  Within a month you'll have it.  I don't know a person out there who thinks push-ups are easy!  Don't give up though-they change your entire body!  I always notice that Lithers who go for push-ups on their toes look dramatically different than those who never get off their knees-They burn more calories and expend more energy in our classes due to the first heart-rate max-out in the beginning of class during the push-up sequence. 

As a beginner, your core isn't so strong so your wrists are taking the workload.  it will get better.  In the meantime, you can use weights, but I'm not a weight-holding lover. Lithers who rely on weights can never seem to get rid of them.  Have you ever tried wrist support gloves?  I like Wags.   I'd rather see you ditch the weights, build their strength and stop when you need to.  Give your wrists an opposing stretch by turning your palms up and placing the back of the hand on the floor. 

Same goes for our barre work.  Don't give up until you feel like you cannot do another rep.  Take your time. When you feel like you need to take it down a notch, take it out of stiletto and work flat-footed.  Stop and take a break when you need to (everyone takes breaks). 

I like that you're putting in three hours a week and I think that this combination of classes is good.  Skinny Jeans tackles everything and everyone needs cardio/barre work.  Thinny® will stretch you out, prevent soreness and really work on your range of motion.  Our band work is vital to developing the upper body and creating beautifully lean yet cut arms.  It really gets all those smaller, accessory muscles near the armpit (ask me, Krista or Bari to make a "T" for you and you'll see what I mean.  Or check out Krista in "T" above).  Cinch is so necessary for sculpting the abs, waist, bum and mid to lower back. 

You don't need to do anything outside of Lithe to become better at lithing (although extra push ups and stretching never hurts).  I'd also like to see you add a more intensive cardio class into your lineup when you're feeling stronger (Split, High Mini, Barlesque, Hot Legs, Higher Power®, Waspie, Twiggy). Just keep on keepin' on and try to change your classes every three weeks to get the most out of the method.  Thanks for writing in! 

Untouched out-take images of Lithe Instructor, Krista DeNofa utilizing Lithe's Higher Power® Band System, Lauren Boggi in push ups for Everlast , Lithe instructor Nicole Sewall in Attitude and Liz Cipolletti in Up Dog.


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