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It's Wendy on Wednesday! 

The food world can be very difficult to navigate, what with terms like “organic,” “all-natural,” “methane gas,” and “factory farm” being casually tossed around.  It can be hard to make health-conscious eating decisions when the various labels and terminology don’t make any sense to you.  Here are a few user-friendly, simplistic, and to the point websites that attempt to clarify this whole situation:

The Meatrix - check out the interactive 360 feature and the “learn about the issues” tab on the left.  

Sustainable Table - a comprehensive, much needed "dictionary" of all the food industry’s confusing terms. 

Eat Well Guide - This website provides you with a list of venues that operate using sustainable food within however many miles of your zip code.  For example, there are 3 caterers, 11 farmers, 17 restaurants, 39 farmers markets, 32 stores, and 5 bakers (including Capogiro!) within 20 miles of Philly. 

All these websites work in harmony with one another and will provide you with links to many blogs and other fun projects (like Meatless Mondays ) so be sure to take your time and explore what they have to offer! 

Images via the Meatrix, Healthy Monday & flickr via Sustainable Table.

PACK LIKE A PRO! 30 Mar 2010


Escaping with Lithe in May?  By the way, we still have 2 spots left...Perfect for two girlfriends, a mother and daughter or 2 singles!

Wondering what to bring?  You won't need much!  We're only there for 5 days and you'll be spending your days in a bathing suit, a cover up and exercise gear.  Leave your hairdryer at home-The Highland House is stocked with all you need!  No need to over-pack...Your laundry will be done for you : )  We wake, we eat, we lithe, we chill in the sun, we eat again, we chill, we lithe and then we eat again and then chill some more (it's heaven!).

You will need to bring:  Your passport, sunscreen, a yoga mat, bathing suits that you can lounge, swim & lithe in, sunglasses, sneakers, flip flops, a good book & cell phone charger if you're bringing your cell phone.

People are always shocked to learn that I'm a super light carry-on only packer.  How do I do it? 

1.  I start with a small suitcase-it instantly limits how much I can bring. 

2. I stick to basic colors: black, white & brown. 

3. PLAN a little. 

4. Every article of clothing should work with at least two outfits.  I love tunics which work as cover-ups, dresses, tops and nightgowns.  My daytime black tunics often work over leggings and then I can dress it up with some jewelery or a scarf at night. 

5.  I always bring one nice dress that packs well. 

6. Don't worry about what other people might be wearing/bringing. 

Images via MYKITA sunglasses, garancedore.fr, neutrogena.com, Lululemon.com, Current/Elliot Boyfriend shorts via net-a-porter.com, Lisa Marie Fernandez bikini and yoga mat via Unitedyogis.com

LITHE OVER 40. 30 Mar 2010


So many women contact us and say that they want to Lithe but feel that they are "too old" at 40+.  I may not be 40, but more than anything else, I want every woman to know that 40 is NOT "old" and Lithe is for every woman. It doesn't matter if you're 20, 30, 40 or 50+, Lithe will be completely effective regardless of your age, how busy you are or how many kids you have/have had. Lithe is so customizable. Don't want to jump?  Modify!

I had a little pow-pow with Lithe Instructors, Lithe clients and fellow moms, Carla Camerieri, Carrie Gero, Mary Boggi, Jenny Raphael, Colleen Kapczynski & Rosemary Raphael about age, the mom factor and fitness.  I listened. They agree that no matter how important your job as a mother and a wife is, you cannot lose yourself in the role. There are no excuses. You have to make time for you in order to be a better mom, wife, girlfriend, significant other, etc.  Here's what they had to say: 

What!? Too old to Lithe at 40? No way-40 is young. The more you lithe the more you will be able to have fun forever!    -Rosemary Raphael

It’s called ME TIME, and along the way you find out that it’s really family time because lithing benefits my whole family.  I am so less stressed; feel more confident, I have become healthier, stronger, and definitely see myself as a future fit hip healthy grandmother.  Believe me, I was very intimidated with exercising and there was no way I was walking into a gym at my age.  Lithe Method was the perfect solution. The instructors, encouragement from other lithers and the whole environment at Lithe Method makes you feel welcome from day one…you just know I belong here and I can do this.  Lithe is one of the best things I have ever done for myself and my family.  All you need to do is take a look in the mirror at the results and you will be hooked!    -Colleen Kapczynski

I am 40, have two sons, 6 and 3, am a full time mom and work part time as a freelance writer.  I am motivated because Lithe makes me look and feel ten years younger than I am, and I love that feeling. (I am on a family vacation now and all put out because I haven't had my weekly regimen of sumos and abs!) Even though hundreds of Lithe squats are hard and painful, its all worth it when you feel sexy in your body and in your clothes.  But It won't happen unless you make exercise a priority. Find holes in your schedule where exercise can fit. I schedule my work, appointments, etc around Lithe on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I also have a supportive spouse who helps me exercise on weekends by watching our boys. I make time for lithe while the boys are in school or with a babysitter.   -Jenny Raphael

For me, it's more a matter of necessity than it is a matter of motivation.  I know that not exercising will immediately affect my body and my mindset, and will affect my health shortly thereafter.  So it's high on my list of priorities simply because it has to be - just for me to maintain what I have and maybe hope for a little more.  I also know that regular workouts help me to maintain a positive self-image in the face of inevitable changes.  For women over 40 and beyond, I think it's not as much about appearance, as it is about strength, capability, and being comfortable with the person you are becoming, both inside and out.   -Lithe Instructor Carla Camerieri

In-studio shot of Colleen Kapczynski in pull-ups (yes, her forearms are real!). Images of Jenny Raphael in side-plank, Instructor Carla Camerieri & Mary Boggi via Dom.

BOOTY CALL! 29 Mar 2010


March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, so I think that this month is as good time a time as any to start talking and learning more about one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in the United States.

The idea of getting a colonoscopy scares a lot of people. I've talked to many whose reaction is: there is no way anyone is sticking a tube up my butt! Although the general recommendation is that people start getting colonoscopies at the age of 50, some people should start getting screened as young as 30, depending on their risk factors.  I think that most of us prefer to wait until 50, but knowing that colorectal cancer strikes an equal amount of women as it does men and is also one of the most easily prevented cancers if detected early -- well, that makes many people get their ass in gear, so to speak. 

What is it?  Colorectal cancer is cancer that develops in either the colon (the longest part of the long intestine) or the rectum (the part of the intestine that is closest to the anus). In most cases, colorectal cancer develops from precancerous, abnormal growths.

What are the risk factors?  A risk factor is anything that affects your chances of developing a disease. According to the American Cancer Society, researchers have identified several risk factors associated with colorectal cancer, including: age (more than ninety percent of people diagnosed with colorectal cancer are older than 50), personal or family history of colorectal polyps or colorectal cancer; personal history of inflammatory bowel disease, smoking, a diet that is high in red meat or processed meats, being overweight or obese, heavy alcohol consumption, physical inactivity, and Type 2 diabetes. 

Images via garancedore.fr, LIFE.com & Lithe Instructor, Tif Nork in Sweet Cheeks via Dom

FYI FROM AN MD. 29 Mar 2010


I feel so lucky to work with the wonderful, caring people in our medical community.  I love that they read and chime in on fithiphealthy.com. 

Hello Ms. Boggi,

It has been a true pleasure to read your blog filled with essential information about eating right and staying healthy. I personally enjoyed your most recent post about eating locally and supporting farmers who grow and offer nutritious food. Regarding healthy eating, I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that this year, approximately 140,000 people with be diagnosed with colorectal cancer and 56,000 people will die from this disease. Yet, it is a highly preventable and treatable disease if caught early and an estimated 40,000 or more lives could be saved through screening and early treatment. 

That is why as a colorectal surgeon I am writing to you to request that you consider writing a blog post on healthy eating tips to prevent colorectal cancer during Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month this March: to ensure your readers learn about what they can do to minimize their chances of getting this disease or, if they do get it, greatly increase their survival likelihood. Even though we are nearing the end of the month, I still believe that your readers will find this critical information informative in future months if you choose to publish it later. 

As a specialist in the screening, prevention and treatment of colorectal cancer, I see firsthand every day the needless suffering of patients who have waited too long to discover they have this disease ... and the benefits to patients who have been screened early and treated for it. I would be happy to speak with you about these experiences, and share my professional expertise on the current medical thinking on the best ways to prevent colorectal cancer via choosing certain foods.  I’ve often found that my patients appreciate and respond well to preventative medical education via the format of outlined steps. That being said, I’ve provided you with a list of 6 steps to lowering your risk of colorectal cancer.


Dr. Gary Siemons, MD, FACS, FASCRS 

Images via Mayoclinic.com, SJcolondocs.com & colonstars.org




1. Get regular colorectal cancer screenings beginning at age 50. If you have a personal or family history of colorectal cancer or colorectal polyps, or a personal history of another cancer or inflammatory bowel disease, talk to your doctor about earlier screening.

2. Eat between 25 to 30 grams of fiber each day from fruits, vegetables, whole grain bread and cereals, nuts and beans.

3. Eat a low-fat diet.

4. Eat foods with folate such as leafy green vegetables.

5. If you use alcohol, drink only in moderation. Alcohol and tobacco in combination are linked to colorectal cancer and other gastrointestinal cancers. If you use tobacco, quit. If you don’t use tobacco, don’t start.

6. Exercise for at least 20 minutes three to four days each week. Moderate exercise such as walking, gardening, or climbing steps may help reduce your risk. 

Images via Nutsforlife.com, Lauren Boggi in Around the World via Dom & Swiss.com.au


Lindsay at the Barre

Hi Lithe! 

I tried Lithe 101 for the first time on Wed. and I just loved it!  Krista is wonderful and so inspiring.  What a wonderful instructor!  The whole concept behind Lithe is really great--I think I'm hooked!  One question, as I was just reading through the site I noticed a blog post from July of 2009 requiring all beginners to take the Immersion class "no excuses."  Will the Immersion be offered at Ardmore? 

I took Lithe 101 and hope to continue w/ 101 but let me know if you think I should figure out a way to get to Immersion (or if this will be offered at Ardmore).  If 101 is ok, how many classes should I take before I can hop into the regular classes?  I'm sure it's frustrating for the experienced Lithers to get a beginner in a class so I certainly don't want to be "that girl".  :) Just let me know your thoughts.  Thanks so much! 

Kind regards,

Hi Carmen! 

We're so glad that you love it!  After your first 101 class, your instructor will most likely recommend that you take 1-2 (or more) 101 classes before jumping into regular classes and then you'll be good to go!  Sometimes, we clear people after one 101 class, but it's always beneficial to take at least two 101 classes if you cannot take the Immersion.

Unfortunately, we are currently not offering the Immersion out in Ardmore due to schedule conflicts with Dr. Bucky on Thursdays, but if you take 2-3 101 classes you'll be good to go!  Don't stress about that blog post--Last year we received a lot of press and we were overloaded with beginners who just wanted to bypass Immersion & 101 and jump right into regular band classes and it was a really, really big mess ;)  We had to set some rules.  Don't worry, if you're taking the 101, you're not "that girl"! 

Image of Lither, Lindsay Church at the barre (check out her results...She's been lithing steady for almost 3 years!) via Dominic Episcopo.

SBP. 26 Mar 2010


It may be slightly chilly in Philly today, but it's about to be SBP time!  Instructor, Carrie Gero recently coined the term Summer Bikini Panic.  I think that its about to hit.  It's not too early to start thinking about your bikini and your sweet bikini body.  Warmer weather brings skimpier clothes and more hours logged in at the studios.  You should show off your hard-earned Lithe body in a suit that you feel comfortable and confident in.

Here are some bikinis that I've had my eye on this week:  Matthew Williamson's snake print bikini, Milly's pretty in pink Antibes bikini, Tyler Rose's Ozone Baby & Tori Praver's Daisy top & Bottom, Kalani bottoms (the brazilan cut bottom with the ruched details up the middle make your bum look fantastic!) 

Images via Anna Wolf, Net-a-Porter.com, Tyler Rose & Tori Praver.

100 MILES. 25 Mar 2010


Find out quickly what kind of foods are "local" near you with the 100 Mile Diet.

LITHE "10" 24 Mar 2010


Here's to achieving your best you.  It's "10" time again! 

Have you been in a bad food, no Lithe state of mind?  Maybe you've been disorderly eating?  It's time to get clean up your act, get conscious and back on track right before bathing suit season, ladies.  We're here to help!  Here are our dates for the next Lithe "10".   

We're holding it at Northern Liberties on Tuesdays, Thursdays and on two Saturdays (free parking!). You can register online. The "10" is a pre-paid $300, 10 (75 minute per class) class program complete with a fantastic, flab-fighting Lithe meal plan. 

Below are our set dates (much like the Immersion course).  Lithers' who are not enrolled in the "10" will not be able to use an existing class card/unlimited monthly or "drop in" to Lithe "10" classes at a class card rate. 

Tuesday, April 6th at 6:55pm

Thursday, April 8th at 6:55pm

Saturday, April 10th at 11am

Tuesday, April 13th at 6:55pm

Thursday, April 15th at 6:55pm

Tuesday, April 20th at 6:55pm

Thursday, April 22nd at 6:55pm

Saturday, April 24th at 11am

Tuesday, April 27th at 6:55pm

Thursday, April 29th at 6:55pm

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