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YOU GLOW, GIRL! 30 Apr 2010


Hey Laur,
So, you already know how much I adore you and Lithe and so I feel compelled to tell you my story so you can share how AMAZING Lithe really is :-)  Obviously, I was addicted to Lithe for almost 2 years before I got pregnant back in July. My whole schedule revolved around making it to class! I was a faithful 4 times-a-weeker. I got pregnant and had to stop Lithing based on Doc's orders.

I had the most amazing pregnancy...and only gained 20 pounds. I was a little nervous about it at times, thinking I needed to gain a ton to have a healthy baby. Obviously that wasn't the case cause little Ari was born at a big 7lbs 9oz on April 18th.

By April 25th (yep, 1 week later!) I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans (without really watching my diet at all). All thanks to you!! I am 100% convinced that Lithe is the reason I feel and look so good. No one can believe that I had a baby only 9 days ago. My core was strong enough to hold a baby and bounce right back. I can't thank you enough for what you do and I can't wait to be back!!!  Emily 

Hey Em,

Thanks so much for sharing your story.  Amazing!  Ari is beautiful and you look fantastic-I knew you wouldn't "fall apart."  You worked so hard!  I hope that this gives all the Lithe mamas out there some hope to know that they can retain their shape and bounce right back if they stay strong and fit.  Can't wait to meet him and we'll see you in the studio soon! 

JAM SESSION. 30 Apr 2010


Having a mani/pedi today?  Brighten up, baby.  Check out Essie's neon orange, "Bright Tights" (wear this over white for a fresh look) & Butter London's 3 free, sheer Jelly shade in "Twee" and "Muggins" (not your mother's lilac).

Images via Essie.com & Butter London.

SKINNY MINI! 29 Apr 2010


Skinny Mini is a "Best of Lithe" workout. It's a a bit of a hybrid (A little Twiggy + High Mini + Skinny Jeans + Armistice weight work), yet It's our signature Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting® to a "T!"

We love it-not only for what it does for our arms and thighs, but because it makes us feel firmer, fitter, faster and-somehow-smarter : ).  Think of Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting as a girl's best friend:  loading and leaning leg muscles more, reducing female fat zones, stretching and lengthening muscles in a matter of 60 minutes. 

Image of Lauren Boggi via Dominic Episcopo



Ahh, it's Lithe Escape time again!  The Escape doesn't start until Tuesday, but I'm heading down to Montego Bay bright and early this morning.  Liz and I will be spending the next few days planning, preparing and partying at her pad in Treasure Beach. Stay tuned...I'll be posting live from Highland House all next week! 

Images via Highland House & Garancedore.fr

MAY SCHEDULES! 28 Apr 2010


Summer is just about here!  Check out these May schedules...New classes and fresh offerings at all three studios.   It's  the perfect time to Lithe! 

P.S.  We happen to love the energy of a super-full class, but if evening classes at Rittenhouse are too crowded for your liking (or if you're wait-listed), head on over to Lithe Northern Liberties...Same instructors, same great classes and FREE PARKING!  Don't drive?  Take the EL to Spring Garden Station...It's only a seven minute ride!

Download ArdmoreMay

Download LibertiesWalkMay

Download RittenhouseMay

Images via Kat Macleod

THE PERFECT T. 28 Apr 2010


It's Wendy on Wednesday!

I have lately discovered the holy grail of bras.  For many years, I have been forced to pass by beautiful racerback tops with nothing more than a wistful glance.  I lamented the fact that my disproportionately large breasts (dubbed ‘the mountains of madness’ by my smug mother) have prevented me from wearing many a regular t-shirt, let alone a racerback tank.  My dreams finally came true when I tried on Wacoal’s T-Back Underwire Bra in a classy Nordstrom’s dressing room. 

This bra is a revelation.  It clasps in front, separates and lifts, and provides so much support and comfort that you barely know you have it on.  I have also noticed a significant decrease in the visibility of my dreaded ‘back fat’ while wearing this bra.  It comes in black, toast, and white and ranges from a 34B-38DD.  I love it so much that I have taken to wearing it under everything, no racerback required.  For smaller ladies (oh how I envy you), Carla recommends Warner’s Elements of Bliss Racerback Bra.

Images via Miss Capricho & Wacoal

GET LITHE! 27 Apr 2010

Carrie in Abs

Wanna learn how to Lithe?  We have three Immersion courses starting in May:


Monday & Wednesday beginning on Monday, 5.3.10 at 8:00PM  

Tuesday & Thursday beginning on Tuesday, 5.18.10 at 8:15PM  

Northern Liberties:

Tuesday & Thursday beginning on Tuesday, 5.4.10 at 8:15PM  

If the Immersion classes don't work for you, you can opt to take our Lithe 101 class or a private session at your convenience. You can sign up and purchase online or call 215-545-5144 to register.  

Image of Lithe Instructor, Carrie Gero via Dominic Episcopo. 

CHIC MUSE. 26 Apr 2010


These two ladies rock.  Check out Vogue Nippon's vibrant/risk-taker Fashion Director, Anna Dello Russo (Yes, she does yoga in heels!) and actress, Cristina Hendricks.  Read what she had to say to Esquire Magazine.  i love her! 

Images via fashionista.comthe ripo sisters & annadellorusso.

WAIF-NOT. 23 Apr 2010


I'm not trying to beat a dead horse here but I'm so pro body diversity that I have to address some of the many wonderful  comments that I received after my "bulk" post.

I think that body image/building muscle/genetics are wonderful subjects and I hope this and all that is Lithe-related leaves you with a healthy, strong image of us as a brand and yourself, as a Lither. 

I believe that the fashion, beauty and fitness industries should think long and hard about the image that they are projecting on what female beauty should be and the impact that it has on women.  I know that I feel compelled to show a greater responsibility.  Thanks to everyone for the comments, feedback and thoughts on a very controversial subject(s)!

Lither, Lauren H. weighs in... on her blog, Lithe Life.

"I have always been a "serial weight trainer", working out with personal trainers in various gyms up and down the east coast, but I have never looked (or felt) as strong or toned as I did with Lithe. I guess I wouldn't be ranting about this had it not been for the fact that I just read your post about some girls talking about how they don't want to be "bulky" like some of the instructors, and this just really, really saddens me.  As women, we should be supporting, accepting and encouraging women of all shapes and sizes, not trying to conform to an "ideal" body type (or one that has been forced down our throats by the media).  I want to cry when I see Bari teaching our class so effortlessly, her beautifully strong legs doing the see-saw or 30 Liberties in a row like it's a stroll down Walnut Street.  I'd take her legs any day!  And, I've actually known Krista for a number of years now (before Lithe), and am in complete awe of how she has transformed her body through Lithe."

"I love, and have always loved, that Lithe is not a place where everyone looks the same.  Some instructors are tall, some are short, some narrow, some with hips, some younger, some older...it's a place where any body type can and should feel comfortable.  I digress...but I guess I'm particularly sensitive to these kinds of issues now that I have a baby girl.  I worry about what pressure she's going to be under when her genes start to kick in, because it's highly likely she's inherited my "child birthing hips", and my tendency to gain weight in my butt and thighs..."

"You know my build - I am a 5'1" former track & field athlete, with a naturally "stocky" build.  I first found Lithe before my wedding last summer and it was literally an "aha" moment - it was the first and only form of working out that I have ever found that keeps me bulk-free. When I Lithe, everything feels tighter and my clothes feel looser.  When I run (and I've been running for YEARS), my clothes really do fit more snugly.  I love running and don't think I'll ever give it up (love the high of racing, it's like nothing else out there for me), but Lithe is the most perfect compliment for me to keep myself from looking like a line-backer in heels."

"It's so amazing to work out there, because while ALL of the instructors have these absolutely ridiculous and amazing bodies, it's fascinating how DIFFERENT they all are. There are ballerina types and athlete types and cheerleader types and how it's cool, because you can see, if you work out there, how many different kinds of "in shape" there are -- and how anyone working out there can probably see themselves in one of them."

"Someone recently asked me after class if I skip out on the leg classes b/c I have skinnier legs.  I said "No, quite the opposite- I do tons of leg and butt classes and that's probably why my legs are skinny!" 

"People are nuts, Lauren.  I see them coming in with whipped cream-topped lattes and then complaining about bulk.  The only time I have ever worried about "bulking" is when I used to do a lot of spinning.  Never in Lithe!"

"What I would give to have Krista's stamina, Bari's flexibility, and your dance moves and strength. On a more personal note, I think that you guys are awesome women!"

"One of the things I tell prospective Lithe members when I talk about why they should join Lithe is that women who teach Lithe are all super fit and of different body types."

"I just wanted to shoot you an email about your blog post regarding the “bulky legs” comment some people made.  I heard something like that once before in the locker room and it really pissed me off.  I wanted to say something at the time but I probably should keep my big mouth closed and keep your locker room drama-free but it was hard." 

"This post made me sad! All of the instructors, regardless of body type, are confident and comfortable in their skin- I find it inspiring!! I’ve never had a strong body image, but it’s improving and I have Lithe and its instructors to thank!!'

"I come from a competitive track and cross country background so I saw more body dimorphic disorder than any teenage should have to see and had a male coach who would often say “a light runner is a fast runner”.  Ugh.  We aren’t teenagers anymore and when I heard similar comments, I was sad for them too." 

"You can’t get bulk without doing what someone who has bulk does which is lifts heavy weights and matches that with lots of food.  Anyone who knows anything about exercise knows that."

"I’m not saying I never had body issues but I would never make a negative comment about someone’s body especially one that was stronger and way more fit than me!  When I started at Lithe I envied Carla & Jackie’s strength during push-ups and was amazed how you and Tif could actually talk while doing Method abs when I was barely hanging in there."

"I have always been skeptical about female focused workouts because they seem to base success on thinness.  That new Tracy Anderson stuff is all the rage and she keeps saying stuff about getting a “tiny dancer body” and the word tiny makes me cringe.  I’m 5’9” so the only way she could make me “tiny” is to make me really thin.  I love how Lithe was and is NEVER like that." 

"I consider myself an LTL (Long Time Lither). Lithing, I think, 4 years or so.  My addiction to Lithe is not only the results but also the importance of individuality. Lithe has taught me to appreciate the body I have and through Lithe I can feel great and look the best I can.  

"I thank Lithe for my favorite physical attribute: my curvy butt because lets be honest, no guy likes a flat ass."

I find it encouraging and refreshing to see so many body types teaching and lithing. I think our Lithe Escape group in October was the epitome of who Lithers are- so diverse in both body types and life experiences.  And at the end of the day, I don't want anyone's body parts but my own!

"I hadn’t consciously picked up that you intentionally have instructors with different shapes as they’re all so fit, strong and toned. With that said, I know who I “aspire” to look like, having matched up my shape with this instructors early on!!!  The most important characteristic that all share is a positive and happy attitude."

"Keep up the great work and please do pass on to the girls and especially those mentioned how inspirational they truly are, especially to those of us who are too busy/shy to say."

"Some people think they can just show up for a few 60-min classes a week and will look like you, Krista, Bari, Carrie, etc.  You have to work during those 60 mins, not just be there!  And second, I actually think some people go overboard - running or spinning in the morning and then Lithe in the evening.  Did it ever occur to them that this might actually not be the best thing for the body?  Like everything else in life, achieving and maintaining a healthy body is all about balance.  Genetics + what you eat + what you "do" = your build.  There are NO exceptions to that formula - none!"

"I have struggled for years with my 'bulky' quads (no cute jeans fit me - ever!), and always envied girls with long, toned legs.  I literally have convinced myself at points in time that if I looked like that I'd be happier.  It's something I think so many women struggle with.  Would I like to be able to cute wear jean shorts all summer?  Yeah, but you know what?  When we get to sprints in High Mini - I think I leave a lot of other girls in the dust!  And that makes me pretty content..."


Illustration via garancedore.fr

SHE'S BACK! 22 Apr 2010


So many of you have been asking where Nicole has been.  As a Sr. Buyer for Anthropologie, she travels a TON.  She just got back from Tokyo, Hong Kong & Mainland China!  

Image of Lithe Instructor, Nicole Sewall via Dominic Episcopo & Illustrations via garancedore.fr & Rinzen.com

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