APRIL "10" 6 May 2010



Thinking about joining the June "10?"  We had an amazing April "10" group and they have written some great feedback: 

"Thanks for the mean plan!  I am loving "10" thus far and I am sure that my feelings will not change.  I had stopped Lithing back in October, when the Northern Libs studio was going to close and joined a gym.  I did classes for 6 months and was very unhappy, nothing compared to Lithing! After gaining 10 pounds (the holiday's were not kind) and feeling completely miserable, I broke my contract with the gym and returned to Lithing at the beginning of March.  The "10" was exactly what I needed to get back into my Lithe shape.  One of the best things about "10" is getting a try all the different type of classes that are offered at Lithe.  I can't say enough about the meal plan.  I never really incorporated Tofu into my diet, and now I love it.  The meal plan is really easy to put together, which is perfect for my "on the go" life.  I am not hungry and eating more vegetables then ever before." L

"So far, Lithe "10" has been amazing.  Do I look like I did back in '08?  Not quite.  Either the classes were "easier" then, or I was just a lot stronger, because it's been taking much more effort than I remember.  Two kids have wreaked havoc on my abs and energy level, but I am slowly but surely getting stronger.  And what a difference these two weeks have made on my running!  I can power through an 8-mile run and my quads don't feel quite as fatigued as they used to.  I also run "taller", if that makes sense.  And I think I'm getting faster...just in time for Broad Street!   The meal plan has been great. Easy to follow and tasty.  My husband even looked at it and said, "I would eat this stuff".  It has helped me cut out a lot of my snacking tendencies, and stay focused on foods that are going to fill me up and get me to the next meal." M

"Two words - spicy lemonade.  Obsessed.  Part of my daily routine now.  Must find spot on my balcony to grow a lemon tree...  I love, love, love 10!  It was exactly what I needed to kick-start the spring.  I'd fallen off the lithe-wagon about 3-4 weeks before 10 started, and I've never been a healthy eater.  In all honesty, I had to google how to boil an egg when you sent the first week meal plan.  So, that said, I started this process ready to see some results!  That said, I have followed the meal plan (almost) religiously and I cannot believe the difference in how I feel.  I'm also thoroughly pleased about the money I am saving not eating out for lunch (at least) five days a week and for dinner at least 3-4.  I didn't have much weight to lose (I'm about 5'6'', 120lbs) but I notice some serious changes in my body.  I sent you a question about cellulite a few months back and although it's not completely gone, I notice a major difference in how my legs look. Thank you, thank you, thank you for lithe and for 10...I really feel like this could be a permanent change in how I treat my body." K

"Considering this is my third "10" there should be no doubt that I absolutely love the program.  This time I'm being more disciplined about sticking with the eating plan.  I think the plan offers a lot of choices and I really love the Ezekiel bread.  Its fascinating and sort of creepy to see how long it lasts!  So far, I'm down about 3 pounds.  However, I probably don't represent the typical "10-er" because while I enjoy the benefits of weight loss, what has drawn me to the series is the intensity of the classes. 

I don't think I really understood what it meant to "Lithe" until I did my first "10".  Prior to that, I was one of those people that would try to double up on classes (shame!), which meant I was clearly not giving my best effort in class.   The intensity of the "10" classes taught me how to correct my own form and while I hate to be cliche, but it awakened the mind-body connection during classes.  The "10" taught me how to "Lithe" with purpose.  I finally understood what it meant to do a sumo squat while engaging the core and making sure the butt is squeezing the dime! I knew something had clicked when I took regular classes between "10s" and noticed that the workout was much more intense because my focus was heightened. 

I've definitely gotten stronger and I've used each "10" series to set new goals for myself--like getting through an entire series of seesaws in proper form or getting through all 30 lunges in stiletto.  I love a workout that makes me feel like I'm on the brink of passing out and also allows me to set tangible, personal goals.  Being a three-time "10-er" now, I finally understand what I need to bring to the workout to reap the wealth of benefits each experience provides.  Also, I loved the recent blog posts.  Krista was my first instructor during the Immersion and I remember one of my first thoughts was "I have to stick with this b/c I want those legs!  They're amazing!"  J



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Any thoughts on where and when the June 10 will be??

Hey S!  It will be on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in June.  Beginning the first Tuesday in June.  Well post the dates asap!

Is the 10 usually in Northern Liberties or do you do Rittenhouse too? What is the cost?

Hi A!  Yep, the 10 is always held at Nolibs due to lack of availability in the Rittenhouse schedule.   The cost is $300 for the classes and meal plan.

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