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HOT WHEELS. 3 May 2010


I am now guest blogging for Phildelphia Magazine's Be Well Philly blog!  After reading Self Magazine's May issue, I was inspired to spread the word on a much healthier way to get to work:

When the weather gets warmer, I find it’s much easier to like a healthier, active lifestyle beyond Lithe.  It all starts when I get out of bed and cut some fresh wheatgrass from my rooftop garden.  Then I jump to the kitchen, grab a cup of java, blend a fresh fruit smoothie, blog and watch the weather.  If it’s nice out I'll bike to the studio and beyond. I don’t even worry about my hair or what I’m wearing. 

You don’t have to be a fitness cyclist to love commuting by bike, and you don’t have to be fearless to navigate through Philly traffic.  Grab a helmet and choose a safe route-Self Magazine recommends checking out Google Maps which now shows bike routes and it can actually be a much more calming experience than taking the El, cabbing it or driving. Plus, you save big on gas, cab/train fare. 

Self Magazine and I recommend giving your wheels a spin in honor of National Bike Month. Commitmentphobe? Try it for one day:  May 21 is Bike-to-Work Day.  

Need some inspiration to get you excited?  Check out Riding Pretty (www.ridingpretty.blogspot.com) Copenhagen cylechic.com (Cyclechic.co.uk), Vanilla Bicycle (www.vanillabicycles.com)  & Dutchie Bikes (Dutchie.co.uk) 

Images via (Clockwise):  Copenhagencyclechic.com, Garancedore.fr for Celine, 13” Hot Dog Riding bag via Knog.com, Love/Hate leather riding gloves via Knog.com, Liberty of London bicycle for Target.com, Commuter #2, handmade by Portnad, Oregon’s Vanilla Bicycles, Sawako Furuno helmut & Brooks Hoxton Basket


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Btw, I ride a heavy cruiser, but if you're looking for something on the lighter side, check out a Track bike!

ohhhh, after seeing this i want to trade in my schwinn for one of those sweet vanilla bikes. i rode bikes to cantina yesterday and realized immersion's made my legs stronger. biking all around town is a breeze compared to class! yay for class 6 on thursday.

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