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I HEART WASPIE. 11 May 2010


Waspie is my favorite workout. When I created it, I knew I was really onto something big. I taught it as much as possible before my wedding and it completely whipped my waist (actually, my entire body) into wedding dress shape with the quickness.  I love what Lither, Melanie has to say about it!

Lithe Instructor, Paula Graff in Waspie Swivel Kicks via Dominic Episcopo.


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Love what Lauren H. wrote, perfect descriptions!

I wish you offered Waspie and Thinny at a later time for us workaholics:) pleeeease

Its coming!  : )

I'm so addicted! See you tonight, Carrie! :)

I was a faithful Waspier...every
Monday before my wedding, it did wonders! Can't wait to start again. I am 1 week post-op and making improvements each day. Miss you all!

Cannot wait to see you again!!

We miss you too!!!

Oh yes! I think I have a waspie addiction. I'm going to be away for 2 weeks and I know I'm going to miss it!

Hey there! This is Mister Lauren H., and I just need to say that when she showed me a couple of Waspie moves, I cried. Cried like a baby. I didn't even realize my hips had the potential to do that.

Now I can't stop doing hip pivots. It raises eyebrows in meetings, but do they know about Waspie?

Mr. Lauren H, you are hysterical!  Please come to Lithe?  We would LOVE to have you.  Harris comes on Tuesdays!

Mr. Lauren H- We would love to have you, and Harris would be sooo excited!!

Watching Harris's facial expressions when Carrie is putting us all through our paces is the best part of Wings!

My sentiments exactly!

Can't wait to see Mr. Lauren H make his first Lithe appearance

Not sure which facial expression you are referring to... Did it look like pain, total confusion or amazement at how my wife could do this with such ease when my arms are about to fall off????

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