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Images of Lithe Instructors, Paula Graff in Rockette Kicks on Lithe's Higher Power Band System & Nicole Sewall at the barre in Fabu-legs via Dominic Episcopo.  Photograph via The Navy Moon.

EATING LITHE. 29 Jun 2010


I receive so many emails re: Eating Lithe.  Follow me as I start posting my meals again...On Monday I made yummy sea bass, roasted leeks and Jersey corn on the cob, and last night I made coconut curried shrimp over brown rice with salad.  Looking for more inspiration?  Check out Lauren H's post.

BALANCE. 28 Jun 2010


We just ordered Om Girl's lovely fall collection.  Look for it next month!

LITHE IN THE BUFF. 24 Jun 2010


Yes, that's me (sun-kissed from the sweet Jamaican sun post-Lithe Escape).  Yes, I was 100% nude.  What was it like?  Super natural, quite freeing and very professional. I love that I have the opportunity to show women what they can achieve through Lithe and what being fit and healthy looks like-and it's not always "skinny."   Check out Philly's fittest in the July issue of Philadelphia Magazine.

Image of  Lauren Boggi via Philadelphia Magazine/Nic D'Amico.

THIS WEEKEND. 24 Jun 2010


Wondering what to wear and do?  Tie Dye, plant seed bombs, dance {via campcomfort.com}, take a stroll on the beach in a beautiful bikini and pretty Ikat printed Keds.

KELLY SIMS. 23 Jun 2010


No, that's not Kelly, but we think that she looks a bit like Jewel! 

From:  Born in Louisville, Kentucky/raised in Indiana (and a few other places!).

Favorite City: Philly for now, but she loves Tokyo too! 

Enjoys: Riding bikes, photography, visiting new places, hiking, dogs, eating delicious food (the food scene is at the top of her list whenever she travels), strawberries and rhubarb pie, checking out flea and farmer's markets, going to shows, people-watching, attempting to cook, and Lithing, of course. 

Favorite Lithe Exercise: Bananas in Sweet Cheeks! 

Other Job: A student-just starting pre-reqs for Nursing at Penn.  Kelly is also a Neuropsychometrist at Jefferson.

How'd she land a spot on the Lithe team?  Kelly started Lithing two years ago.  She started with private sessions because she was so concerned with "getting it right."  She is  devoted, determined, intense, athletic, driven, she has amazing form and she loves to push herself to the limit at the barre.  She's always at the studio at 7am ready to roll and whenever I see her in class, she is working as hard as she possibly can.  Actually, I can judge how tough my classes are just by looking at her.  Kelly is my barometer...if her face is red and she is sweating, I know that I'm doing my job!

What you wouldn't know just by looking at her:  Yes, her platinum blonde hair is natural, She is 26 and has a younger sister, Lauren.  She was born in Kentucky and although she wasn't a "army brat," she moved around about every two years - living all kinds of places from the mid-west, to the west coast, and even in Japan, until she settled in Philly for college in 2002.  She studied Photography at Tyler, She can speak Japanese, used to be an intern at Philly STYLE and loves Japanese and Mexican food.

Image via People.com

NEW GEAR! 22 Jun 2010


Yes, our studio bags have arrived!  What's new for July?  Look out for Foat Design and Lithe Method Girly T's by American Apparel.  Show your Lithe pride!

GETTING BACK. 21 Jun 2010


I just read Lauren H's Reimmersion post.  It's pretty funny and inspiring and it brought me right back to how I was feeling after my wedding.  There's nothing like a good long break to bring you right back to where you started.  It's funny how quickly we lose strength and how much we can feel it-getting back into the studio is never easy.  Don't you wish that you could feel how quickly you gain strength? 

It's all about getting back on that horse.  Many of us cannot keep a 3-6 day a week Lithe schedule for months and months.  Especially during the summer when we need it most-the pool, the shore, summer getaways and tempting al fresco dinners take priority.  It's a new season and summer is officially here.  It's time to commit to your routine and be healthy.  I know that I'm inspired! 

Images via Cecilia Carlstedt,The Anthropologist, Lithe Instructor, Krista DeNofa on Lithe's Higher Power band system & Lauren Boggi for Everlast via Dominic Episcopo.

FIVE THINGS. 21 Jun 2010


Check out my latest blog post for Philadelphia Magazine's Be Well Philly blog.  Oh, and if you guys haven't checked out their Facebook page, do so asap.  Just by "liking" Be Well or following them on Twitter, you'll enter to win $100 to REI!   I know that many of you have been wanting those heart rate monitors-this is a good opportunity! 

Images of Lauren Boggi for Everlast via Dominic Episcopo, Be Well Philly &  itlooksgoodtome.com.




Just wanted to send a quick note.  I am in the middle of "10" right now and I wanted to say thanks so much for offering a program like this.  I finally understand what you have been preaching about diet being so important...I already feel healthier than I have in a long time!  Also, Bari, Anne and Krista are so great. The "10" classes are super fun and challenging . Hope you are well! NG

Dear Lauren,

I wanted to send a belated letter of thanks to you for creating Lithe--belated because I've been meaning to send it for a really long time. :)  I recently moved to Boston from Philadelphia--my fiance is starting his med internship at a hospital right outside the city, and I'm going to be starting my MBA here in August. Now that I've officially been away from Lithe for a full two to three weeks, I can honestly and wholeheartedly say that your studio will be THE thing that I remember about my Philadelphia years. This was something I suspected might happen as I started packing, and so as a farewell to the City of Brotherly Love I took my last class on the morning of my move. I actually had to hold tears back--I never thought I'd feel this way about the place I work out. It's ridiculous, and kind of awesome.

So a lot of my words of love for Lithe and you aren't going to be too far off from other messages I've read on your blog: Lithe changed the way I work out, I love all the instructors, I love the challenge and variety in all the classes, and--most importantly--I LOVE the way Lithe made me feel after each tough session. I yelped about it, I told everyone who was looking for a gym, and I even talked to people who weren't looking for a gym about it. Seriously, a workout this revolutionary deserves attention. I also tried a variety of classes as I was preparing to leave, with the hopes that I would be able to remember them and do them in my apartment!

But now that I'm in Boston, I find myself in a pickle. How am I going to get my Lithe fix? I've yelped for other gyms in the area to find something similar (I scoured Yelp to find Lithe when I first moved to Philly, and it worked out great...). So I thought about three ways I can ask for your help:

1. Obviously I won't ever find the same thing, but might you know of any gyms in the area?

2. I was also thinking about connecting with other former Lithers in the Boston area to see if they might be in search of a workout buddy. I've been lithing by myself at home and doing hotstepper outside at a nearby reservoir. But I would appreciate the company (and the motivation to push harder) if you can think of or know anyone else who's in Boston and might be interested.

3. Do you have anything available in the form of an exercise list/YouTube vid/DVD? I got the Bar Method DVDs awhile back, but it's really not the same. I can't be the only Lithe addict who's moved away from Philly! In summary, I love Lithe, and miss you, all the instructors, and the classes terribly! Now, when are you opening a Boston studio??  KC

Images of Lithe Instructor, Elizabeth Sturgis in Hot Legs & love letters via A Cup of Jo.

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