LITHE BRIDE. 15 Jul 2010


"Hi Lauren, Bari, Carrie, and everyone else at Lithe-Here's one more love letter from another super-happy, super-fit Lithe bride! 

I grew up playing soccer and tennis fanatically, but after college I tore both my ACLs, one after the other, resulting in three knee surgeries.  I'd done some yoga, aerobics, and spinning since then, but I hadn't really pushed myself physically for years--until Lithe.  When I started Immersion in March, I was in relatively good shape from going to the gym five times a week, but I was still amazed by how difficult some of the non-immersion classes were (hello, High Mini!).  What I love most about Lithe is even when you're in great shape and have been practicing for months, the instructors are always creating new ways to challenge you-the classes became easier as I got stronger, but they were certainly never "easy." 

By the month before my June 5th wedding, I was Lithing at least six times per week (and doing every set of lunges/sumos/curtsies in stiletto!).  I've always been insecure about my arms and abs, but after many classes of Wings, Super-fly, Waist Not, and Cinch, I was so excited to show off my new, toned body--now 30 lbs. lighter and several inches smaller. 

I packed up my wedding dress and six new bikinis and headed to the Caribbean to get married at the location of my dreams, St. John in the US Virgin Islands.   It was such a fabulous, unforgettable week.  Of course the best part was marrying the man I love, but getting a million compliments about how great I looked was right up there, too!  I also loved the confidence that came with my new body.  It was the first time in a long time that I didn't have to feel insecure when I took off my cover-up.  Instead, I could just relax and enjoy the gorgeous beaches and the company of my family and friends."   KC

Images of Karen & Jason via photographer, Amanda Julca.


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Karen, you looked stunning!I loved being a part of your wedding in St. John, and I love how we can now add lithing to the list of things we share as friends. Love, Alison


You look aboslutely beautiful. Love the 3rd pic down of you and your husband, it is gorgeous and you guys look so happy! Best wishes and congrats!


Karen, you look incredible and you certainly worked hard for your results. I love that you "trashed the dress" : ) I trashed mine too!

Thanks guys! The sand picture is fun because we did it immediately after the ceremony... I just plopped down and was like, "Let's shoot pictures of us laying in the sand!"

I love the pictures, Karen, you look amazing AND happy!!! CONGRATS!!!!

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