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I am a Wharton MBA student and I had lived in Philly for almost two years before I discovered Lithe.  I was doing a team project for one of my classes on Lululemon and my teammates told me about a new class they'd been taking called Lithe Method and how much they loved it.  And since they were looking so fabulous I was intrigued so I asked them more about it.

I went onto the Lithe website and started reading and got more excited about it.  I decided that I was going to give it a go after I came back from spring break, so I signed up for the Lithe Immersion class, which is an intro to all things Lithe, including breathing and how to properly do the movements.  The class meets twice a week for three weeks.  Upon completion of the class you can jump right into the full suite of Lithe classes.

I will forever remember March 16, 2010, the date I went to my first Immersion class.  There were about 10 other ladies (and one brave guy) in the class.  From the beginning, our instructor put us right at ease and talked us through what we were about to do.  We learned the breathing techniques and started learning moves.

Let me tell you the day after the first class, I was sore in places I didn't know I could be sore in.  But it was that good kind of sore, a sore I hadn't felt since I was a year round athlete in high school.  The kind of sore you feel when you know you've pushed your body to its limit and the kind of sore that makes you want more.

Needless to say, I was hooked from the first class.  I'm the kind of person who loves the feeling of being in shape, but hates working out.  That's why I loved playing sports so much because I loved game day.  However, once college and life hit, I got lazier and lazier.  I mean, take moving to Philly for instance.  I signed up the second day I moved here at the Rittenhouse Square Gym and went diligently for two weeks and then after the 2nd day of pre-term never went again.  Lithe has been different.  I have literally since March 16th only missed two classes, once because I came down with a really bad cold and the other because I overslept (hey, it was a 7am class; I should have known better anyway!).

But what has kept me going is the results.  I can literally feel that my body is tightening and more toned.  I make all my friends feel my stomach and how firm it's gotten.  Seriously, it's like I've become some apostle of Lithe.  Everyone I send there also becomes hooked.  Post my Immersion, they give you a one month unlimited pass for a special rate of $125.  I bought this and used it as much as I could to get the most of the money.  I went to 21 classes in 30 days and I can see the results and feel more confident about putting on a bathing suit in a couple of weeks for our graduation trip to South Beach.

My only regret is that I didn't discover Lithe sooner.  I can only imagine how great I could have looked and felt over the course of these two years had I known sooner!  I'm hoping Lauren brings it to NYC so I can keep doing Lithe when I move back there this summer.

So I'm spilling the secret to you ladies of Penn and Wharton.  Try Lithe and I'm telling you, you won't be sorry!

P.S.  I strongly recommend not jumping right into classes but taking the full Immersion class.  If you jump right in, you might get discouraged because the moves can be really hard.  You don't want to quit after one class so ease your way into it and gradually build up to the hard stuff. 

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As a fellow March 2010 immersion graduate (and post-grad Lithe devotee), I co-sign everything said here. Especially the part about NYC, since I'll be moving there next year and I am dreading the thought of losing Lithe!

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