From:  West Chester, PA

Favorite City:  Rome, Italy (she took a hiatus from her Philly job/life to move there 3 years ago ... Now she speaks Italian, and always loves going back to visit her "second home")

Enjoys:  Lithing, tennis, rhythmic gymnastics, dancing, documentary films, espresso, fresh/local fruit & veggies (especially honeycrisp apples & brussels sprouts), seafood (she's a pescatarian), travel (especially to Europe and any tropical/beach destination), anthropology, linguistics, nutrition, anything Italian, and spending time with her family and  shih tzu, Chloe

Favorite Lithe Exercise: See-Saw (perfect combo of strength and flexibility!)

Other Job:  Ethnographer/Researcher for a design consulting firm focused on the healthcare/medical device industry. She travels around the world observing and interviewing physicians in their element. 

How'd she land a spot on the Lithe team?  As soon as I met Melissa, I knew she would make a perfect instructor.  Besides having a professional athletic background, flexibility and strength like no other, the girl has passion!  She's fun, inspiring, positive, beautiful inside and out, super-friendly and she really shines when she Lithes. Melissa loves to move and she grew up in the gym, so keeping active is like second nature to her (she swears she gets withdrawal symptoms after just one day off!).  I cannot wait until you all catch her skills with the ball, hoop and bands!   

What you wouldn't know just by looking at her:  She's 27, 5' 7", she started artistic gymnastics at the age of two and continued for 12 years (up to level 9), then her coach convinced her to switch over to rhythmic gymnastics because of her flexibility/dance skills.  She graduated with a BA in Anthropology from UPenn in '05 and has been living in Center City ever since. She currently coaches/teaches & choreographs for Penn Club Gymnastics, She was in the Junior Olympics during high school and she is allergic to corn.
Image of Lithe Instructor, Melissa Weinberg via Dominic Episcopo


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Congrats Melissa! You will be such an asset to Lithe! Whoa flexibility:)!!!!!!!

Yay melissa!! You will be a wonderful instructor! Can't wait to take your classes!!!

Congrats Meliss! So happy to have you joining us.

Finally! I can't wait to take your class!!!


Congrats Melissa! Please turn me into Gumby like you!!

Yay Melissa! So great to have you as a part of the team!

Congrats Melis!

So excited for your classes!!

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