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CARRIE IN PHILLY'S TOP 10. 31 Jan 2011


A fantastic instructor can really transform your workout.  Lithers have been flocking to Lithe Instructor, Carrie Gero's wait-listed classes for years. She has the ability to push you to the limit, personalize and punish with a smile.  Check her out in the February issue of Philadelphia Magazine. This particular issue is amazing...You've come a long way Philly! We're thrilled to be a part of it!  

Image of Lithe Instructor, Carrie Gero via Philadelphia Magazine.

KITCHEN TOOLS 101. 31 Jan 2011


A fellow lither told me that she loved my simple cooking tips, particularly since she only owned two pots. Her comment transported me back to my apartment and my life circa 2004 when I first moved to Philadelphia. I had dishes, tons of boxed food, lettuce plus a lingering depression and 30 pounds to lose. What I didn’t have was even the most basic cooking tools— not even two pots.

Fortunately, I soon learned that preparing my own food was crucial to my mood and my weight. Now, seven years later as a much more experienced cook, my first and most basic kitchen tools, are still my most useful. For under $100 you can assemble a basic tool kit that will make cooking and improving your health, easier and more enjoyable.

1. One good knife. Hold it before buying, the weight and handle should feel comfortable in your hands. At least 6-8 inches will be able to handle a variety of tasks from large to small vegetables, meat and herbs. I prefer Wusthof, with full tang blades.  ($30-$100)

2. Bamboo cutting board. Bamboo is sustainable, affordable and better for the blades of your knives and preventing bacterial growth than a plastic cutting board. ($2-10)

3. Basic steamer. The easiest way to prepare vegetables, frozen or fresh, is to steam them for 5-10 minutes and serve with a splash of olive oil and salt.  ($2-$5 for one that fits into an existing pot)

4. Glass Ball Jars. These provide non-toxic, economical storage for a variety of dishes from dry staples such as nuts and beans to soups, stews and veggies with a minimal footprint in your fridge. They also allow you to clearly see leftovers and available ingredients ($10, approx. for a dozen of a variety of sizes, available at Rittenhouse Hardware)

5. 1 good pot & 1 good pan (stainless steel or cast iron, not non-stick!). I prefer All-Clad stainless steel because they are non-toxic, heat evenly and last a lifetime. ($20-$100 each)

These tools, and the simple cooking they facilitated, changed my moods more than anti-depressants. They have also been the most dramatic weight loss tool in my own wellness exploration. For more on basic cooking tools please see my NBC segment: Kitchen Tools for Healthier Eating.

For a more in-depth look at integrating cooking with real foods into your diet, check out my Truce with Food Program. In five weeks you’ll dramatically overhaul your diet and transform your relationship with food. This is a great way to flush out winter and be excited for the short sleeves and skirts of spring with your new found energy and waist. It’s like the Lithe Immersion for your diet.

Don’t procrastinate, early bird pricing ends February 7 and spots for this program go quickly!

Ali Shapiro is a regular NBC 10! Show contributor and works with individuals and groups to show them how to design their food and life to experience waitless living™. To sign-up for her newsletter, click here..

Images via Ali Shapiro & Google





Happy Friday!  This week we're giving away a 5 Class Card!  Perfect for a Lithe newbie or veteran ($95 value).  For a chance to win, please visit our Facebook page, "Like us" and then leave a comment at the post.  A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow and the winner will be announced on Monday!  Good luck! 

Images of Lithe Instructors, Lauren Boggi and Krista DeNofa via Dominic Episcopo.

GET LITHE! 27 Jan 2011

Lauren Boggi in barre abs


Wanna learn how to Lithe?  We have a few spots left in our February Immersion courses: 

Rittenhouse:  Monday & Wednesday (begins on Monday), 2.7.11 at 8:00PM

Northern Liberties:  Tuesday & Thursday (begins on Tuesday), 2.8.11 at 8:15PM

If our Immersion classes don't work for you, you can opt to take our Lithe 101 classes or a private session at your convenience. You can sign up and purchase online or call 215-545-5144 to register.  

Image of Lauren Boggi in barre abs via Dominic Episcopo.


DR. BUCKY VIP! 27 Jan 2011

Dr. Bucky VIP



Here's one of my favorites!  I think that you will like this one.  I drink this smoothie on the days that I'm sweating it out in the lab or teaching at 6AM.  This smoothie is not only a disease fighter and fat burner, but it will energize and keep you full for a LONG TIME.  Cut back to 1 tablespoon of avocado if you're planning on eating lunch at before noon (you can also substitute banana for the avo) but don't nix it completely...We need good, healthy fats in our diet!

Scientists have found berries have some of the highest antioxidant levels of any fresh fruits, and kale and spinach are the only vegetables with antioxidant values as high as fresh berries.  

Blackberries and  Blueberries are powerful: They are cancer fighters, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, they help improve and preserve your eyesight, keep your memory sharp, promote urinary tract health, help with digestion and constipation, they are anti-aging & help aid in reducing belly fat.  

Images of Lauren Boggi in the kitchen via Canon EOS Rebel.

ELIZABETH & GRACE. 26 Jan 2011



Congratulations, Elizabeth!  She is beautiful!

SCARED, MAMA? 25 Jan 2011



I love reading articles like this.  Thank you, Fit Pregnancy.  So many of you have been asking me how Lithe has helped me during my pregnancy thus far.  I have to say that I've kept my routine the same and I feel fantastic.  Most days I forget that I'm pregnant until someone asks me how I feel.  I had a few tired days in the beginning, but I pushed through, got my butt to the studio and felt better immediately. All it took was a bit a lot of motivation...and ginger chews.

Many women fear Lithe and other moderate to high-intensity exercise during pregnancy. I've experienced this fear already. I've had people ask me if I'm "okay" or if I "should be" teaching High Mini (Yes, I'm fine and my OB and I both agree that it's good for me and the baby).  We've seen people stare at Tif with their jaws dropped as she leads Hot-steppers out of the studio with her belly on Saturdays.  Lithe is safe (yes, even our cardio-based classes) throughout a normal pregnancy with our prenatal modifications.  

You should always listen to your body, but there are no rules to what Lithe classes that you can, or should take during your pregnancy (rebounding is off-limits!).  I've watched some of you go to 40 weeks, powering through our mat-based classes and some keep it strictly standing from week 16.  As you reach your 3rd trimester and your belly becomes bigger, most mamas find that our mat-based classes like Floored, Melt, Thinny & A-List Abs become pretty impossible and quite uncomfortable.  Choose classes with minimal to no mat-work for the most comfort and breathablity: Wings, Skinny Mini, Sleeveless (modify cardio with light weights), Thigh High, Twiggy, Split, Waspie, Sweet Cheeks, Hipster, Hot Legs, Higher Power & Hot-stepper. 

Now that I'm expecting, the press wants to know if there's a pre-natal program in the works.  I don't plan on taking Lithe down a notch and creating a Lithe pre-natal program. It would be like taking the Lithe out of Lithe-I feel that we should leave that to pre-natal yoga (and we should do pre-natal yoga!). I strongly feel that we can workout the way that we always have at Lithe (with modifications) throughout pregnancy and then jump right back into Lithe after we deliver...and plenty of us do!  

The trick to staying Lithe throughout your term is to Lithe throughout your term. We do have a few "rules." We don't like seeing women who haven't been in the studio for months jump back into Lithe during their second trimester.  If you do, we require you to take many Lithe 101's so that you don't shock your body. Three months is a long break and your body will be back to square one.  With that said, Lithe is NOT a program that you want to start during pregnancy as a newbie, although it is perfect for anyone who has been Lithing regularly (2+ times per week) prior to becoming pregnant.  If you want to continue Lithing, you CAN do it- and you can do it until the very end!  The results are beyond amazing.  

Images via February issue of Fit Pregnancy & Lither, Dawn Troccoli Episcopo at 6 months via Dominic Episcopo.



On Friday, Chef Kim dropped off some of our latest Lithe Foods™ samples and I spent the weekend taste testing...YUM!  We're working hard and things are moving right along-We're getting closer to having these delicious, healthy, Lithe-friendly dishes at the studios and in your hands!  

Images via Lauren's Canon EOS Rebel

KRISTA'S TIPS! 24 Jan 2011


Full-time Lithe Instructor, Krista DeNofa has more energy than anyone I know (other than myself).  She shares her tips:

Sleep! I have NEVER pretended to be a night owl:) I hit my bed between 9:30 - 10:00PM to make sure I'm getting a good 7-8 hours of sleep/night. When morning comes, hitting the snooze bar is not an option, that 5 or 10 extra minutes isn't going to do anything for me (other than letting me lie anxiously in bed counting down the minutes until the alarm goes off again). Plus, who wants to hear that horrible alarm sound again?

Move it! A body in motion stays in motion & a body at rest stays at rest...I'm a big believer!  I'll admit, sometimes if I'm feeling a little tired etc, I'll think to myself 'how am I going to get through this class?' but 2 minutes in & my entire attitude changes-I feel incredibly happy (endorphins) & my body begins craving movement! Lithing gives me that sustained energy I need on a daily basis.

If your exercise routine has fallen by the wayside, it's very easy for your body to become accustomed to not moving. Before you know it you're feeling tired, lazy, and unmotivated. To combat this, slowly start adding in physical activities to your daily routine.  You will not only feel better (mentally and physically), you will also be more productive! 

Food! There is nothing that I completely 'ban' from my diet (actually I take that back, I do ban soda), however, I do eat healthfully as much as possible and think it's very important for keeping up my high energy levels.  I like to stick to foods that are closest to their original state, I try my best to stay away from processed foods (artificial ingredients & high sodium levels).  

I love cooking and even more than that I love knowing what I'm putting into the dishes that I create. Cooking is a great way to learn about different foods and their nutrients. If you really chart and pay attention to what you are putting in you will see a direct correlation as to how you feel (ie. energy, mood). 

Mind Games! As Lauren will attest, I always give myself a 30 sec pep talk before a class or before another physical activity I might be doing. I tell myself I only have 60 minutes to release all of this pent up energy! I basically convince my body that I have superhuman strength & my body responds accordingly-it hasn't let me down yet! 


Image of Lithe Instructor, Krista DeNofa via Dominic Episcopo.


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