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April’s a big month for Lithe Method. Our long awaited Old City location will be humming with classes, Lithe Foods will be debuting mid-month, and the spring edition of the Fitness Challenge begins on the 4th. So when Lither Sayeh Hormozi came to me hoping for a life-changing project of her own, we put our heads together and came up with a fantastic idea which we hope will inspire new and veteran Lithe devotees alike.

Starting Monday, Sayeh (rhymes with Maya) will be taking the Spring Fitness Challenge, eating only Lithe Foods five days a week for the entire month, and blogging about it for Fit Hip Healthy. 

A professional blogger for the National Constitution Center, where she works as Senior Manager for Civic and International Engagement (she went to Afghanistan last May), Sayeh’s column, Lithe Diving, will chronicle her total plunge into the Lithe lifestyle.

Lithe Diving will debut next Tuesday and Fit Hip Healthy readers can look forward to a bi-weekly column  written with the laugh-out-loud wit and insight for which her Constitution Daily blog followers have come to love her. Sayeh will share not only her ruminations on life, fitness and pop culture but also photographs and measurements of herself so all Lithers can watch her progress throughout the month.

Stay tuned! 

Image of Lither, Sayeh Hormozi via Sayeh.



Locker number

Hey Old City Lithers!  Guess what?  We will have lockers within the next two weeks!  How will you use them?  Well, you'll see 60 lockers in the locker room-each with a big, round key chain and a number just like the one above (no personal locks allowed).  Prior to each class, you'll choose your locker, stow your belongings, lock your locker and take your key to the class room with you and hang it up at our locker key rack. 

Remember your number because after class, you'll grab your key, remove your belongings and leave the key back in the locker for the next Lither.  We'll be installing lockers and the same system at Lithe Rittenhouse soon!

WE ♥ ARDMORE. 31 Mar 2011

  Krista DeNofa

As some of you may know, our Ardy lease was up this March and I made the difficult decision to close our little Ardmore studio at Dr. Bucky's office and not open another Mainline location until after I have my baby.  As much as I hate to admit it, I have too much on my plate right now to open another studio until fall 2011.

We've out-grown our Ardmore home and until we find our forever home on the Mainline (which I promise I will do post-baby), I want to thank everyone who has been involved with Lithe Ardmore over the past two years:  My incredible instructors, the gracious Dr. Bucky and his staff and our faithful, dedicated Lithers. 

Yesterday, the Ardmore morning crew sent me this incredible poem and I had to share it with all of you. It will make you laugh...it made me cry.  I've always known that Lithe is very special, but when I imagine no Lithe in my life, it really hurts.  We empathise with you all!  So, lets welcome all the lovely Mainline Lithers into Lithe's Center City studios and make them feel at home. We love you all!  Thank you for your dedication, hard work and friendship.

A few of us faithful Lithers out here in Ardmore recited a poem in between classes this morning to acknowledge our last day doing Lithe in the 'burbs and the great impact your program and people have had on our lives.  It's a poem of thanks and gratitude, with a little sense of humor thrown in for fun.  While we have loved each and every instructor that has worked with us at the Ardmore Studio, we dedicated this poem to the instructor we have spent most of our mornings with...Krista.

Before Lithe, before Krista
We were nothing
It's sad
But it's true.

We wandered the Main Line
Each and every morning
With not much to do.

Our bottoms were droopy
Our arms wobbled free
Our stamina was low
Our bodies in depressing atrophy.

Until the bright day
When Lithe entered our lives
With Krista's performance
We became committed to exercise.

We've worked on our method abs, our curtsies, and sumos
Liberties in stiletto, even splits, and dreaded plyos
To call it tough--well that's an understatement
Though there was sweat and some tears, to Lithe we always went.

Our bodies were sore,
In a good way, not bad
We could see quite a difference
This Lithe Method had made.

We have loved coming to Lithe
A tight Ardy crew we've become
Making friends, fitness committed
Working out, each day craving some.

Oh, Krista, we will miss you
We thank you so much
For teaching us moves
And whipping our butts.

Please come back to the Main Line real soon
Because without Lithe in our lives
We're scared we'll balloon.
We are committed to Lithe
And CANNOT live without
Missing Skinny Jeans and Short Shorts
Will make us all pout.

The idea of no more Lithe
Is too sad to consider
We've become an odd family
And Krista, you're like a sister.

Headed to Rehab
Lithe Withdrawal--it might be quite serious
There's talk of TRX, ballet, and boot camp
To be honest, it all sounds scary and mysterious.

Can't wait for the new studio
A beauty it's sure to be
We Lithers, we'll reunite
And be as happy as can be!

Three cheers for our Krista
Fit, hip and healthy--all three
Our model, our teacher
Our Lithe guru she'll always be!

Thanks so much for making exercise a fun, challenging, and enjoyable part of our everyday lives.  We will miss you terribly!
Ardmore Lithe 
Image of Lithe Instructor, Krista DeNofa via Dom.



From: Little Egg Harbor, NJ

Favorite City: New York City
Enjoys: Art, Lithing, reading, visiting new cities, eating at fantastic restaurants, going to the shore in the summer, gallery and museum hopping, hanging out with my son Miles, spending time with family and friends. 
Favorite Lithe Exercise: Thinny Clockwork
Other Job: Fine artist. I just finished teaching with the Mural Arts Program after two years and am going back to school for my MFA in painting.  I graduated from Moore College of Art and Design in 2008 with a degree in Fine Arts and a minor in Art History. I've been represented by Projects Gallery in Northern Liberties for two and a half years now. They participate in art fairs all over the country, was well as in Toronto and London, so I've had the opportunity to show my work in most of these places.
Recently in my studio, I have been working on a series of text-based drawings that focus on the language and storytelling of American culture. This work is really a continuation of the older work that focused on gender roles and stereotypes via the blonde joke paintings. I'm focusing on the fact that culture itself is a conglomeration of stories and on my personal experience within those stories, how people often interact with their perception of me (or the "story of me"), rather than interacting with the real me. I refer to sexual, social, and racial stereotypes, often stemming from my experience as a young, single mother.
How'd She land a spot on the Lithe team: I've been watching Brooke for a few years now.  A lifelong dancer and cheerleader (since age three), Brooke is truly a natural with Lithe.  She's down-to-earth, hard-working, artistic, edgy and sweet-and she's such an inspiration to watch.  I love that she always goes for it and takes her Lithe practice to the max.  She's always one of the sweatiest in the room during those mid-morning classes. 
What you wouldn't know just by looking at her: I am 26 years old, have a 7-year-old son named Miles, I am a total foodie, I have an older brother and the most amazing sister-in-law in the world, and I enjoy driving on super-long trips. 
Image of Lithe Instructor, Brooke Holloway (wearing Lithe's Hot-Stepper dress!) via Dom.



Lets get ready for a great month!  How are you going to make it great? Think of April as a clean workout slate.  We're going to get moving, take the Spring Challenge (begins on Monday, April 4th!), Lithe at our newest, loveliest studio in Old City (opening April 4th!), eat Lithe Foods (debuting mid-month!) and shake things up.  I'll be posting more on these topics, tips and how you can become your Lithest next week.  Happy Spring!

Download Rittenhouse April

Download Old City April

Download Liberties Walk April

Image of Lithe Instructor, Melissa Weinberg via Dom.

7 DAYS! 29 Mar 2011


We're tying up the loose ends this week!  These dark, cell phone images do our Old City space do it no justice, but I wanted to give you a little peek.  The top image is half of the large mat-room and the bottom image is of the skylight in our smaller mat-room.  It's the prettiest studio I've ever seen!  I'll take some nice shots of the entire studio this weekend. 


Daily Candy Offer

Daily Candy and Lithe Method want you to Lithe your way to a healthy, leaner you this Spring!  From 10AM today through April 31st, you can purchase one Lithe 101 class on Mindbody (click on Walk-Star and then the Daily Candy Offer) and get one Walk-Star class for free!  This 2-for-1 Daily Candy offer is perfect for newbies who want to break into Lithe or any veteran Lither who wants a refresher/form perfecter and a freebie! 

Image of Lithe Instructor, Paula Graff in Twiggy via Dominic Episcopo and Lithe Instructors, Carrie Gero & Melissa Weinberg in Walk-Star. 


Joellyn Dembowski

Lets welcome our four new Lithe Instructors!  I'll be introducing them all to you during the month of April.  They've been working their buns off in training since January...you're going to LOVE them!

From:  Galloway, New Jersey

Favorite City: Rome, Italy

Enjoys: Spending time with her fiancé (Eric) and our dog (Luca), the beach, ocean and sunshine! traveling, wining, dining and creatively cooking in the kitchen, staying on the move and of course Lithing!

Favorite Lithe Exercise: It’s a toss up: I love wide second in stiletto because of the feeling it gives of being long, tall and strong…but I love the challenge of the fold-over work at the barre because it is insanely good for strengthening the hips, always gives me a burn and gets the sweat on!

Other Job: Physical Therapist and adjunct professor/educator at Penn Health.  For the last three years, Joellyn has been the lead therapist at the Dan Aaron Parkinson's Center/Penn Therapy and Fitness.  90% of those she sees have Parkinson's Disease.

How'd she land a spot on the Lithe team:  I've had my eye on Jo for a long time.  She attended our Fall 2010 Lithe Escape in Grenada and I got to know her very well - and immediately knew that she'd make a perfect instructor.  She's smart, focused, loves and truly believes in the power and effectiveness of Lithe, she's kind, caring, professional, super-strong, beautiful inside and out and has such extensive knowledge of movement and the human body. 

What you wouldn't know just by looking at her: I am 30 years old, 5’10”, lactose intolerant but obsessed with cheese; I went to Lehigh University and gained degrees in both Biology and Psychology before moving on to Temple University to get my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I am involved in exciting projects like "Live Large," Movement Matters exercise group and have a huge focus on coaching patients diagnosed before the age of 50 with design and implementation of a fitness program that fits them best.

I was obsessed with running until I was sidelined by two hip surgeries wherein I learned how to knit so at least part of me could stay moving.  I used to run 10 milers, half marathon and full marathons. My favorite runs are the Philly ones!  I love doing laundry and I'm a post-it queen and love to organize.  If I were ever deserted on an island I could exist solely on wintergreen Lifesavers and animal crackers. 2011 has been a wild year: I am planning a wedding for this September, have moved into a beautiful home with my fiancé and have landed a spot on the Lithe team! I smile everyday knowing that my fiancé is in my life! 

Image of Lithe Instructor, Joellyn Dembowski in side-lunges via Dominic Episcopo. 



Here are some of my favorite spring detox foods to incorporate into your diet:

Green Tea: 

●      Minimally processed, green tea contains an abundance of polyphenols, which neutralize free radicals in your body.

●      It lends a  gentle caffeine boost without the blood-sugar crash and cravings caused by coffee. A clients recently traded in her coffee and couldn’t believe how her appetite decreased now that coffee wasn’t destabilizing her blood sugar. 

●      No caffeine withdraw headaches!

Try: Mighty Leaf green tea is my favorite—it’s the best quality (not all tea leaves are created equal) for the price.

Green Vegetables: 

●      Liver Detoxification is essential to weight loss:

○      Green veggies (the greener the better), reach and clean every little crevice of your liver.

○      Your liver filters everything that comes into your body: environmental pollution, medication, alcohol, chemicals from processed and non-organic food. It’s overworked!

○      If you feel puffy, foggy and have difficulty losing weight, your liver most likely needs a vacation.

Try: Green Smoothies, Kale Chips, and if you’re a real dare devil, try dandelion greens or Dandelion Root coffee.

Cranberry juice (unsweetened):

●      Cranberries flush out your kidneys ridding bloat almost miraculously.

●      The tart taste helps crave those cravings left behind from foods with too much sugar or salt. 

Try: Knudsen’s Organic no-sugar added cranberry juice at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s pure cranberry juice. Make sure there is no sugar added. The juice should taste tart not sweet. Mix two ounces with about six ounces of filtered water or carbonated water (for a cranberry spritzer).


●      Sea vegetables are on par with green vegetables for detoxification capabilities.  

●      Thrust into the spotlight with recent radiation concerns, sea vegetables have been shown to help counteract the effects of radiation.

Try: Nori, which quietly holds your sushi roles together, makes a wonderful snack. Or try with some guacamole or hummus with carrot and sprouts…a great pre-Lithe snack for an evening class.

By integrating these foods into your diet, you can detox without extreme measures that cause you to lose lots of Lithe muscle. Losing this muscle also slows down your metabolism. Which is why the insult to the injury of week of sacrifice and grumpiness on an extreme detox  is a net weight gain within a few weeks.

If you want to do something more dramatic yet sustainable, I’ve teamed up with the internationally trained and whole foods chef extraordinaire David Salvatore to create a stress-free, spa-inspired spring detox program. You’ll eat as if you were at Canyon Ranch and feel clean and healthy, not grumpy and deprived at the end. You’ll still be able to work, Lithe and avoid fainting.

I’m offering Lithers a 50% discount.  Enter the coupon code LITHE to receive the entire stress-free spring detox program: a 60 minute i-tune recording, recipes, shopping list and meal plan, for half the price. Valid through April 1.

There’s nothing like hitting the reset button on winter so your body and moods match the brilliant sun we’ve all been waiting for.

Ali Shapiro is an author and regular NBC 10! Show contributor and works with individuals and groups to show them how to design their food and life to experience waitless living™. To sign-up for her newsletter, click here. 

Images via Ali Shapiro, Elana's Pantry and Lithe Instructor, Krista DeNofa via Dom. 



Spring is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings. With the energizing sunlight and the freshness of the air, naturally, tis’ the season of spring cleaning and detoxes.

But, many people go about cleaning their body in a manner that is the equivalent of bleach bombing a house that has accumulated grime over many years and is now deeply ingrained.  Bleach bombing may initially brighten up a home, but it’s harsh and potentially damaging to the more delicate materials. Further, to truly extract the ground in dirt and clean and make your home look calm, organized, clean and bright takes much more care. It is the process of cleaning out your home room by room, finding an organizational system that works for you, dusting under the bed, polishing the baseboards, getting rid of stuff that you’ve accumulated that no longer serves you.

Your body is similar, which is why I recommend less drastic, yet more gradual and transformational methods of detoxing. Nature provides not just more sunlight and daylight hours to help you gently and carefully clean your body, but also “detox” foods that help our body gently flush out the bloat and sweet revelries that winter holidays and dark nights bring. 

Images via Ali Shaprio and Lithe Instructor, Nicole Sewall detoxing via rebounding (Lithe's Fat Free & Spirit) via Dominic Episcopo.


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