WE ♥ ARDMORE. 31 Mar 2011

  Krista DeNofa

As some of you may know, our Ardy lease was up this March and I made the difficult decision to close our little Ardmore studio at Dr. Bucky's office and not open another Mainline location until after I have my baby.  As much as I hate to admit it, I have too much on my plate right now to open another studio until fall 2011.

We've out-grown our Ardmore home and until we find our forever home on the Mainline (which I promise I will do post-baby), I want to thank everyone who has been involved with Lithe Ardmore over the past two years:  My incredible instructors, the gracious Dr. Bucky and his staff and our faithful, dedicated Lithers. 

Yesterday, the Ardmore morning crew sent me this incredible poem and I had to share it with all of you. It will make you laugh...it made me cry.  I've always known that Lithe is very special, but when I imagine no Lithe in my life, it really hurts.  We empathise with you all!  So, lets welcome all the lovely Mainline Lithers into Lithe's Center City studios and make them feel at home. We love you all!  Thank you for your dedication, hard work and friendship.

A few of us faithful Lithers out here in Ardmore recited a poem in between classes this morning to acknowledge our last day doing Lithe in the 'burbs and the great impact your program and people have had on our lives.  It's a poem of thanks and gratitude, with a little sense of humor thrown in for fun.  While we have loved each and every instructor that has worked with us at the Ardmore Studio, we dedicated this poem to the instructor we have spent most of our mornings with...Krista.

Before Lithe, before Krista
We were nothing
It's sad
But it's true.

We wandered the Main Line
Each and every morning
With not much to do.

Our bottoms were droopy
Our arms wobbled free
Our stamina was low
Our bodies in depressing atrophy.

Until the bright day
When Lithe entered our lives
With Krista's performance
We became committed to exercise.

We've worked on our method abs, our curtsies, and sumos
Liberties in stiletto, even splits, and dreaded plyos
To call it tough--well that's an understatement
Though there was sweat and some tears, to Lithe we always went.

Our bodies were sore,
In a good way, not bad
We could see quite a difference
This Lithe Method had made.

We have loved coming to Lithe
A tight Ardy crew we've become
Making friends, fitness committed
Working out, each day craving some.

Oh, Krista, we will miss you
We thank you so much
For teaching us moves
And whipping our butts.

Please come back to the Main Line real soon
Because without Lithe in our lives
We're scared we'll balloon.
We are committed to Lithe
And CANNOT live without
Missing Skinny Jeans and Short Shorts
Will make us all pout.

The idea of no more Lithe
Is too sad to consider
We've become an odd family
And Krista, you're like a sister.

Headed to Rehab
Lithe Withdrawal--it might be quite serious
There's talk of TRX, ballet, and boot camp
To be honest, it all sounds scary and mysterious.

Can't wait for the new studio
A beauty it's sure to be
We Lithers, we'll reunite
And be as happy as can be!

Three cheers for our Krista
Fit, hip and healthy--all three
Our model, our teacher
Our Lithe guru she'll always be!

Thanks so much for making exercise a fun, challenging, and enjoyable part of our everyday lives.  We will miss you terribly!
Ardmore Lithe 
Image of Lithe Instructor, Krista DeNofa via Dom.


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Great poem! So heartfelt. Come to the city, Ardmore! Guarantee it'll be worth the trip!

Oh gosh, what a great poem and such sweet sentiments. I can't imagine the withdrawal I'd go through if NoLibs disappeared - I feel for you all and can't wait to see you in center city for classes!

And Ardmore loves lithe! I miss Ardmore already! And Maureen's poem was so sweet and heart felt - we're not all as talented as she is (and certainly not as funny) but we all share her sentiments about Lithe. Hope to make it downtown sometime soon... in the mean time, I will torture myself by reading the blog and checking in at the facebook page to keep up with all of the Lithe excitement!

I've read that poem 4x now, it still makes me laugh and tear up. You really represented us well, Maureen! I've never felt such a camaraderie with a group a women in such a small span of time. Looking forward to seeing you all at Lithe again soon!! Miss you!

Such a great poem that perfectly captures how our small but mighty Ardmore group feels about Lithe!! I am missing the workouts and the camaraderie already and it has only been one day! Hope to see you all soon! xo

It's been such an amazing experience, becoming fit, hip and healthy while bonding with an amazing group of women! We have sweated, moaned and groaned, laughed and recently cried together. And we are all hopeful that we will be reunited with our awesome instructors, Krista, Carrie and everyone else, on the Main Line soon!

It's only been 1 day and I am missing Lithe terribly! Being an avid runner, I never expected to fall in love with another fitness routine, but I did! From the fabulous instructors to the wonderful women I met, I will miss them all!
Hope to see Lithe Method back on the Main Line soon!

Sigh, I feel like I have open wounds all over. The walls of my community have been torn down(but we will rebuild-I heard "promise" above););) Lauren, we ALL said we will babysit for you to fast track this project(seriously)!!

Love to all my Ardy girls, instructors and our perfect lit'l studio. You have only seen me through good days because it was always a good day if it started with Lithe & all of you. xxxooo

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