April’s a big month for Lithe Method. Our long awaited Old City location will be humming with classes, Lithe Foods will be debuting mid-month, and the spring edition of the Fitness Challenge begins on the 4th. So when Lither Sayeh Hormozi came to me hoping for a life-changing project of her own, we put our heads together and came up with a fantastic idea which we hope will inspire new and veteran Lithe devotees alike.

Starting Monday, Sayeh (rhymes with Maya) will be taking the Spring Fitness Challenge, eating only Lithe Foods five days a week for the entire month, and blogging about it for Fit Hip Healthy. 

A professional blogger for the National Constitution Center, where she works as Senior Manager for Civic and International Engagement (she went to Afghanistan last May), Sayeh’s column, Lithe Diving, will chronicle her total plunge into the Lithe lifestyle.

Lithe Diving will debut next Tuesday and Fit Hip Healthy readers can look forward to a bi-weekly column  written with the laugh-out-loud wit and insight for which her Constitution Daily blog followers have come to love her. Sayeh will share not only her ruminations on life, fitness and pop culture but also photographs and measurements of herself so all Lithers can watch her progress throughout the month.

Stay tuned! 

Image of Lither, Sayeh Hormozi via Sayeh.



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I love this idea - Good luck Sayeh! Can't wait to hear all about it, as I'm in need of a little inspiration lately (extreme weather funk).

Great idea! Good luck! I was thinking of doing something similar also (but without the blog). I'll def look to your posts for inspiration!

Love this, can't wait to read! Go Sayeh!

So awesome! Looking forward to lithe-ing in with you, Sayeh!

I wanted to take part in the spring challenge too! However, I'll be away for 5 days in the middle of April. Does anyone know if it is possible to take 4 classes one week and make up for it by taking 6 classes the next week?

I'm in the same boat as Katie and was praying it would be possible...

Hey Ladies, here are our "official" Challenge rules.

- The Challenge will officially begin on Monday, 4/4
- There are 4 weeks of the Challenge, each week being counted as Monday-Sunday (4/4-4/10, 4/11-4/17, 4/18-4/24, 4/25-5/1)
- For each official week, you must take 5 class, one of which must be either Hotstepper or Walk-Star

A couple of questions that we know you'll all have...

What happens if it rains for my Walk-Star/Hotstepper?
If the class is scheduled when there isn't currently an inside class at that studio, we'll move you inside for a different class (you'll get credit for that class as if it was Walk-Star/Hotstepper). If there is no available space at that studio when your Walk-Star/Hotstepper was scheduled, the class will be cancelled. Just leave yourself on the class list, and you'll still get credit for it as if it was your outside class.

What about Easter?
We will be modifying slightly on Easter (4/24), but we WILL be open, so if you need to get your class in that day, that's fine!

Can I take 6 classes one week/4 the next?
No. To be consistent, all 5 classes have to be take each Monday-Sunday week. We know that there are reasons that not everyone will be able to make that work - we encourage you to set your own goals for the month, but it won't count towards the Spring Challenge.

Can I take more than one class per day?
You can and it will count towards the Challenge; however, if you have a monthly 1-a-day, you will have to purchase your second class separately with an individual class or class card (if you do so and Mindbody still gives you a hard time signing up, just let us know and we'll get you set up manually). Additionally, please be thoughtful with the classes you choose if you are doubling up - we don't generally recommend doubling, so if you are going to do so, make sure you are picking classes that won't over-work the same muscle group, and try to take one in the morning and one in the evening.

What are the rewards of the Challenge?
Every Lither who successfully completes the Challenge will receive a 20% discount off their next monthly purchase. Additionally anyone who submits an (honest) testimonial about their experience with the Challenge will be entered to win a FREE monthly unlimited (One winner will receive 2 free months; 2 winners will get one free month). Of course, we think the biggest reward comes from pushing yourself and reaching your goals :)

Is there anything else I need to do?
Nope. If you are getting this e-mail, we have you signed up. We'll track your progress weekly, and expect an e-mail each Monday evening to either confirm that you are on track, or that you missed a class for the Challenge.

We'll blog post this as well...It's kinda difficult to read here.

Lauren & Johanna

Thanks so much for the encouragement guys! I can't wait to get started, and share the experience with you.

I lithe with Sayeh at NoLibs and she always rocks it! Sayeh: this is so rad! I'm glad I'll be able to live vicariously through you, since I can't do the spring challenge myself (work related travel obligations). Yay! I can't wait to read it.

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