Week 1 done!

The following blog entry is meant to be read while listening to Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me” while continuously looking over your shoulder to see if somebody is indeed watching you.

Dear Fellow Lithers,

I can’t BELIEVE I’ve lost 5.5 inches already! Holy. Guacamole.

After Lauren measured me yesterday, I wanted to do back handsprings down the long hallway in the Old City studio. (Now I really wish I hadn’t quit gymnastics because how awesome would that have been?)

I was happy my hard work is paying off, of course, but mostly I was incredibly relieved. It wasn’t until after I agreed to take on this blog that I started to freak out at the thought of pictures of myself on the Internet--in workout clothes.

At first, I decided getting photographed for public consumption meant simply coming to terms with the fact that I could no longer justify wearing yoga pants with a sizable hole directly in the center of my buttocks (my deepest apologies to those of you who have ever found yourselves behind me while I’m doing the See-Saw wearing said pants). So to prepare for my first shoot and subsequent challenge, I finally broke down and bought a pair of Lululemon pants* (the unofficial Lithe uniform).

*They were so pricey that now every time an instructor asks me to get onto the tops of my quads for push ups, I feel like looking at her and pleading...but this is an Alaia!!

It wasn’t until the night before my first set of pictures went up that I officially hit the panic button. I had a dream that my muffin top was the next viral Internet joke. I imagined the looks on my friends’ faces when they actually saw what I’ve been hiding under my puffy winter coat. But even more than that, I contemplated the utter embarrassment I would feel if I didn’t lose an inch... in front of everyone. I kept thinking... so many people are going to be watching me. What if I don’t lose a single pound? Everyone will think I’m like the dishonest person on The Biggest Loser who sneaks food in the middle of the night.

Obviously, I was being a tad paranoid. I had been Lithing consistently for a few months prior to the challenge and had already seen a major difference in my body--like I always do when I commit to Lithe. What I hadn’t done however, was change my eating habits. I justified certain food choices in hopes that Lithe would defy the tenets of mathematics, and help me lose weight despite my calorie intake.

But when Lauren rattled off my new measurements to me, it was undeniable: regardless of the workout, food matters. A lot. I knew that, of course. Like we all know that. But it was something different to see it in my own life rather than in theory. I haven’t seen results like this since I took Lithe '10' a couple of years ago. They key component then and now? My diet.  

I grew up in Texas and eat like a Texan. Batter it. Fry it. And I will dip it in Ranch and devour it. If there was a bumper sticker that said “I ♥ Mozzarella Sticks”, I’d walk around with it stuck to my forehead. Oh deep fried goodness. For me, biting into a piping hot, crispy chicken tender drenched in honey mustard is akin to the ecstasy I feel when an instructor finally turns on the ceiling fans in class.

Lithe Foods has been quite a departure from that (to put it mildly). In the mornings I’ve had meals like Blissful Breakfast Quinoa or the Lithe Scramble (egg whites with red peppers, onions and mushrooms). The Quinoa is so filling (and seriously delish) that I have to make myself eat lunch at a decent hour. And the egg whites? Literally some of the most flavorful I’ve ever had.

The dressings on the Bikini Salads have been drinkable, and the Butternut Squash Roll Enchiladas (AKA Lithe Roll Ups) have satisfied this Texan’s cravings for some good Mexican in Philly. Some dislikes? The Skinny Skinny Collard Wrap (Lauren’s fave). It was just a bit too green tasting for me and the accompanying peanut sauce was missing a little zip.

The most amazing thing about the food thus far, besides how incredibly tasty it is, is that I am not hungry. I repeat. I am losing inches, Lithing like crazy, and am not hungry. In fact, I’m just the opposite. I couldn’t be more satisfied between meals. And when it’s time to eat, I’m not dying. And let me just put your skepticism to rest here by assuring you that I’ve NEVER been a light eater. I always eat until I’m overfull. It’s a problem I’ve been trying to tackle. So this feeling of clean satiety is honestly so foreign and welcome to me.

So yes, everyone is watching me, but after my measurement session with Lauren, at least some of my terror has subsided. So far it seems I’m not going to need my rehearsed explanations of hypothyroidism or other glandular malfunction to account for my lack of weight loss. Turns out this healthy eating and working out thing works! Does that mean I’m not going to daydream about tater tots at some point during this process? Of course not (mmmm tater tots). Nor does it mean that I’m done waking up in a cold sweat about my progress, but now I’m starting to feel less freaked out about all the people who are monitoring my muffin top. Because so far, with the help of Lithe Foods and classes, it’s illustrating the possibility of healthy weight loss--especially to me.

See you in class,


Images of Sayeh via Lauren via Sayeh's IPhone


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LOVE the 'Clueless' reference..."but this is an alaia"!!!!
Very impressive first week & congrats!

Looking good, girl!

I need to stop drinking my coffee when I read your blog entries - they make me laugh out loud and spew coffee on my computer screen! But in all seriousness, you continue to hit on points on what we what so many of us struggle with - in this case - eating habits! Esp when we work out so hard and feel we can splurge! Lauren always tells us diet is 80%!!! I cant wait until I can get some Lithe foods!

Sayeh --- you bring up such a great point about weight loss --- you shouldn't be hungry. If you don't eat enough, your metabolism slows.

The trick is to eat food that has nutrition in it. All the Lithe foods are all vitamins and minerals, no empty calories or chemicals. Most Americans are malnourished, getting tons of calories but not real nutrition.

Glad you are experiencing the power of delicious and nutritious food!

Bam! you go Sayeh, amazing job on your first week and those numbers--not to mention that your progress is evident in the pictures too. You're so right about diet, its way more than half the battle. And how awesome to have food options that are satisfying, delicious, vegan, raw--all around good for you. I can't wait to try it! Thanks again for sharing, and have an awesome week #2!

"And my buns, they don't feel nothin' like steel" (just kidding, they do). Keep up the hard work, Sayeh!

You look great! This blog is addicting!

You. Are. Awesome.

All so funny, and all so true...good luck on week 2!

I am so jealous of your lost inches and pounds! You look great! I have been lithing like crazy also and have not lost even 1 once ... :( I wish Lithe foods were already on sale!! I want to wear this dress for a wedding and I have only 1 month left!!!

Thanks so much for the support! Anne, I'm sorry about your computer screen, but I'm so happy I've got you cracking up.

I want to keep you guys chuckling...and I hope not sporadically! RIP Brittany Murphy.

Ali, you're so right about the food. It really is shocking. I think we all know this stuff in theory--but applying it in real life is a different story.

Sayeh, you look fantastic! Your blog cracks me up, too! As a newbie Lither, reading this just gave me the incentive to really watch what I eat to show off the work in Spirit! All bites count really do count! Good luck & keep up the good work and hilarious blog! and thanks Lauren for the motivation~ joining Lithe is one of the best decisions I have made!

@Sayeh before I even read your blog this morning "I hope not sporadically" was just playing in my head, brilliant! Ok so I said I was doing 4 classes a week for the month of april, well after seeing your results, I've moved it up to 5 classes for the rest of the month! You look great and are an awesome inspiration....now if only I could resist the stupid bags of chips in my office!

What amazing results already! You may disappear by week 4. Congratulations and as always, I love this. You should be a Lithe staple.

Great job! And I think I must have the same yoga pants with the same said hole. I like to think of it as built in air conditioning.

Wow that's amazing! It takes a lot of discipline that I usually can't muster to be consistent (particularly when mozz sticks are involved) but obviously it's worth it...keep it up!! It's really an inspiration.

From one mozz lover to another - I am impressed! The writing, the photos, the measurements... It's all so positive and inspiring. Keep it up gal!

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