BAND HAND FORM. 5 May 2011


I highly recommend taking our band classes.  Like our workout, Lithe's Higher Power Band System is a true multitasking prop.  It really defines the armpit, dynamically works the shoulder girdle AND works the rhomboids and trapezius isometrically while stretching pectoralis minor and major.  They shape the body to absolute perfection-All the way down to your hips. 

We see a lot of funky band hand grips at Lithe.  What's best for the hands, form and proper total body muscle development?  You'll  learn proper hand placement in your Immersion and Lithe 101 classes.  Resist using the Squeeze, Claw and Broken Wrist grips (shown above).  Try your hardest to place the band between your thumb and forefinger and work with your palms facing down so that you can really attack the correct muscles of the arm.  In the beginning you may feel a bit of soreness in the muscles of the thenar eminence and transverse ligaments where the thumb and wrist meet.  That soreness will go away within 4-6 classes. 

I had Carrie work without gloves so that you can really see her hand and wrist here.  In the top 3 photos, you can see how the workload is being taken by the fingers, wrists and forearms - There's so much tension, even Carrie's tendons are popping!  In the bottom photo, her hands and her fingers are loose, and her palms face down which transfers the work evenly throughout the arm and even into the armpit (good bye pit fat!) and down through the back and the waist.

Image of Lithe Instructor, Carrie Gero demonstrating improper and proper hand form.   


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Are any of the band classes less cardio intensive? I am still working my way up and I keep getting terrible coughing fits in class because of allergies. I really need to attack the arm pit because its the thing I hate looking at the most!

Hi Julia! Waspie and Thinny are lower impact cardio band classes. There will be a few sections of plyos, etc in Waspie, but the cardio is pretty minimal (although you'll still be sweating!)- and if it's still too much, modify and take the bounce out.

Hi Lauren, my hands still get very sore during band classes and I take 2 xweek minimum. Sometimes I switch to what I now know is wrong hand posture to 'take a break'. The pain is mainly on the inside of my hand, in the palm side right under my thumb. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Pam! Make sure you aren't gripping/squeezing the bands tightly - that will put a lot of work and strain into your hands. You just need a loose grip for the majority of the band work! The work should initiate from your back (lats) and core rather than your hands. Keep up the correct form. I hate to say work through the pain, but if you do, you'll break through that plateau and become stronger in no time. You'll also be able to squeeze a mean lemon : )

thank you : )

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