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Check out our Lithe Foods transitional Spring-into-Summer menu now available at Rittenhouse & Old City!  All ingredients are organic, local, lean and sourced from Fernbrook Farms in Bordentown, NJ.

We have two new, lean, protein-packed, non-vegan items for you morning Lithers:  The Lithe Scramble (contains egg whites and feta cheese) and our Thinny Cakes (contain eggs). Our full ingredient list is above are also at the desk. Full nutritional information will be posted on the website and our packaging this month.  Exciting! 



Summer is just about here (June 21st!).  Looking to become your Lithest?  We've added additional class times at Lithe No Libs & Old City!  What's new?  Summer season-appropriate oldies and newbies:  Watershed, Super Fly and Step Rally are back and we're debuting our new, super-intense band workout, Pom mid-month (full description and schedule coming soon).  Stay tuned!

Download Rittenhouse June

Download OldCity June

Download LibertiesWalk June

Images of Lithe Instructor, Krista DeNofa via Dom, Summer 2011 via weheartit  and ocean via Fan Pop.


Nic & Anne wearing Lithe


Wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend!  We will be running on a modified schedule on Saturday and Sunday and all studios will be closed on Monday.  Our June schedules and new Lithe Foods Spring-to-Summer menu will debut here on Monday and in-studio on Tuesday.  See you all next week.  Enjoy! 

Image of Lithe Instructors, Nicole Sewall & Anne Falasco wearing Lithe outside of Lithe Old City via Dominic Episcopo.  Styled by Nicole Sewall.



Happy Friday!  This week's giveaway is another great beauty giveaway from the fabulous Kelley Hughes at Moko!  We are giving away a lash application (a $35 value) that lasts 7-10 days, along with a mascara ($24.25) and an eyeliner pencil ($14.75) by Couleur CaramelCouleur Caramel is a French,  all natural, 100% organic make-up line sold exclusively at Moko!

For a chance to win, please visit our Facebook page, "Like us" then leave a comment at the post.  A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow and the winner will be announced on Monday!  Good luck! 

Images of Kelley Hughes and product via Moko and The Nature of Beauty


Spring Challenge testimonial

Image of Lithe Instructor, Kim Sauer at the barre in Old City via Dom

LITHE BRIDE. 26 May 2011


Hanna, you look beautiful!  Hanna writes in:

Dear Lithe

2 Christmases ago, my (now husband) Greg, gave me a gift certificate to Lithe's immersion. Any outsider might think that my man was trying to give me a hint and thought I needed to get to the gym. Anyone who knows me, knows that Lithe was the perfect gift for me. I am always looking for new ways to work on "the bod."  I have  had a personal trainer, done yoga, kickboxing, pilates and am a forever runner, but like anyone, it’s not always easy to stay motivated to work out, until I found LITHE! I have never found working on the bod so entertaining and more importantly, so rewarding!

Pre-Lithe I ran the Philly marathon in 5 hours... Post Lithe, I ran it in 4:09! I am stronger, leaner and extremely happy with the body these days.

This past winter at our wedding on January 29, 2011, I felt that I was truly in my best body ever. Even in the dead cold of winter, I am able to get out of bed on dark mornings to attend the 6AM classes. Lithe makes it all worth it!

Thanks to Lauren for this wonderful life changing regimen and to all the Lithe instructors! And thanks to my husband for leading me to Lithe! Some things were meant to be!


Hanna Mason

Images via Firefly Photography



BluePrint Cleanse Level 1 Renovation Cleanse: The Skinny

I Lost: 3lbs in 3 days!

I drank: 6 drinks each day for 3 days.

1. Green Juice (romaine, celery, cucumber, kale, parsley, green apple, spinach and lemon)
2. P.A.M. (pineapple, apple, mint)
3. Green Juice (again)
4. Spicy Lemonade (lemon, cayenne, agave)
5. C.A.B. (carrot, apple, beet, ginger, lemon)
6. Cashew Milk (cashews, vanilla bean, cinnamon, agave)

So I’ve come out on the other side of the 3 day, level 1 Renovation cleanse and I’m feeling pretty great. 3 days is perfect for a detox regimen. By the time you starting hating life, it’s over (not life, the cleanse).

Was I hungry?

I wasn’t hungry like I thought I would be. The drinks were actually delicious and extremely filling. I really only became mentally hungry when I smelled or saw food. The first day of the cleanse, for example, I had to attend an event for work where they were serving passed hors d’oeuvres. PASSED HORS D’OEUVRES! (What is it about mini foods and foods on a stick that make them so delicious?) It was the only time I was in agony during the whole cleanse. When a waiter walked by me carrying a tray of endive leaves stuffed with mussels and shrimp, I almost tackled him to the ground. Again, it was more mental. I wasn’t actually hungry. I just wanted to chew on them and taste them. (And touch them and hold them and smell them.)

Could I work out?

I Lithed each of the 3 days I was on the program. I felt great and energetic throughout the day, but the workouts were a challenge for me. I felt good during the warm ups, and strength and sculpting portions, but could not keep up during the cardio series. For the entire duration of Twiggy, for example, I had a stitch in my side that made it pretty painful to jump around. I had to take the bounce out of most of the moves. Someone suggested that it was possibly because I was dehydrated. I think she was right. I was so sick of drinking things that I didn’t have a sip of water or tea or ANYTHING during the cleanse. Probably not a smart move.

Did I eat anything?

Nope! (I’m pretty proud of myself, I have to admit.) But, if you have to eat, don’t feel bad. Do what your body says and be sure to use the cheat sheet that BPC provides. It’s a list of approved foods to eat while your cleansing, like avocado and celery.

Was it as (ahem) productive as I thought it would be?

No! But apparently that’s a normal reaction. Less input less (ahem again) output. The opposite is normal too. Everybody wins!

Any down sides?

The only issue for me was that it took me all day and into the night to get through all 6 drinks. I’m a SLOW drinker of things--all things. It takes me forever to drink a glass of water, beer, wine...whatever. I nurse a beverage until it’s warm and gross and I don’t want it anymore. I don’t know why. I’ve always been that way. Couple that with the fact that you’re supposed wait an hour between drinks, and I was drinking my last drink at 10 o’clock at night every night. THEN I had to wait 2 hours before I could go to bed, so drinking 6 drinks became a marathon for me. If you’re a normal person, who drinks things at a normal rate, you should be fine.

My advice?

If you are thinking of taking the cleanse, I would keep yourself busy at lunch and dinner--don't torture yourself by watching others eat. If you’re not seeing the food, the juices keep you satisfied until it’s time for the next one. (If you have to cook for others, God bless you! Make sure and have your cheat sheet handy.)

My other big piece of advice has to do with the day you pick up the juices. Be forewarned! They are heavy! There are 18 full bottles of juice in there! Plan on taking a cab home from the studio if you aren’t driving.


I felt light and clean. I didn’t have a massive boost in mental clarity as promised, but I definitely wasn't cloudy or confused due to lack of food. Overall, I say if you’re thinking about it: go for it! It’s totally manageable and you’ll see great results. My stomach looks the flattest it’s looked in years! The juice beat the bloat and got rid of a couple of extra pounds. Can’t beat that!

I’m happy to answer any questions in the comments if I didn’t cover something you’re wondering about.

Good luck!

HAPPY NEWS! 25 May 2011

  Nicole wearing Lithe

Congratulations to Lithe Instructor, Nicole Sewall and her husband, Ben Miller.  Nicole is 15 weeks pregnant!  We're thrilled for you guys and can't wait to watch your belly grow.  xo 

Image of Lithe Instructor, Nicole Sewall wearing Lithe via Dominic Episcopo




Click on image to enlarge!  Image of Lithe Instructors Jess Procini & Krista DeNofa via Dom


GET LITHE! 24 May 2011

Lauren Boggi

It's not too late to get Lithe before summer!  Our June Rittenhouse Immersion is almost full (5 spots left!), but we have plenty of space  in our Old City Immersion that begins on Tuesday, June 7th at 7PM!  

Rittenhouse:  Monday & Wednesday (begins on Monday), 6.6.11 at 8:00PM

Old City:  Tuesday & Thursday (begins on Tuesday), 6.7.11 at 7:00PM

If our Immersion classes don't work for you, you can opt to take our Lithe 101 classes. Call 215-545-5144 or 215-625-4919 to purchase and register.  

Image of Lauren Boggi utilizing Lithe's Higher Power Band System via Dominic Episcopo. 

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