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Meet Susie.  One of my favorite Lithers.  Mother of Lithe instructor, Jessica Procini.  58 years old. Lithing < 1 year (188 classes to be exact and only 2 late cancels).  She travels from NJ to Lithe 4-6 times a week, has attended two Lithe Escapes and has lost 24 lbs & over 20 inches! 

Susie, your energy and positivity are contagious and you're beautiful inside and out.  You should be so proud of your complete transformation! 

Images of Susie via Jess


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Amazing Susie-you're one hot little mama:)

Susie, you ROCK!!!!

Susie, you go girl! Such an inspiration! You're going to look better than Jess and I on the beach this summer!! Make sure you tell Jackie congrats, too, on making her debut on FitHipHealthy wearing my favorite of her outfits, the life jacket!

So proud of you, Susie! You are an inspiration and you look amazing! xoxo Hilarie

Congratulations to my "train buddy" from N.J.! You are a role model for lithing over 50 and I am so happy and proud of you!

Good job Susie!!! Lots of love xo

Love you Susie!! Just like Lauren said you are beautiful inside and out. You look amazing. So proud of you!!

Susie - you look great - gorgeous arms! So impressive!

Susie: awesome, awesome and more awesome...in the truest sense of the word. I feel I have more energy when we are in class together. Thanks for being you!

Susie, like I say every time I see you - you look fantastic! Younger and prettier comes to mind. You bring so much value to all of us - I can't tell you how much you mean to me. Btw: I would *love* to set-up Corbin with Jackie. Luff Josie

This is my favorite lithe post EVER!! You are the best Susie! Congrats, you deserve all this recognition!!

Thanks everyone for the kind words. I am def feeling the love. I consider Lithe part of my family and love you all. Thanks to Lauren for coming up with a workout that works at any age!! ♥♥ See you in class!!

I am so, SO proud of you! You look so awesome! and I know you feel great too!
Love, Jess

Susie, you are an inspiration to all of us!

Susie, Fabulous. I am so glad I am not the only older lither.!!! See you in class.

Way to go Susie--you look great! However I cannot leave this post without mentioning that what I love most about you is your awesomely wicked sense of humor! It is the best and I miss it as much as I miss Portia's cooking. ;-)

Susie - Wow...you look amazing!! Thanks for always making Lithe classes that much more enjoyable. Sheila

I Love this! Your energy and your smile are so contagious! You really are amazing...Not to mention that you and Jess make the best mother daughter combo! congrats:)

Susie--you are amazing!! I literally just sent this post to my mom--you're an inspiration to all of us :)

You go Susie, my lithe buddy...you look marvelous!

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