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Melissa & Liz

Happy July and good luck with your summertime Lithe travels!  Our Passport to Lithe challenge begins tomorrow!

Download Rittenhouse July

Download Old City July

Download Liberties Walk July

Image of Lithe Instructors, Melissa Weinberg & Liz Galbally via Dom.


FOOD BREAK! 30 Jun 2011


Lithe Foods is taking a short summer break, but we'll be back on July 8th!  Stay tuned for some great new items and the debut of our Lithesicles, our green smoothies and our signature fresh-pressed juice on Monday, July 18th!


makeover details!

Attention Lithe-Stylers! For those of you who watched Sayeh transform both in body and mind, during her month of daily Lithe workouts and Lithe Foods, and thought, "wow! I'd love to do that!", now's your chance to win your own LitheStyle Makeover!

What is a LitheStyle Makeover? Over the next year, we will be offering 6 lucky clients the opportunity to live the LitheStyle lifestyle for 30 days. You will be given unlimited Lithe classes and a complete menu of farm-to-table lean, local and organic Lithe Foods, Monday through Friday.

We'll follow your journey (similar to Sayeh's Lithe Diving) as you live the total Lithe life, chronicling your experience right here on the blog, recording weekly measurements and watching your body transform!  Interested in being our first makeover?

Stay tuned to the blog tomorrow for chance to enter (hint - it's this week's Lithe Facebook Friday Giveaway!)!


- Tell us why YOU should be the featured Lithestyle Makeover winner by posting on Lithe's Facebook Friday Giveaway on July 1st!
- Winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday, July 5th and announced on Wed, July 6th
- Food will be supplied by Lithe Foods Monday-Friday with weekends off
- Winner will receive a free unlimited membership to Lithe for the month.
- Winner must attend 5 classes a week & pick up food at Lithe Method Old City.
- Results will be updated weekly on Lithe's Fithiphealthy.com blogAmazing, writer-type blog posts like Sayeh (Sayeh writes for a living!), are not necessary; just short updates on your progress is all we need!
- At the end of the month, final results blogged along with a formal photo-shoot to show before/after!

Out-take Image of Lithe Instructor, Joellyn Dembowski on set via Dom


LitheStyle Makeover

It's your chance to lead a totally Lithe-Style lifestyle for 30 days and feed your hunger for health!  What's a LitheStyle Makeover?  Every other month, one lucky Lither (newbie or Lithe vet) will win a month of unlimited Lithe classes and will eat lean, local & organic Lithe Foods exclusively, Monday through Friday.   

We'll follow them on their journey (like Sayeh's Lithe Diving) living the total Lithe life, chronicling their experience right here on the blog, recording weekly measurements and watching their body transform! 

Interested in being our first makeover?  Stay tuned to the blog tomorrow for details and your chance to enter via this weeks Lithe Facebook Friday Giveaway!





Lithe Passport. 61 days. 40 classes. My trip has already begun.

Hot Legs

What you need: Yourself, no gloves necessary
Props: Gam Gear (stretchy, knit thigh-high tights)
Clothing Considerations: Cropped pants, makes pulling the tights up over your legs much easier than flowy yoga pants. (I wouldn’t wear shorts. Your legs might be sweaty and itchy if there’s no barrier between you and the tights.)
Sweat Factor: Get ready to glisten!

If you were to walk into a Hot Legs class in progress, you might think you stepped into a scene from Black Swan* (minus the making out with Mila Kunis). You’d see a room full of girls, wearing uniform tights, standing with one hand at the barre, lifting their legs in unison into the center of the room. You might even hear Krista yelling ATTACK IT! ATTACK IT! like the crazed French instructor that tortures the dancers (again, minus the weird making out).

I know I felt like I was in a warped, yet graceful ballet lesson. The entire 60 minutes is spent at the barre (yes, that’s right; no mat action here), and as such I definitely started hallucinating half way through the class. No wonder Natalie Portman’s character goes crazy! Barre work is HARD! After just an hour of leg lifts, lunges, FOSW and tucking and squeezing, I’m pretty sure my reflection turned around and gave me (and Krista) an evil glare.

You can expect to do any and everything you’ve ever done at the barre in this class. It ain’t called Hot Legs for nothin! The Gams Gear is pretty stretchy (if they fit over my thighs, they’ll fit over your calves), and keeps your legs warm and pulled tight as you take them to the limit. Although, tucking and squeezing was a bit tough for me, as my feet were slipping in the socks.

This class is definitely a challenge. At one point, during a ridiculous push up series (it’s like no other push up I’ve ever done), I definitely thought I saw feathers poking their way out of my skin. I’m pretty sure losing your mind a little bit means you’re getting an amazing workout!

If you’ve never seen Black Swan, this was probably completely useless to you. I apologize. But, you should see it. It’s entertaining. Then take Hot Legs. You’ll see what I mean.


What you need: Gloves!
Props: Lithe’s Higher Power Band System
Clothing Considerations: Whatever you’re comfortable in
Sweat Factor: Time to get your shine on!

I think Waspie is the Beatles of Lithe classes. Everybody likes it! No matter what age or shape or fitness level, I consistently hear people in the locker room talking about how much they LOVE Waspie.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to me since it feels like a little bit of Cinch, a little bit of Twiggy and a lot of results! For the first half of the class, you concentrate on the upper body with waist defining moves and rotations. The second half of the class, you focus more on your lower body doing curtsies and several gravity defying moves on one leg that take time to master. And of course the bands ensure that the rest of your body is engaged, regardless of what is being specifically targeted during a series.

Here’s a tip: Really listen to your instructor’s cues. Breathing is key in Waspie. Some moves may not initially strike you as super challenging, but if you truly focus on your Lithe breath, you’ll feel the difference and get a deep ab/waist workout.

I have to say that since I’ve been going to Waspie on Friday afternoons, I can see definition in my midsection that I’ve never had before. It’s a must-take class for anyone looking flatten their tummies. You’ll twist. The instructors will shout. And you’ll walk away feeling like you definitely worked it on out! (worked it on out!)

6 stops down...only 34 to go. Next up? Stems and Walk Star!

See you in class! 

Images of Lithe Instructors, Heather Burt and Liz Galbally in Hot Legs and Lauren Boggi & Bari Rosenthal in Waspie via Dom

POM! 28 Jun 2011


Looking for some top-notch shaping for your top half?  Is belly bulge ‘rufflling’ your feathers?  Flatten it fast with this fun, flirty and feminine 3-step Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting® Lithe workout using our newest and heaviest Thinny band prop. This high-cardio, fat-slaying, cheer-based class will slim you down all over and  'taut' your body from head to toe to boost your bust, tuck your tummy, and manage your muffin top. Not to mention you'll be boasting some seriously buff biceps!

Image of Lither, Paula Graff utilizing Lithe's Higher Power Band System® & our Thinny® bands via Dom.



Twitter Tuesdays!

Tweet with us and win!  Here's what you have to do:

Start following http://twitter.com/lithemethod if you're not doing so already.  Then, answer the question, "What is your favorite #LitheFoods item?"  What's the prize?   Lithe Foods Blissful Berry Quinoa & our Thai Collard Wrap!

We'll announce the winner on the @lithemethod Twitter page. Remember, all entries must be received by 11:59 pm/et on 6/21/2011. Limit one entry per day per person/twitter address.  Check out the rules here. 

LITHE IN STYLE. 27 Jun 2011

Lithe in Style

Check out Lithe in Philadelphia Style Magazine's Summer issue

Image of Lauren Boggi & Lithe Instructors on Lithe's Higher Power Band System® via Dominic Episcopo



Pick up your passport and save in September!  They'll be available for pick-up on Wednesday at all three Lithe Studios! 



Our comfortably supportive, beautiful and backless Performance Bra and Cinch Band!  Hot Legs are coming soon! 

Image of Lithe Instrucotor, Anne Falasco via Dom.

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