Waist Not & Spirit!

Lithe Passport. 61 days. 40 classes. My trip has already begun.


What you need: Gloves!
Props: Rebounder (mini trampoline), Lithe Higher Power Band System
Clothing Considerations: Cropped pants or shorts, lots of jumping--you don’t want to get tangled up.
Sweat Factor: People will wonder if you were pushed into a pool.

Although my giant glasses clearly exude COOL, I’m sure many of you will be shocked to learn that I’m a huge nerd. For example, I am seriously considering camping out in front of an IMAX theater on Thursday night in anticipation of the final installment of the Harry Potter movies...wearing a robe...and holding a wand...and attempting to steal tickets from other nerds by waving it and yelling expelliarmus! (Also, this is my new favorite song.)

I’ve always been this way. As a kid, my nerdom manifested itself in the form of a Nintendo obsession. (The old school Nintendo. I have no idea what’s going on nowadays with things like XBox and the games with all the murdering and plundering. Although wearing a headset and cursing at people thousands of miles away does appeal to me.) My sister and best friend and me would stay up for hours trying to save Peach from the evil King Koopa in the original Super Mario Brothers game. (I have yet to accomplish this. I can never get past level 8-3. This is a sore subject. Let’s not talk about it.)

But I think this is why Spirit appeals to me so much. There is 10 minutes of the class where you jump on the rebounder in a move called the Mario. Basically, you hold the bands in front of you and move your arms up and down and jump on alternate feet on the rebounder. You look like Mario (do he and Luigi have a last name?) running through the air. I like to pass the time by pretending that I’m stomping on turtles and weird owl looking things and sinking down giant green pipes and collecting gold coins.

This class takes some guts because it looks so intimidating. Jumping on a trampoline and doing toe touches in the air while holding onto bands? Might as well go bungee jumping at 5:45 pm right? It’s actually not that crazy, and as with all Lithe classes, the instructors will help you modify if you’re not ready to go for the glory right away. It’s true that at times you’ll feel like you’re training to join Barnum & Bailey on the road, but the whole class isn’t like that. A lot of it is spent with one foot on the ground--doing some intense sculpting or sitting on the rebounder getting into deep ab work.

Here’s a tip: if you have really problem knees, I would take it easy on the huge jumps. Because although the rebounder absorbs most of the shock, and is designed to be easy on the knees--it might be a little uncomfortable nonetheless.

But if you like video games or have a gaping wound from your adolescence that stems from being the only one you know who never saved the princess, take Spirit! It helps, I promise.

Waist Not:

What you need: Yourself. No gloves necessary.
Props: 3 and 5lb weights
Clothing Considerations: Whatever you’re comfortable in.
Sweat Factor: Not too sweaty. You could go out in public after this without dripping on anyone.

Recently, I was looking at pictures of Kate Middleton on the Daily Beast and was remarking to myself that her name is ironic considering her middle is NONEXISTENT. The woman has the tiniest waist I’ve ever seen. Now I realize that we’re all supposed to work with what we’ve got, and I’m cool with that (and I’m sure she looks crazy in person, etc. etc.) Body image in check over here I promise, but damn! So it was straight to Waist Not with me!

I took this class on a Saturday at 9:45am, and I have to say it was perfect for a weekend morning. An award-winning Lithe classic, this was my first time to take it and I was immediately in love.

The description on Mindbody says the class is better than a corset (which is what I think the newly-titled Duchess of Cambridge MUST be wearing under all those amazing dresses) and it’s not false advertising. A little bit of Floored and a little bit of Skinny Jeans--with tons of rotation--make the class a waist tightening extravaganza. Between this and Waspie, my middle is shrinking before my very eyes.

The class is challenging, with twisting curtsy-like moves (while on all fours) in its repertoire. But, it goes at a really manageable pace and between the alternating series on the mat and standing at the barre, the class flies by. I was definitely sore in my middle and in my outer thighs and glutes for a few days after this one.

Here’s a tip: If you can keep your arms straight and shoulders down during the crossover work, you’ll really get into your core.

Now, I realize that Waist Not won’t land me a slightly balding British man who owns a bunch of castles, but at least it will help me look the part (kind of). It’s a must take!

10 stops down...only 30 to go. Next up? Barlesque and Split!

See you in class!

Image of Lithe instructors, Nicole Sewall in Waist Not & Carrie Gero in Spirit via Dom.


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So funny! And I just found this online:

Mario and his younger brother Luigi are known as the "Mario Brothers." This means that Mario’s last name is also Mario, so his full name is Mario Mario.

Amazing! Mario Mario! They ARE the Mario brothers. I never realized that must be their last name! Ha! Thanks Hannah!!

As someone with problem knees (lunges at the barre kill me) the rebounder is a great alternative! I tried spirit once when it first was introduced and swore it off, took it Saturday and although I couldn't get through it all, it was WAY more enjoyable!

OMG Sayeh too funn! Now when teaching Spirit I will forever think about the original Super Mario Brothers game lol! (BTW - I STILL have the original systems and games like Duck Hunt, Bubble Bobble, and Tetris if you'd ever want to come play....I'd have to of course get rid of the dust.....)

LOVE it when you blog!

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