We're hitting the studio and the streets to meet local, healthy living-well trendsetters.  Lithe Instructor Anne Falasco is our first! We spotted the Lithe Instructor and expert canner checking out the different vendors at a local farmers market here in Philadelphia.  We asked:

Why do you can?  I get to enjoy local and organic fruits and veggies all year long.  Face it – non-Jersey tomatoes are lackluster but what else can you purchase in those winter months!  Now I just go down to my basement and grab a jar of crushed tomatoes or salsa that I made with all local produce when they were at their peak – may be even grab some sour cherry jam to mix with yogurt as a dessert!  You can make a basic fruit and sugar jam, and add what suits you – peaches and lime, peaches and vanilla, peaches and brandy!  I gave jam as gifts this Christmas and people couldn’t stop taking about it!

Who are your favorite vendors at Farmers Markets:  Last summer I struck up a conversation with Three Springs Orchards last summer and was able to buy peaches, pears, apples and tomatoes at bulk.  This summer Beechwood at Rittenhouse offered me some great deals on cherries and blueberries.  I also learned a secret – ask about ‘seconds’ – typically produce that is almost past its peak or bruised – perfect for immediate canning – at a fraction of the price!

Get in the groove (music that you can to?):  I throw on my apron and put all my Moby albums on shuffle and spend a nice day in my kitchen – chopping, peeling, tasting testing – it’s therapeutic!!

What's your favorite post-recovery Lithe drink?   I love Lauren’s black and blue smoothie after a 6am class – I need the extra protein from the avocado gets me through a long morning and curbs post-workout cravings.  On the weekends – I love a mango/lime/coconut water/ cayenne smoothie.

How can we start canning?  Check out Food In Jars– a local expert offers classes during the summer months when the common fruits and veggies to can are at their peak.  I just took a peach jam class and ran into a fellow Lither there! 

Images of Lithe Instructor Anne Falasco via Dom & Anne Falasco


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I really enjoy when the Lithe Method shares clips on anything 'hip and healthy.' but especially when they bring us back to our roots with the simple pleasures of preserving fruits and vegetables.

Hip+Healthy+Gorgeous = Anne Falasco!

I love this! Anne, you are awesome! And I totally want to learn how to can tomatoes!

Anne - I never knew you were such a foodie. Very cool - I love putting on music and cooking. It is so therapeutic!

Local canning expert Food in Jars offers private group classes - we can get a fit.hip.healthy group together!

Love this!! Yay Anne!
And I've been wanting to learn how to can...would love to try out Food in Jars as a group! That would be so fun!

Totally agree with Ali. Cooking is so therapeutic, especially if no one is at home to bother you. :-)

Cooking is super therapeutic for me also. It is my time, my space, my therapy, and my passion, almost like lithe. I'd be in for a Food in Jars group class!

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