An East Coast Fall is one of nature’s most stunning gifts. The crisp mornings, blaze of colors, and bounty at the farmers’ market are all tinged with sweet melancholy.  That cold, stark father winter is waiting in the wings, makes the Indian Summer and apples that much sweeter and more precious.

Your body knows this too. The harvest season prepares body and mind for winter. In 2011, you don’t have to fatten up on sweet vegetable or store root vegetables and salted meats to prevent winter starvation. But you do have to ground your body for the upcoming colder weather as well as decreasing daylight and Serotonin levels. Not to mention ever present Halloween candy, apple fritters, and upcoming holiday feasts. . . This is why fall is still a crucial time to balance your body and blood sugar with more protein and nutrient rich vegetables to crowd out starches and processed food.

With a balanced body and blood sugar, you can eat just one mini candy bar. Holidays are moderate indulgences, not binges, and you will want to return to green smoothies and veggies the next day. Lauren does her part to make the fall fantastic for Lithers (who else would design workouts for fall’s high-waisted pants?)! I will do mine with low-sugar, low-starch, high-protein, nutrient rich renovations of your favorite fall and holiday recipes. And I will begin by sharing a recipe for a food that is to a fall diet what the soft, luxurious Pashmina is to a fall wardrobe: bread. This grain-free bread is a great pre- or post-Lithe snack. Make it a perfect fall tartine by adding a tablespoon of nut butter.  With its high protein and low carbohydrate content, it’s filling, balancing and the perfect companion to a hot drink on September’s first chilly mornings.

Ali Shapiro is an author and regular NBC 10! Show contributor and works with individuals and groups to show them how to design weight-loss 10 pounds at a time. To sign-up for her newsletter, click here.

Images via Ali Shapiro, Lauren Boggi & Carrie Gero via Dom and EcoliciousLife


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I can't wait to try this bread!! My diet is gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-lite, and I've struggled to find breads that don't feel like bricks in my belly! This looks AWESOME.

Liz - I hear ya! And lots of grains don't work well for me either so this is like a Godess-send!

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