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UNPLUGGED. 31 Oct 2011



Just like strength and flexibility, outdoor fitness is an acquired skill.  Many of you will begin the Fall Challenge today and take Hot-stepper and Walk-Star this month.  Try to relax, and use these classes as an opportunity to connect with your surroundings and activate your senses.  Go Lithe! 

Images of Lauren Boggi, Lithe Escape Jamaica.  Lithers Allison L. & Joellyn D. on our Lithe Escape beach Hotstepper in Grenada.

LITHE BRIDE! 31 Oct 2011


Hey, Lauren, I just want to give you and Team Lithe a big hearty thank you for your awesome, butt-kicking work-outs that saved my behind--literally. And I gotta give Bari a special shout-out because she was super supportive especially when I didn't think I could do another rockette kick or push-up! Needless to say, when it came time to wear my wedding dress, I was ready to rock it. Our wedding day was amazing and I felt even more amazing, so grazie mille to Team Lithe and my fellow Lithers for all your encouragement and help! -Celia

Photos via Christine Farah



Check out our newest roll-up! This is good stuff.  Nutritionally balanced and chock-full of favor and fiber to keep you full for hours after Lithing.  All Organic Ingredients:  Whole Wheat Lavash, Homemade Tempeh, Kale, Tomato.  Mustard Sauce:  Dijon Mustard, Olive Oil, Local Honey, Lemon Juice, Salt, Dash of Pepper.  $8.00

GET LITHE! 27 Oct 2011


The holidays are right around the corner...Sign up before the New Year Rush!  We currently have space in our November Rittenhouse & Old City Immersion courses:

Rittenhouse:  Monday & Wednesday (begins on Monday), 11.7.11 at 8:00PM

Old City:  Tuesday & Thursday (begins on Tuesday), 11.8.11 at 7:00PM 

FYI:  Our 6th class will be held after the Thanksgiving holiday (November 28th and 29th).

If our Immersion classes don't work for you, you can opt to take our Lithe 101 classes. Call 215-545-5144 (Rittenhouse) or 215-625-4919 (Old City) to purchase and register for our Immersion.

Image of Lithe Instructor Krista DeNofa via Dominic Episcopo


Picture 4

Lithe Method NYC & Philly Instructor Auditions – December 3rd & 4th, 2011

For those of your who will be attending Lithe's Instructor Auditions or are considering auditioning, please plan on attending our mandatory 30 minute info session on Saturday, November 12th at 3:30PM at Lithe Old City!   

Lithe Method Studios is searching for NYC & Philadelphia Instructors!  Become part of a unique, innovative workout and a growing team leading the industry in health and fitness.  We're looking for outgoing, NYC based women with a proficient dance, cheerleading and fitness background.  A certification in other forms of fitness is a plus but not necessarily required! 

Who are we looking for?  Take a peek at our  PRESS KIT and what it takes to be a LITHE GIRL.  Interested and want to learn more?  Please email your head-shot and professional resume to Lauren@lithemethod.com.

Saturday December 3rd, 2011

Lithe Method Old City
219 Cuthbert St.
Philadelphia, PA  19103

Callbacks will be announced on December 3rd.  Second round will be on Sunday, December 4th 1-4PM 

Wear fitted clothing and be prepared to Lithe!  Space is limited.  Please email your head-shot and resume to Lauren@lithemethod.com. 

Images of Lauren Boggi & Lithe Instructors via Dominic Episcopo, Vogue Magazine, Nic D'Amico & Philadelphia Magazine

MAMA BOUNCE BACK (WEEK 6)! 27 Oct 2011


Ladies, this is slow progress but as you can see from the pictures, Lithe has taken a nice layer of fat off my midsection (and my entire body) and has toned my skin.  Even my belly button is pulling back in. 

As I near my 12th week post-natal, I'm a true believer in the "fourth trimester."  I'm really beginning to feel like myself again and I'm finally starting to see a glimpse of my former self.  Luckily, I have no incisional pain but I still have a bit of swelling below my belly button and along the left side of my abdomen.  Lithe has yielded quick results and after one month of teaching, I feel like I have most of my strength back.  Push ups are still somewhat difficult but I'm feeling stronger, healthier and more toned each day.  Stay tuned!





What you need: Nothing! Just yourself!
Props: Hula Hoop!
Clothing Considerations: Whatever you’re comfortable in
Sweat Factor: You work up a sweat in this class for sure, but you you could make an appearance somewhere if necessary.

If you’ve been reading any of my blog posts at all--even just 1--then you know that I’m from Texas. You know that I love all things Texas (let’s pretend Rick Perry doesn’t exist) including ranch dressing, fried foods, thick drawls and friendly people. And despite living here for 3 years--and LOVING it--I consider myself a Texadelphian. A hybrid of things I love from both of my favorite places.

Usually, my friends just shake their heads when I start yet another sentence with, “In Texas...” or “Well back home...” but now it seems that I may be redeemed as the rest of the country or at least Bravo TV has caught on to how great my home state is. With shows like Most Eligible Dallas (Matt and Courtney finally freakin kissed. Thank GOD. It was about dang time. At one point, I felt compelled to find a random neighbor to make out with me just to ease the damn sexual tension left in my living room by those two idiots!) A-List Dallas (real housewives, but with balls (gay men). I haven’t watched yet, but it’s already a regular on The Soup so you know it’s fantastic.) Even Top Chef is going to be in Texas this season (bring on the stereotypes Padma!). And OPI has recently done a Tex-tastic line of nail polish including colors like San-TAN-tonio and Do You Think I’m Texy?

So if there was ever a time to try Lithe’s Cowgirl, it’s now! You will be so trendy. The class is divided up into 4 Hula Hooping sections--that last about 5 minutes each--and alternates between intense sculpting series using the hoop in a less conventional way. For example, you hold it straight out in front of you, and squeeze super tight (try to make it into an oval) while you do standing lunges and wide second work.

Here’s a tip! The Hula-Hooping portions of the class require an open mind. Don’t let yourself get frustrated easily if you aren’t a pro right away. I, for one, was NEVER a good Hula Hooper growing up, so I was sure that class was going to be impossible for me, but after a few gos, I got the hang of it.

Lauren doesn’t just let you get away with a normal hip swivel, of course, so be prepared to mix it up. You will jump while you’re swaying your hips and do mini squats while you try and keep your hoop up around your waist. (As a close friend of mine aptly described the class, it feels and looks kinda like you’re getting electrocuted while having a seizure.) Even still, I had a fantastic time! And that’s the thing to keep in mind: Cowgirl is FUN! So although your feet may be sore from dropping your hoop on them so many times, and perhaps you can’t stop staring at Lauren’s serene face as she sways without interruption while Hula Hoops crash to the ground all around her, you will have a really great time and burn some major calories too.

So, just like the great state of Texas, I can’t recommend Cowgirl enough. I mean, no one’s saying you’ve got to run out and buy a pair of cowboy boots to help you jump onto the Lone Star State bandwagon (although, who doesn’t need a great pair of cowboy boots??), but you can at least get a taste of southern goodness with an amazing Cowgirl workout.

Next week, we’ll get to take a peek into my Lithe photo shoot! Eeeek!

See you in class! 

Image of Lithe Instructor Melissa Weinberg via Dom.




Favorite City: London, England (that I've seen thus far)

EnjoysReading, music, my dogs, fashion, sports, and British television (yup)

Favorite Lithe Exercise: Clockwork series in Thinny and Skipping Walk in Barlesque

Other JobHostess at Tinto & Village Whiskey and SAT Vocabulary/English tutor

How'd she land a spot on the Lithe team?  Elizabeth is fierce and she takes her Lithe practice pretty seriously.  She is one of the strongest, most focused and determined Lithers out there.  She is a natural teacher, has perfect form and is so much fun to watch.  She has a certain quirkiness about her that I just adore and I'm thrilled that she's on the team! 

What you wouldn't know just by looking at her: I am just a hair under 5'9," I went to college at Georgetown University and majored in English and Fine Art.  My finance, Brett and I got engaged at the end of June and are looking forward to planning our wedding.  

I have an older brother, Michael, who lives with his wife, Gina, and daughter, Lola, in Los Angeles.  My favorite food (ask anyone) is the sandwich - I eat at LEAST 1 per day (they will be featured at my wedding).  Right now, I'm specifically loving 3 books: The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara, Fool by Christopher Moore, and The Brief Wondrous Lifer of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz (always looking for a good read).  We have 3 rescued dogs: Luca (part pit-bull), Tug (beagle), and Miga (part beagle, part dachshund- her name means "little fried crouton" in Spanish and she is just about that smart, but very cute).  I also have boating license and like doing silly voices.
Lithe Instructor Elizabeth Howe in Lithe Wear via Dom

LITHE BABY! 25 Oct 2011


Welcome to the world Ruby!  Long time Lither Joy Cho just had her baby!  Check out the above picture of Joy and I on Lithe Escape Bahamas.  I was 30 weeks (If I only knew then that I had 12 more weeks to go!) and Joy was 16 weeks pregnant with Ruby. Congrats Joy and Bob, she is perfect!  I can't wait to meet her.

Images of Ruby, Lauren & Joy via Joy

LOVING... 24 Oct 2011


My little guy wearing Jannuzzi (via Charm...thanks Dawn!), Sharon's Coconut Sorbet is delicious and healthy!  Fall fruit in Union Square (via Stuart Goldenberg), Current/Elliot Stiletto low-rise skinny jeans (via Net-A-Porter), wearing Nike Women's TenKay Low is just like going barefoot, Jas M.B. bags via Third Street Habit

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