Week 2

Week 2 - 3.5 lbs lost. 

I am so thankful for this experience. The support and encouraging faces at the studio is overwhelming and really motivating. I am not a shy person. At all. But, I am a little self conscious and definitely keep to myself when I feel out of me element. The friendly and genuinely interested Lithers have really helped me open up at the studio and made me feel comfortable. Thank you.

This week was tough. Still no cheese and sticking to one Diet Coke a day has been a daily challenge, but its getting easier and easier. I have always been a very determined person and as soon as I decided that I was going to get my act together, get back in shape and start living again... I did just that. I literally decided one day that I was going to make a ton of changes, and then made them. It’s been almost a year and I’ve lost just over 100lbs. Around thanksgiving last year was when I snapped and couldn’t take being unhappy or uncomfortable anymore.

The people close to me who have been there from the beginning have seen significant changes. When you start doing something that makes you happy it really affects all aspects of your life and brings out the best in you. I know I have a lot of work to still do, and my journey is absolutely not over but this past year has changed my life.

I was athletic in high school, played tons of field hockey and worked out all the time. I am almost back down to the jean size I used to be able to wear and have so many things/people to thank for helping me get there. 

Alright, that was deep. Now to the good stuff... The classes and foods! Had some early mornings this week… I reallllllllly like to sleep so that in itself was a challenge but as soon as I actually remove myself from the bed I’m okay.

Waspie on Monday – Bari got to witness me having a lithe moment when I was so into my breathing I just projectile spat. It happens to the best of us… you just pray it doesn’t land on anyone. Thankfully mine landed on the floor and Bari and I shared a laugh.. Awkward.., but I love starting my week with Waspie and with Bari. Still trying to tone up those arms!

Short Shorts on Tuesday – First timer over here and oh em gee my legs KILLED for days. Anne…. You are so toned its unreal and now I know why.

Waist Not on Wednesday – First timer again but this class got bumped up to top 3 fave for me. Stephanie is awesome and so is this class. The joy of taking a new class is that you don’t ever know when its going to end… this class just kept switching it up and it really kept me on my toes.

Skinny Jeans on Thursday – Oh kim! You’re excitement and energy is contagious. You make me want to lithe every second of everyday. Bow and Arrows…. Yeah my back felt that. Thanks!

High Mini on Friday – Gerri!!!!! You absolutely wake me up at 6am and push me really hard. I really love your classes and how you move around the room. Keeps me going and makes the class fly by.

Twiggy on Saturday – Lauren Lauren Lauren. OMG. You think you’ve taken a class and know what to expect, but take it with Lauren and its totally different. Stopping to correct form, making you do more high knees then I even knew I could do. Walked out of there out of breath and cherry faced. It was glorious. 

My meals this week have been amazing. I really look forward to the snacks – those banana chips are sooooo good. Mushroom soup was a real hit. Haven’t had a cucumber all week (I keep mentioning them because I usually have them for lunch everyday with cream cheese… haven’t tried it? Give it a whirl. It will change your world – I mean cream cheese isn’t the beeest, but this combo is definitely worth a try). After class on Saturday morning I stocked up on some food for the weekend. Still excited... week three, here I come! 

Images of Paget via Lauren


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Congrats Paget!!! Your result and enthusiasm are contagious!!! Keep up the good work!

Go Paget! You look amazing!

You are awesome, Mom

Holy moly you look (and I'm sure feel) amazing! Keep kicking butt!

Keep it up Paget! All your hard work is definitely paying off :)

You are beautiful!!!!!! Congrats!

Paget! The changes you've made are absolutely incredible! :) Thank you for sharing so much of your journey with us. I'm so happy you're feeling great and working towards the BEST you that you can be! Thanks for your kind words - don't you wish sometimes that you could Lithe every second, everyday?! (just me?.....? Bueller?)

The projectile spit comment made me laugh out loud - I thought I was the only one (and I'm hoping I don't hit clients while teaching! ha!) Love the writing - keep up the great work!

Love that you called this a journey! Sometimes we can get caught up in the destination and forget that all it takes is one foot in front of the other :)

Keep up the great work! xo
Go Hawks!

Such an inspiration! You look great!

Really awesome Paget. It's been great to see you in the studio and I've been meaning to say you're quite an inspiration to many of us Lithers. Stay positive, love yourself, be well!

you look amazing!! Thanks for sharing your story.. very inspiring!

Thank you for sharing. Like the comment above says, your enthusiasm and your motivation is truly contagious. I will be following you every week and you will be helping me on my fit journey too!! Keep up the great work, it's worth it to hear you so happy! Can't wait to squeeze you at Christmas!!

Paget - I cant believe it has been less than a year from when you started your own personal journey to being fit and healthy! That is a amazing - I am so happy to be part of it!

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