I was definitely not made for the cold weather. Born and raised in Bermuda did not prepare me for the crisp fall mornings of October. I don't know about you guys, but this weather makes me want to snuggle under a nice warm blanket and stay in bed all day with some hot tea. There are so many beautiful things about fall that I never truly experienced until college, which I appreciate so much but the wonders of fall make me appreciate the splendors of summer. Bring back the warm weather!!!!!!!

When it gets chilly out I always start to reminisce about all the beautiful warm places I have been so blessed to have visited and lived in. Particularly Bermuda, but I have a special place in my heart for Rome. I spent a semester abroad there in my Junior year of college and visited this past February for a glorious 10 day vacation. GET ME BACK TO ROME.

I look back and think of all the memories I have made with my amazing friends and family and I can't wait to create new memories with them. My new and more positive outlook on life can only mean that there are more amazing memories to come and I can not wait another second.

Getting out of the house to work out takes more effort than usual for me when it's cold, but once I get there it is soooo worth it. This week I was stretched thin at work and busted my hump in the studio. I really worked hard.

I started my week with Brooke & Waist Not. Brooke and that class makes me leave feeling a major burn in my "abs" - still trying to find them in the mirror. Tuesday was another superb Thigh High w/ Joellyn. Upbeat & flawless. Wednesday I had another Waist Not w/ Stephanie. Just can't get enough of this class right now. Then I had three days in a row with Jess! Don't let that sweet smile fool you, she is no joke. I haven't seen her in ages and after Fat-Free, Stems and Rare Form I just want to keep coming back for more!  Fat Free about killed me. I sat in my car for at least 15 mins after class trying to catch my breath. As for Stems, this one might not be for me; I just have zero coordination but Rare Form leaves me feeling loose and ready for anything. Love that class.

I could eat Banana Chips & Peanut Butter Balls everyday for the rest of my life. Those Oat Cakes are DELISH. Greenie's continue to be my favorite juice. Love them. Lithe Granola is awesome and the Skewers are still killin it. The food is so yummy, I look forward to the meals and they leave me feeling satisfied. Week 4 is coming up and I'm pumped! Motivated and looking forward to this week and feeling great!

Special thanks to all the lithe ladies and their inspiring and encouraging comments and motivation. You guys work it hard in class and keep me inspired.



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Paget, you look awesome and all the hard work is paying off. Keep it up! Your results are such an inspiration! See you in class.

Remember the first time you saw snow... last winter.

Keep up the good work!

It was wonderful to have you in class three days in a row! Give stems another try before you toss it aside. I thought you did great in it! xo

Wow! you look amazing!!! I also studied abroad in Rome.. best. place. ever.

Let's make a memory!!!

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