What is my secret weapons to weight loss and getting back on track when I’ve missed a few Lithe classes and have eaten a bit too much dark chocolate? Cleaning.

I don’t enjoy cleaning. I will never be accused of being or accidentally mistaken for a domestic goddess. Still, cleaning and organizing is emotionally and mentally centering for me. I’m not alone. My clients consistently rank the impact of cleaning their home as one of the most ground-breaking experiences in their weight-loss and wellness journey. 

They are shocked at the power of something so simple. And, at how much less they snack and eat at meals in a calm and organized environment. These truths are increasingly permeating the mainstream. Happiness expert Gretchen Rubin, author of the New York Times Best Selling “The Happiness Project” stated at a recent conference that 4 of the top five things that make people happy on a daily basis are:

1. Sleep

2. Exercise

3. Lack of clutter

4. Making their beds

Lithe covers number 2. This holiday season, I encourage you to clean and organize one space where you can retreat and recharge amidst the seasonal pressures, obligations, and chaos. Because this is so important at this time of year, I am holding a one day “Redesigning Your Space for Self-Care” workshop on Saturday, December 10 from 10-3 PM. Linda Hallinan—a true domestic goddess, and Martha Stewart’s former coordinator— will contribute her design and organizational expertise. Sign up here to secure a limited space before Dec. 2.

Ali Shapiro is an author and regular NBC 10! Show contributor. To sign-up for her newsletter, click here.

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This really is true. My house has been a mess for the last couple of weeks, but I tidied up this weekend. This morning I woke up and felt so much better about my house and environment...and very calm. It's crazy how such a simple thing can make a difference!

I know Jenna. It's amazing how once my clients starting eating and feeling better, they start de-cluttering their homes. It's as if they want their space to feel lighter like their moods and bodies.

There's a whole spatial science to shopping at restaurants and retail. These places actually organize their space to maximize what we eat and buy!

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