Sometimes, we have to reform traditions that are no longer relevant to us. Many Lithers find Lithe miraculous after many unproductive and joyless hours and years at the gym. They are amazed that something can be simultaneously difficult, fun, and transformative.  As the holiday season and pressures begin, I challenge you to ask, “what is your holiday equivalent of all those joyless hours at the gym?” Which holiday “obligations” bring no joy, few results, and lots of over eating and what is a better alternative that will return the results you want from the holidays? Below are some tips that my clients have found helpful.

5 Tips to Simplify the Holidays:

1. Attend only 3 holiday parties. Rank by importance and/or enjoyability.

2. If you must bake, choose one healthy dessert recipe for all events. Shop once for ingredients.

3. Instead of gifts, schedule a pre- or post-holiday experience with a friend, like a pedicure.

4. Plan a holiday menu of a few simple, whole food dishes. Accept guests’ offers to “bring something.”

5. With unavoidable toxic relatives, be firm, but polite. Harness the power of silence and a smile.

For a deeper look into self-care during the holidays and beyond, I am excited to announce the launch of an innovative concept, Eating Elegance, that examines the connection between physical space, organization, and the feedback loop this creates with inner emotions and eating patterns. Linda Hallinan, a Lither and Martha Stewart’s former coordinator who contributed to the program’s development, will be providing her expert advice on physical redesign and organization. Join us to explore these topics and enjoy a local, organic catered lunch on Saturday, Dec. 10.  For details or to secure one of the limited spots click here.

Ali Shapiro is an author and regular NBC 10! Show contributor. She works with individuals and groups to achieve Eating Elegance™, which is a systematic approach to creating a sophisticated freedom around food and lifestyle that nourishes your tastes, not your taste buds. In other words, food is no longer the centerpiece in your life. To sign-up for her newsletter, click here.

Image of Lithe Instructor Kim Sauer via Dom and Ali Shapiro via Ali Shapiro


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Ali this is awesome - thank you! Just reading it made me calmer ;)

Thanks Kim. I think we could all use some ways to restore the magic of the season. Being calm is the first place to start!

Great suggestions! I especially like #5! :)

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