{So sorry that we took so long to post these final results!  Paget and I had a few busy weeks and we were unable to get together.}  

Week 4 completed!

I was very nervous about how many inches & pounds I would lose this month. I averaged at 4 classes a week before this month and with the addition on one class a week I was weary about whether my results would be significant. Fear not! The balanced diet and five classes a week have whipped me into a tauter, healthier version of myself. I notice everything fits a little looser, I have more energy when I first get out of bed in the morning and I no longer have crazy cravings mid morning and mid afternoon.

I definitely have some things I will take away from this experience. I have been given one snack a day outside of the three meals which has been my biggest fundamental takeaway. I used to eat when I was bored, I used to eat when I was upset, I used to eat when I was happy… I just basically ate all the time. Having more than one snack a day will definitely be okay as long as I make good choices, but I am making efforts to only eat when I am hungry or when my body needs it.
Chef Lauren sat down with me multiple times and was always looking to make sure I was feeling good/liking the foods and making sure that I was getting enough food. I felt supported and encouraged the entire time…. Come November when these glorious foods are offered for a meal plan I am definitely signing up!

As for the lithe guru herself, Lauren had me smiling throughout each nervous measuring meeting. My inches lost were gradual, but she always made me feel like each inch was such an accomplishment. Because it is. I was hard on myself in the beginning but I am very proud of my results and I couldn’t be happier to wake up again tomorrow and keep at it. Makeover month is over, but my life is not and my goals to reaching the healthiest me that I can be still continues; now I have more tools to work with and I am one step closer.

This week I loved Waspie w/ Bari. Bari makes me want to push myself harder every time and she makes me sweat so much. I can’t believe my first class with Melissa was in my last week this month. I can not say enough good things about Melissa. Since I started lithe, I have taken at least one class with her a week. I would organize to get out of work early to get to her classes, I would fake sick to get there, I would even flake on friends to get there. Now, Thigh High on Tuesday with Melissa had me sore until Saturday. Your muscles just don’t lie. Melissa, you are a huge reason why I love lithe so much and what keeps me coming back for more. Thank you you're incredible! Wednesday I had Waist Not with Stephanie. I had to skip out 10 minutes early, but I still love this class and can’t wait to keep taking it. My abs have to start showing up some day. I talk to them in the mirror sometimes begging them to show…. Still waiting on that. Thinny on Thursday w/ Joellyn will definitely help get those abs out from hiding! Whoa that class FLEW by! Joellyn, you make each exercise look so easy and I would kill to be half as strong as you are. Rare form on Saturday was a wonderful way to round out the week. I was very sore and I needed a good stretch. Thank you Jess!

Thank you all for your support and inspiration!

Paget xo


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Congratulations on your progress. How inspiring! And Melissa is awesome--she's one of my favorites too.

Paget you look great! Congratulations and keep up your good work!

Congratulations Paget! Losing 9.5 inches and 15.5 lbs in four weeks are HUGE results. Your hard work definitely paid off!

CONGRATS Paget! You look even more beautiful than when you started this journey!

Congratulations, Paget! You have so much to be proud of!! You are a goddess!!! xoxoxo

Truly awesome of you to share this amazing journey with all of us :) CONGRATS and keep it up! xo Kim

So happy for you Paget! Congrats & I look forward to watching what I know will be your continued success in healthy living post-makeover month! xo Melissa

P.S. Thank you so much for the kind words ... I am honored :)

You look amazing, Paget! Great job!!

You are truly an inspiration to us all. Great work. You look awesome!!

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