What you need: Gloves!
Props: Lithe’s Higher Power Band System (Pom Handles)
Clothing Considerations: Whatever you’re comfortable in.
Sweat Factor: Drench City, Soak-afornia.

In the 5th grade--for various reasons I will not detail here, and I’m sure did not fully comprehend at the tender age of 10--I learned that the surface gravity of the moon is only about 1/6th that of Earth’s. What I DID understand however--with the help of my Texas Instruments solar-powered calculator--was that at 60lbs, I weighed 10 lbs on the moon. 10lbs! That’s two 5lb. Lithe dumbbells (in case you were straining to do the math). That’s 10oz less than I weighed when I was born! (My poor mom.)

For the rest of that year, I basically channeled the future Jonathan Lipnicki, and told anyone and everyone my moon weight. When my mother’s friends stopped by for a visit, I would promptly ask them how much they weighed, so I could calculate their moon weight (dividing by 6 was my secret super power). Needless to say, my neat trick wasn’t super popular. Instead of finding out the numbers, I was told how cute I was or what a funny girl I was. Defeated, I would retreat to my room, pop in my Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em tape, and lament that no one understood my genius while humming along to that classic heart-breaker: “Have you Seen Her?”

Recently, while taking Lithe’s newest addition, Weightless, all of these memories came together (yes, even the MC Hammer part), and it was a powerful moment. And an even more powerful workout. Weightless is like Pom and Sculpt and A-list Abs had a baby. It’s got a bit of everything in it. You grab onto the Pom handles and kick off the class with a cardio sequence of jacks and calf pumps and squat jumps, etc.--all moves you already know, if you’ve been to a few Lithe classes.

Then you relive my 5th grade bedroom dance-a-thons with an amazing cardio-cheer sequence that has a move in it called the MC Hammer. No, it’s not the typewriter move (aside from the fact that his mom is knitting through this entire video, this dude is pretty good) made famous by the artist that was Too Legit to Quit. It’s some chest popping, fist pumping good times. And you can’t help but giggle our way through it. As with the the cardio-cheer sequences in Pom, the Weightless Hammerdance takes a few tries before you get the hang of it. Don’t get frustrated. Just imagine yourself in sparkly parachute pants, and you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

For the remainder of the class, you alternate the cardio-cheer series with sculpting--both at the barre and on the mat--and you take the bands with you wherever you go. You use them to work your arms and back while you do your Liberties and Lunges, and you add them to your ab work while on the floor (this part was KILLER). In fact, it was all super-intense, and according to Lauren, this is just the beginning. She was just “easing us into” everything Weightless has in store since it was our first time. That’s difficult to imagine considering I was SOAKED when I left. Me! The girl who doesn’t sweat. If you sweat pretty good, then you might want to consider bringing a beach towel.

Even if you’ve been Lithing for a while, this class will certainly challenge you. And although, Earth’s gravitational pull leaves us much heavier than we would be if we lived beyond our atmosphere, I think Weightless will have you walking around feeling a little closer to your moon weight anyway.

See you in class!

Image of Sayeh wearing Lithe Wear Leather Leggings and Mojo Vented Top & Lithe Instructor Sheri Tolin via Dom


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All I could think about while reading this post is how much fun (and how sweaty) it is to play the game SingStar (similar to Dance Dance Revolution except you can sing too!) and dance to MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This." It's all the moves from the video. I play this with my family every time we get together and its crazy fun for young and old! It is so much fun and quite a cardio workout. Can't wait to try Weightless now- just for the hammer dance!

Lauren- when will the "pendulum" be added into one of the cardio series.. a la 90s NKOTB :) :)

Look forward to taking this class!

LOl! That would be funny! Anna, don't give me any ideas : )

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