It’s official. Today is the 145th day of the “Living Lithe” column I’ve been writing for Fit.Hip.Healthy. That means that I’ve been reviewing classes and sharing my general musings with all of you for 63 days longer than Kim Kardashian was married to Kris Humphries. That’s what I call commitment! Those two could learn a few things from me.

I gotta admit, I’m a little shocked that the marriage only lasted 72 days. Call me crazy, but I was sure they were gonna be one of the ones that made it! Look at everything they have in common. They both have names that star with the letter “K”. Kris Humphries shares the same name and spelling as Kris Jenner, Kim’s mom (how many married couples can say the same?) Um. They both...well, that’s a lot by Hollywood standards!

Plus, TMZ has done some advanced math and figured out that at $10 million bucks for their lavish wedding ceremony, this marriage has cost the couple about $138,888 dollars a day. You better BELIEVE that I would be staying in that marriage at those rates. Even a Kardashian can’t afford to throw away that much money a day!

Can you imagine if each Lithe class cost 140 grand?? You would make it come hell or high water. Little Timmy’s got his first baseball game? Too bad! Mommy’s gotta go to Waspie, buddy. She’ll catch the highlights on Youtube. (He’s gotta have something to tell his therapist when he gets older right?) Priorities people!

I’m not married, but I imagine contemplating divorce is akin to what I go through when realizing I may have to “late cancel.” I agonize forever, move meetings around, postpone major life events, consult my friends, and consider getting a spiritual adviser. Get my monthly pass reduced by one whole day?? NEVAAAAAH!

But hey, who am I to judge? Being a celebrity sounds like a nightmare, and all I can hope is that Kim and Kris will learn something from this whole ordeal (thank God for prenups?) Because, like the end of the Humphdashian union, it is also the end of an era for me as I wrap up the Lithe Passport, and I too have to take stock of what I’ve accomplished and learned these past 4 months. And here are the top 5:

   1. My sweat-o-meter is wayyy off! Apparently, I just don’t sweat that much (it’s more like a light sheen). And after extensive Internet research (for those of you that don’t know I’m a WebMD), I have no idea if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. But, since it seems that many of my fellow Lithers break a sweat the moment they just hear the words High Mini, my sweat factor for the classes has been ZERO help to some of you. All I can say is, I’m sorry and I’m trying to drink more water.

   2. It really never gets easier. Don’t get me wrong. I feel incredibly stronger (wanna feel my arm muscles?), my form has drastically improved, and my stamina has seriously increased--but all that means is that I can go harder and longer and get more out of the workout.

   3. It’s so important to branch out with instructors, classes, studios--everything. Take Skinny Jeans for example (I’m acquiring a sheen just thinking about it). Liz’s is different than Kim’s is different than Brooke’s is different than Krista’s. If you take Lauren’s, it’s different every time. With it’s constantly rotating schedule, new classes, regular changes and adjustments to old ones, it’s practically impossible to get into a rut which I’m eternally grateful for.

   4. 5 times a week has really been the key for me. Ever since the spring edition of the challenge, when I began Lithe Diving back in April, I’ve really committed (ahem Kim and Kris) to going 5 times a week. That’s when the inches and lbs just started falling off (did I already ask if you wanted feel my arms?) The rule is, if I’m in Philly city limits, I’m going 5 times a week. If that means I have to take a 6am class, or get up early on a Saturday, then that’s what it means.

   5. When I’m working out consistently, I’m a happier more functional person outside of the studio. People often joke that Lithe Method is addictive or refer to it as a cult (perhaps Bela can design a robe we can work out in?). And if that’s the case, consider me a proud member. If I’m addicted to something, it’s the sense of accomplishment I feel when I walk out of a studio, steamy and fogged up from the efforts of 20 women pushing it to limit. If I have a drug of choice, it’s watching and feeling my body transform into something really strong and powerful that helps to carry me through life.

So, in a twist of irony, Kim filed for divorce exactly 1 year to the day that she met Kris at a New Jersey Nets game last Halloween (is that actually irony, or am I as confused as Alanis Morrissette in that song?). In other words, in the course of 1 year, she met Kris, dated him, got engaged, got married in a ceremony that MADE her money (I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, she’s an evil genius), and has filed for divorce. That’s a helluva year! And it only took the couple 72 of those 365 days to realize that they don’t want to be married anymore.

It took me only 30 days of Lithing 5 times a week (spring challenge) to start truly changing my body. To realize that I’m capable of really committing and following through with something--an accomplishment I used to think was impossible.

Ultimately, I think it only takes 1 day to make the decision that you’re going to really try and change your life, and I think that’s been my big take away from all of this--1 decision on 1 day can make all the difference. Best of luck to all those taking the fall challenge. I’ll be thinking about you and rooting for you (and looking forward to the Kim and Kris divorce special on E!)

See you in class!


Images of Sayeh wearing Lithe Wear's Hotstepper Dress, Performance Bra and 'Leather' leggings via DomHair & Makeup via Dawn Troccoli Episcopo.


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Holy smokes, cowgirl! You look amazing!!

p.s. Are you and the blog getting a divorce??

Sayeh...I've been religiously reading your blog...I think your #5 is a summary of Lithe in a nutshell...Congratulations; you look HOT!!

You look amazing! and it's been a treat to follow your journey. What's next Sayeh!?

What a transformation! You've worked your buns off (literally). You're living proof of what eating well and being in the studio 5-6 days a week for a period of 4-6 months will do. You look healthy, happy and Lithe. Thanks for your honesty, humor, hard work and dedication. I LOVE #5. Like I said at the photo shoot, you're now MY inspiration : )

Always LOVE reading your posts. You have said it so well. You look awesome. Keep up the great work. (Do you think Humpdashians will be returning the wedding gifts?)

Congratulations! You look great!! You are now my inspiriation as well.... I will think of you when I feel like I just can't do 1 more rep in stiletto! Thanks for sharing.

You look incredible and it sounds like you feel pretty amazing, too. #5 is so important, Lithe always makes me feel stronger and more functional throughout the day. Most importantly, you definitely look like you are shooting an R&B video here and about to break out some killer moves. Way to work it!

Kim Kardashian, watch out! This girl is the real deal! Amazing transformation, amazing insight, and amazing inspiration! And, these photos aren't too bad either...

Sayeh, you are smokin'! Congratulations.

I love love love all your posts! Please tell me you aren't breaking up with Lithe blogging! My Wednesday mornings will never be the same. You are amazing! Congrats!

Thank you so so much everyone! You guys are too kind and supportive! Kelly, R&B video? That means my booty must be lookin RIGHT! Ha! Best compliment ever!

MT and Hannah, I'm not going anywhere! You'll certainly continue to see me on the blog. Stay tuned for what's next!

"Get my monthly pass reduced by one whole day?? NEVAAAAAH!" just made me laugh out loud at my work desk. So TRUE! Congrats you look awesome!

You look FIERCE, Sayeh. All your blog posts are really inspiring for healthy living, getting your Lithe mojo on, and doing the best you can no matter what. Thank you for sharing!

So your next act is being a model? You look so good!!!!

In true Kardashian speak...'Bible' you look amazing! And your blog posts are always my favorite part of the week. Thanks for being so open and honest. Congrats on all your accomplishments :)

Sayeh congrats on all your hard work! I think what I've enjoyed most about your challenge has been reading about the dedication you've put into committing to a lifestyle change. You look fantastic, but it's not just the outside that counts when it comes to you-you have a very powerful voice that I find so reassuring whenever I might doubt my progress and reminding us all that we are beautiful. Stay awesome!

Those pictures made me jealous... I wish I would have made the commitment after the spring challenge to 5 days a week. I hope that your next step is the upcoming instructor auditions, your sense of humor would give me that last bit of fight at the end of a trying hour. Congrats on looking amazing!

Sayeh - what can I say, you're body is sick, your writing is hilarious and completely relate-able (as a reality TV junkie myself) and your posts somehow make me even more pumped to Lithe each day! Congrats on all your accomplishments, keep posting and I'll see you in class!

Guys, I'm actually speechless. I can't even express what your kind words mean to me. I couldn't be happier that sharing my experiences with you have meant something to you. Because it means the world to me. I hope to meet you all in the studio soon.

These pictures are bangin', Sayeh! LOVE LOVE LOVE them all - what an amazing journey and transformation. You are hilarious, honest, hard working and such a role model for fellow Lithers and instructors. KEEP. IT. UP. Yeah!

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