SAYEH'S LOSSES. 2 Nov 2011


Check out Sayeh's "before" images and follow her journey over the past 6 months!  I'll be posting more images over the next few weeks! 

Image of Sayeh wearing Lithe Wear's 'Leather' Leggings, Performance Bra and Rhythm Tee via Dominic Episcopo.  Hair & Makeup via Dawn Troccoli Episcopo


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Amazing!! You looik great!

You look absolutely amazing! Congrats, all of that hard work and dedication clearly paid off!

Amazing! You look so great!

You look amaze (to use a Kim K phrase). Hard work and dedication certainly has its rewards!

You look amazing!!! Look at those abs!! Absolutely loved meeting you in person at the WMF event!!

I told you this a couple weeks back but I am going to double down YOU GOT THE LITHE BODY! You have to to take photos in sports bras! You've done a wonderful job and now I am positive that I need to make the commitment to 5 times a week.

I am so PSYCHED for LITHE to come to NYC so I can get moving and get losing! VERY inspiring. Keep up the good work!

as always--you rock Sayeh and you look *tremendous!* Such an inspiration! I hope to see you around the studios soon!

Sayeh, you look ridiculously amazing!!! It must feel so great after working so hard. Congratulations!!

Sayeh it has been so amazing to watch your transformation! Keep up the great work :) congrats congrats congrats!

Oh my gosh! Thank you so much you guys! Your support means so much to me! I couldn't have done it without you guys cheering me on this whole time!

Lori, it was so great to meet you too! Hope to see all of you around the studio soon!

You look incredible! Congrats on the success. The hard work paid off!

Sayeh you really look fantastic and you must, must, must get those Lithe wear leather leggings...they look like they were made for you!!! Congrats on your wonderful success and see you in the studio.

You look phenom! What's your diet been like post spring challenge?? And will you still be blogging?

Great job! Great photos! Love it all!!

I will definitely still be blogging, so I hope you're not sick of me yet!

Thanks so much guys! I'm gonna keep it up as best I can. Theresa, my diet has just been one of making sensible decisions and not eating giant portions. But overall, I splurge when I want--and of course am always in the studio.

You look amazing! Your progress is so inspirational!

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