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The ”Cure” for managing holiday eating


Yesterday I got so full it made me want to cry . . .

Sound like a Christmas song to you? I know it’s Christmas time in the city. You’ve completed the Lithe challenge. Your pants feel amazing. Your mood matches. Then the panic around the omnipresence of sugar, alcohol, stress, and family baggage bubble up like a muffin top. Will all this progress last?

Yes. Centering your blood sugar and yourself before and between holiday events and parties can make the cookie tray unappealing, or only worthy of a casual encounter or two—without  regrets the next day. Here’s my prescription for managing holiday food fests. It’s efficacy increases with time and consistency.


Between Events:

1) GO GRAIN FREE: Eat a vegetable heavy diet, include vegetable based grain substitutions.

2) LOAD UP ON GREENS: They kill cravings while being filling and satiating.

3) EAT MORE PROTEIN: Particularly crucial after overindulging in sugar, this mitigates the resulting sugar and carb cravings.

4) KEEP EXERCISING: In addition to warding off winter depression, it’s a crucial blood sugar stabilizer.

5) BREATHE: Take time, if only 15 minutes to relax, meditate, take a walk or anything else that you find relaxing and centering (I’m crafting my own Solstice cards this year!). Don’t forget the power of some Lithe breathing in the midst of any overwhelming situation.

The longer you have been stabilizing your blood sugar, the easier it is to eat just one cookie. I speak from experience. As the girl who could eat the entire Christmas cookie tray, I can now eat one or two gluten free cookies (and maybe a piece of chocolate) and be happily finished. I can effortlessly return to my normal way of eating the next day and gone are the 12 days of “sugar hangovers.” This is my Christmas, Channukah, and Festivus Miracle.

Ali Shapiro is an author and regular NBC 10! Show contributor. To sign-up for her newsletter, click here.

Images of Ali Shapiro via Ali Shapiro and Lithe Instructor, Jennifer Troped via Dom


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now I have a use for that turmeric (other than turmeric and yogurt masks) in my spice rack!

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