Last week, several obligations kept me out of the studio much more than I care to admit. After all my preaching about going to class 5 times a week, I fell way short and was beating myself up about it. I stood in front of the mirror, puffed out my belly and was certain that after just 3 consecutive days away from class, I had ruined all of my hard work from the last 6 months. I should have gotten up and gone to a 6am class, I thought. I really could have squeezed one in during lunch, if I ran full speed both to and from the studio, I said out loud while I turned to examine my protuberant middle from a different angle.

It’s a problem situation. Somewhere along the road, I’ve decided that there is a little man living inside of me that has a trunk full of body parts that he’s just waiting to bust out. If I don’t work out in 48 hours, I think he’s going to root around in that thing, and find my butt from December of 2010 and slap it right back on--obscuring the brand new butt I’ve been working so hard to shape.

I think these types of fears come with the territory when you’ve tried really hard for something. Worked long hard hours to finally buy yourself a nice piece of jewelry you’ve been eyeing for a long time? Then you’re probably nuts about knowing where it is at all times. Because you know how hard it was to get it. The same goes for me with my workout. I put in countless hours of sweat and commitment, so I find that I get terrified that I may screw it all up somehow and find myself back where I started.

After a few moments of obsessing, however, I realize that a few days off will not be the end of the world or my new body, and cut myself some slack. Yes, I could wake up at 6am to go to class, but then I’d be looking at a 14 hour day. Or yes, I could have sprinted to the studio at lunch, but my coworkers wouldn’t really appreciate that during my 1:30 meeting.

So, instead, I’ve told the man with the trunk (with all my junk in it), to go eff himself, and got creative and fit Lithe in where I could.

  • When zipping around town on my scooter, I kept my feet in stiletto the whole time. By the time I got to my destination...my calves were bur-ning.
  • When standing at my stove stirring up my dinner, I did a few Liberties.
  • When my girlfriend stopped by, I made her do a set of lunges, curtsies and sumos between each of our stories, (and sips of wine) while gripping the kitchen counter. (She definitely thought I was a lunatic, but it was hilarious and made for some great laughs. I think she’s still sore.)

It certainly was no substitute for class, don’t get me wrong, but it helped me to feel that I wasn’t completely abandoning my commitment to my workout, just because my schedule was getting more hectic than usual. Because if I’ve learned anything from this process, it’s that the way I feel mentally after a workout is equal in importance to how my body is changing. And even if I don’t get my heart rate up high enough to burn any serious calories with little moves here and there, it’s makes feel productive which gives me a little mood boost. After all, Lithe Method is all about balance--your entire well-being, not just your physical one.

And with the holidays on the horizon, and travel and family--it’s only going to get tougher to make it into the studio for me. And I know I’m certainly not alone. So, I’ve decided not to go down that slippery slope of getting down on myself about not working out, which often leads to...not working out. Instead, if you look into my window any night soon, you’ll see me doing some crazy arms series in between wrapping presents, or doing some deep pliés while I’m waiting for some Christmas cookies to bake. Please don’t think I’m crazy and also...get away from my window!

See you in class! (Sooner rather than later, I hope!)

Image of Lither, Sayeh Hormozi in Lithe's Hotstepper Dress via DomRead about Sayeh's 6 month transformation!


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Such a great read Sayeh! I know that I am a person who also finds myself obsessing if I miss any type of exercise. Instead though I'll opt for other options (can't make it to the studios? Alright off I go for a jog!) or if I can't make it out for anything I always opt for stretching and push ups and some ab work (cause I know we can all commit ten tiny minutes!) I know that for some with the holidays approaching it's hard to figure out how to manage time between gift wrapping, a million holiday parties and at some point a person needs sleep, but I find that if I just give myself that little bit of time to commit to something I need, I feel so much better.

You are totally not crazy! A few weeks back I did the St. Jude's Walk and missed my Saturday class. My friend and I did the walk-star series at the Zoo and people thought we were nuts but we had a blast doing it.
I love your suggestions of fitting in Lithe while you are busy with holiday errands.

I try to do this too! My personal favorite is holding wide second with a tuck and squeeze while folding laundry :)

I completely understand! I am currently out of town and definitely did some fosw at the hotel gym this morning! People probably thought I was crazy, but I was missing my 6 am routine!

So glad you're with me guys!!

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